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Friday, February 29, 2008

Huge thanks, Sale, Fellow Designer and Challenge - Oh my!

Happy FRIDAY!!!!! Whooo Hoooo!! Are you looking forward to the weekend?!?!?! I know I am!!! But make sure you check back as I will actually be posting this weekend some of the Challenge entries!

Speaking of the Challenge - don't forget - the DEADLINE is MONDAY at NOON eastern time!!!

So first thing - I need to give a HUGE shout out and thanks to my dear friend and fellow designer Chris Durnan for helping me with my blog template yesterday!!!! THANK YOU!!! If you notice today the blog is a little wider - since I tend to yak a lot I really needed some more space - and the computer genius that Chris is - she made it happen for me!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! (Oh as a side note - all of Chris's files are on sale today too!!!)

Second - Don't forget - TODAY is the HUGE Leap Day sale!!! ALL my files are 29% off today ONLY!!!! Make sure you don't miss it!!!

Last night I had a chance to meet one of the other designers in person!!! This was super exciting since there are 15 designers at Paperthreads and while there are quite a few of them I talk to daily - I have yet to meet ANY of them face to face!

Well Diana of Diana's Designs was passing through town last night (on her way to the KNK Cruise - lucky girl!!). So her and her hubby met up with me and my Hubby at the "Pirates House" restaurant in Savannah, GA!!!! It was awesome to finally meet another designer face to face! Dinner was awesome, even if our hubby's did tease us about talking about NOTHING but scrapbooking!!!! I can't wait to met all the rest of my fellow designers face to face one day!!!

And finally - I want to share with you another awesome entry in the "Don't Judge a Book by it Cover" Scrapbooking Challenge. This entry came from Gail R. It is titled: "Are You Ready?"

Journaling reads: Your parents are trying to prepare you for the birth of your twin sisters by taking you to visit the hospital, teaching you their names and giving you twin baby dolls to swing with... But can you ever be ready to be ousted from the position of Princess of your universe?

Once again - I can make no comments on this layout as I don't want to influence my judges!!! But I would LOVE to hear your comments about Gail's layout!!! (Gail also submitted a second entry into the contest - so be watching it to post soon!!!)

So once again - don't forget the DEADLINE IS MONDAY!!!

Until Next Time!


(PS - thanks for the comment yesterday about wishing you could see the layout bigger - I have now got my blog fixed so that when you click on a photo, it should give you a bigger image!!! Got to love Blogger help!!)


Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sale and Challenge Entry!!!

Tomorrow is LEAP DAY!!! And since it only happens about once uh every four years - what better way to celebrate than to offer a SALE!!!! So for tomorrow only ALL my files will be - well what else -but 29% off!!!!! Whooo Hoooo!!!! You don't want to miss it!!!

Now on to the good stuff!!! There is only FOUR days left to get your "Don't Judge a Book by its Cover" challenge entry in!!! In case this is the first time you are hearing about it - Visit HERE for all the rules, regulations and a list of prizes!!!!

Yesterday I shared with you my interpretation of the challenge. I have had lots of great feedback about the "Got G-A-S" layout!! Thank you sooo much for that!!! So today I want to share with the the FIRST entry in the challenge.

This Entry came from Lynn B. ~ Here is what she had to say about her layout:

Here is the scoop about my 2 page layout. It was supposed to be about "What's Cooking"... recipes, cooking pictures, etc, but all I could think about was "love and family in the kitchen" because I grew up in the kitchen.. my family always hung out in the kitchen and it's true of my in-laws also. We always hang out in the kitchen. The embellishments, stickers and papers on the page are all about cooking! Thus, you can't judge a book by it's cover!

The journaling reads:

One page: "Mom and Dad built our house at 33 Kakely Street in Albany, NY in 1957, shortly before I was born. We lived there all my life and spent most of the time in the kitchen. The appliances changed over the years and the tables and lights, but everything else stayed the same. This picture of Cyndy and Mom was taken in 2004 when I was home visiting. The picture of our clean kitchen was taken in 1990 shortly after we moved in our new house in Wellington. The picture of me at the kitchen sink the night of my 50th birthday party, 3/30/07."

Another page: "I have more memories in the kitchen than all other rooms put together! In fact, most times when we visit others, we still hang out in the kitchen. We cook, we eat, we talk or watch TV.. Food is love & so is the kitchen! The first picture of Ima and I was taken in 1989, one year after Bob & I got married. We were in the villa that I owned before Bob & I got together. The next picture was taken 11 years later, in 2000 in Ima & Abba's kitchen in Miami Gardens. We've been friends since the beginning! The third picture is of me 7 years later, in 2007. It was Thanksgiving at our house in Wellington, Florida. We had 27 guests for dinner that night and they were from 9 different countries!"

So what do you think??? PLEASE leave a comment in the comment section and let Lynn and I know what you think about her layout!!! I can't comment at this time as I don't want to influence my judges! Bahahaha!!! (Speaking of Judges - I will be announcing them next week!)

Thank you sooo very much Lynn for entering the Challenge!!! (Lynn actually entered two layouts so be watching for her other entry to be posted soon!!!)

Tomorrow I will feature another entry in the challenge!! Don't forget the DEADLINE is MONDAY, March 3rd at NOON eastern time!!! I will announce the winner on Wednesday March 5th!

Until Next Time!



Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Need some "Challenge" inspiration?

Happy Hump Day!!!

I hope you all weathered the weird weather yesterday! I tell you this weather is just CRAZY! Yesterday we were in the low 80's and then we had those terrible storms blow in... then today the wind is HOWLING at 30 miles per hour and tonight's low is 27 degrees!!! CRAZY I say!

The good thing about the stormy weather yesterday was that it actually forced me to stay in and get my layout for the "Don't Judge a Book by its Cover" Challenge done!!! Yep - finally it is done!!!

So here is my example for the Challenge (I'm sorry about the #@%! words! But when you read the whole thing I think you will understand!!! Sometimes a hubby's language can be a curse for a military wife!!)

I used my personal designed title "Got Gas" cutting file for this layout!

Journaling reads:

January 2008 ~ One of the changes I have noticed the most about Andrew since his return from the latest trip to Iraq is the fact that he doesn’t have as much “feel good” or “warm fuzzies” as he used to. He tends to be somewhat abrupt or harsh when talking to others (both at work and at home).

After hearing him talking on the phone one day, I asked him didn’t his mother teach him that he could catch more flies with honey than he could with vinegar? To which he replied that he was used to just getting things done! The heck with sugar coating things! I expressed how I felt people were more likely to do what he wanted them to do if his “Give a Sh*t” factor was maybe a little bit higher. To which he replied that I probably had a good point and that maybe he should try changing his approach.

We decided that if I heard him not being as sensitive as I thought he could be, I would give him a code word. But what that word be? All of a sudden it hit me! Knowing how much the military LOVES acronyms I decided that the code word would be GAS! (aka “Give a Sh*t”) So now when I ask him, “Honey did you remember to get GAS today???” He knows he needs to UP his “Give a Sh*t” factor!

Don't forget that the Challenge deadline is MONDAY, March 3rd at NOON eastern time! Make sure you check back tomorrow as I will start featuring some of the awesome entries that have already been submitted!!!

Until Next Time!



Tuesday, February 26, 2008

New Files at Paperthreads!

Okie Dokie - this posting will be short and sweet today cause we are under severe thunderstorm and tornado watches!!! Yep there is some nasty weather on it way and that means I got to shut the computers and my cutter down!!!

I wanted to tell you about four new files that just hit the Paperthreads store today!!! (If you are interested in purchasing the electronic file just click on the title and it will take you straight to the file in the store!!)

The Iraq/Afghanistan Card:


Also - how is your layouts going for the scrapbooking challenge?? I have to get mine done!!! I hope to post it tomorrow and then on Thursday I will start debuting some of the entries that have already come in!! (They are pretty awesome if I do say so myself!!!) Don't forget the deadline in Monday - March 3rd!!! So get those entries in!!!

Until Next Time!



Monday, February 25, 2008

Happy Monday!

I hope you all had a GREAT weekend and started working on your layouts for the "Don't Judge a Book by it's Cover" Scrapbooking Challenge!!! (You did start working on your layouts?!?!? RIGHT!!!)

As for me - man it was a BUSY weekend!!! On Friday we headed up to Macon, GA so hubby could turn in his promotion packet! That board meets next month so if you are the praying type say a little prayer for us!!!

When we left there we head to the Bass Pro Shop - man that store was AWESOME. While we where there we got a tent!!! I am sooo excited!! It totally ROCKS! So now we are planning our first camping adventure - and I am soooo excited about it!!! I will tell you more about it later on this week! (This trip has been on my wish list forever!!! And it is totally cool!! I can't wait to share it with you!!!)

But for today I wanted to share two awesome layouts that I received from some of my blog readers/friends....

This first layout was submitted by Deb using my "Got Gas" file.... I soooo totally love this layout out!!!!! (Not only is it wonderfully done - but you all know I love love love Military stuff!!!)

This is what Deb said about how she made her layout -

The paper used for the pump is the sand military pattern (desert). The letters have the same base & then I used a tan (love the Color Mate papers) and inked them to look desert like.
The fuel tank and the front of the pump are done on the same tan paper and then colored with ink. Also used glitter pen (silver & sparkle) for the pump nozzle and around
the frames on the pump.

Great JOB Deb!!! I think it turned out wonderful!!!! Oh you make my little files look so good!!!
Then the next layout I want to share with you was created using my "Ducks and Bucks" file...

This layout was created by Jenette a great friend and fellow designer!!! I was sooo thrilled to have her submit a layout using my file!! She is sooo creative in her own right - and for her to want to use on of my files!!!! Well - WOW!!!!!

I love love love this layout as well! She has two quite handsome sons! And the photos are just awesome!!! I think the silhouettes just set the page off without overwhelming the over all look!

Thanks Deb and Jenette!!! I am sooo honored that you used my files and thank you sooo much for letting me showcase your work on my blog!!! You both just ROCK!!!!

Ok - I am off to finish my layout for the Scrapbooking Challenge!!!

Until Next Time!


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