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Friday, August 3, 2007

Are you kidding me?!?!?

WOW - The file from yesterday, "Bubble Bath" was downloaded 126 times in 24 hours!!!! Woo Hooo!!! So I know some of you creative people should had some projects to be sharing with me soon!!!! If you missed it - you will be able to purchase it soon at Paperthreads.

Thank you so very much for visiting my blog. I do not mind sharing my files with all of you... It is one of the ways I feel I can give back and say thank you to all of you that have supported me in this adventure! BUT please keep in mind these files are for your personal use only! Do not share them with anyone else. Don't say that they are your own and post them on any of the message boards. If you are confused about what you can or can not do - my TOU is available for download on the left hand side!!! (Hmmmm, I wonder if now is a good time to tell you one of my close friends is an attorney!!! Bahahaha!!)

Ok - on to better things....

So I had a few people ask me what is "Stickles" - of course the first thing that popped into my mind is - "Are you kidding me!?!?! (LOL)

"Stickles" is the next best thing next to hmmmm, diamonds!!! And you know what they say about Diamonds...... Yep - they are a girls Best FRIEND!!! (But thank goodness "Stickles" are a LOT CHEAPER!!!!)

"Stickles" is actually glitter glue that is made by Ranger Ink! Here is the product blurb -

Stickles™ Glitter Glue ~ Let your art "sparkle" with acid free, non-settling Stickles™ glitter glue! Easily write, dot, dash, draw and embellish on paper and rubber stamping projects, candles, memory album covers and more! Available in .5 oz. fine point applicator tip bottles.• Acid free• Non-toxic• Non-settling• Easy-flow tip• Water wash-off

And you want to talk about yummy colors!!! It comes in some YUMMY COLORS!!!!!

So the next time you want to add some BLING to you scrapbooking pages, die cuts or craft projects you need to grab some Stickles!!!! (Oh and since I know you are all running out to get some right now - the bottle that just says "Stickles" is a very very very fine glitter. The bottle that says "Ice Stickles" is a bigger chunkier grain of glitter! In case enquiring minds want to know!!!)

Until next time! Hope you have a GREAT WEEKEND!
Cya ~

PS - Here's an insiders tip for you...
I have found that if you want your "Stickles" to always be ready to go - it is best to store them upside down!!! There is a lady on ebay that sells handmade "Stickles" storage racks!!! They are pretty cool and she will paint them to suit any decor!!!



Oh yeah - its Friday!!! Of course it is a rainy dreary Friday - but it is Friday none the less!!! So I am looking forward to a kick back, laid back, try to be as big of a bum as I can - kind of weekend!!! Ok, Ok, Ok... that is as soon as I:

1) Get the tax stuff done for the accountant (BLAH!)
2) Get the House Cleaned up (DOUBLE BLAH!!)
3) Get Laundry Done (TRIPLE BLAH!!!)
4) Hook my KNK up and install the software (hmmm - not BLAH - but probably going to be a little stressful I think!!!!)

One of the things I love to do on my kick back, laid back, try to be as big of of bum as I can be kind of weekend is to take a bubble bath!!! Yummy!!! And my dear sweet mother in law bought me this awesome book caddy for the jacuzzi tub! I just started a new book - Oh yeah, life is looking up!!!

Hence that brings us to the free download for the day... Now this file will be going up for sale at Paperthreads - so it is a get it for free - before you can buy it file!!! Meaning - it will only be up for 24 hours!!!

The cool thing about this file is you can use just the tub, water and bubbles alone, or you can use it with the title mat (the words are stenciled so they stay together), or you can use the tub and such with your own title!!! Lots of flexibility!

Here it is - I used a little "Stickles" on the bubbles and the water to give it a little shimmer and shine!!!

File is available in the following formats:

Sorry this file is no longer available.

You'll be able to purchase it at Paperthreads soon!

KUDDOS - Big thanks to my friend Shirley for converting this to KNK for you this morning! A huge thanks to my friend Chris who converted the 11 new files that should be up in the store soon!!)

I would love to see you finished product should you use this file, or any of my files - and hey your project would be featured here on my blog - and you will get a free gift!! So come on - send those projects in!!!

Hope you have a great weekend - I think for us on the East Coast it is suppose to be rainy. (It is POURING as I sit here typing this up this morning! I mean POURING!!! Hmmmm, a rainy day means a scrapping day! That means that you can head on over to Paperthreads and buy some of my files to scrap!! Yeah Right On!!! Then you will have something to submit!!! LOL)

Until Next Time!

PS - I have to tell you I gave my great friend and fellow designer Chris Durnan an AWFUL time about her shameless plug to go buy files cause the best sellers list's at Paperthreads had been reset!! I went to see if my new files were up yet - and holy cow! I know what she means!!! It is freaky to have nothing on your Best Selling List!!!!

SOOOOOO - I am going to be shameless too and say - GO BUY MY FILES - pleeeeaaasssseeeeee!!! And after you look at mine you can look at everyone elses!!! Bahahahahahaha!!!!!!



Thursday, August 2, 2007

Doing the Right Thing!

You know sometimes it is really hard to do the right thing!! With running my own business customer service has really become important to me.... If someone felt that I had wronged them in someway - then I would really hope that they would give me a chance to fix it!!!

In thinking about doing the right thing... one of the message boards that I visit daily had a thread about "creative titles and themes".... well there was one title that just cracked me up!!! I mean really cracked me up and inspired me. Inspired me so much that I created a cutter file for it. It turned out really cute!!! So I went onto that message board last night and left a note for the person who gave me the idea. I asked her to email me offline - that I had used her "suggestion" and I wanted to send her a free copy of the cut title I had made!

If you do the right thing - you will be rewarded! Maybe not now, maybe not tomorrow - but you will be reward!

So on that note - I have to say that my Nissan Dealership did THE RIGHT THING!!!!

I drove to the dealership yesterday with all my documentation in hand - and laid out my case!!! I first spoke to the Asst. General Manager and then THE General Manager.....

To make a REALLY long story short - they ended up paying the extra tax/tag fees I incurred. But they also paid my car payment and my insurance for the days that I was "legally" not allowed to drive my car!!! People this was no chump change- it was a pretty hefty sum of money!!!

Thus, I have to say that all is resolved with my car!!! Thank you Lord!! And I am very pleased, impressed, and thankful to my dealership for stepping up to the plate, saying we were wrong! We were wrong in a BIG way - and we are going to make it right!!!

So thanks to all of you for all your prayers and support with this issue! I am very happy to say that it all turned out well!!!

So lesson for today... Do the RIGHT THING!!!

Until tomorrow~

PS.... Here is a sneak peek at a few more of my new files to hit the Paperthreads store soon!!!


Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Shop til you Drop!

So if you hang out at any of the forums that I do - you know that everyone loves to tease me about being the shopper!!! It’s not that I shop that much – its just that when I do – I am out to get a GOOD deal!!! As my Dad always says, “The Nose, Knows!!!” (Ok, so he was talking about finding a restaurant in a town you've never been to before – but hey – it works for shopping too!! LOL)

I just love online shopping! I have gotten very good at searching and finding the very best price for whatever it is I am looking for!! From a birthday present for my hubby to scrapbooking supplies – I HATE to pay full price for anything!!! So for today's entry I thought I would share some of my favorite places to find scrapbooking supplies at a GREAT price!!!!

So here we go!

First on my list is Dollar Scrapbooking…. and just like the name states – most things are just a dollar!!! We are talking name brand scrapbooking items for a DOLLAR!!!! And they charge you ACTUAL Shipping!!!

For example - Karen Foster Chipboard Alpha Charms ... these are Reg $6 but here - a $1.00

Second on my list would be Create for Less. I like this place for a wide variety of stuff! Not just scrapbooking! You do have to watch what you buy here - as some items they have a minimum number that you have to purchase! So while it may be the cheapest price you have seen anywhere, do you really need six of them? They also have a clearance section and right now they are having a $1 anniversary sale!!

Third - OF COURSE - is Paperthreads! (Ok, so really it is first on my list - but I couldn't say that with out looking... you know prejudice!!! LOL) No in all seriousness - Paperthreads has expanded since I started shopping there last year. Michelle Hessler, the owner, operator, and all around guru - has turned the store into more than a place to buy cutting files. You can also find all the major electronic cutters and accessories, binding machines, paper, adhesives.... just a whole lot of stuff!!! (And of course my cutter files are for sale here too!!)

As an addd bonus - Paperthreads has an awesome message board with a GREAT group of people! One of the things that turns me off of message boards is DRAMA! I mean, I have enough drama in my life by just being a military wife! I don't need anymore!!! This is one place that tends to be totally drama free!!! So stop on in and say "HI!"

Fourth on my list is ScrapbookPaper.com. The link takes you to their sale area! They have some awesome, awesome, did you hear me say awesome - sales. Items start at 30% off and go all the way up to 75% off!!! This is also the place where you can find all your Karen Foster needs!!! (I love Karen Foster stuff - it is soooo yummy!!)

For example - the Splash scrapbooking kit - contains 8 patterned papers (2 each of Splash Collage, Pool Tile, Rippling Waves and White Caps) and 2 Stickers (1 each of At the Pool and Water Park). Reg $6.99 on sale for $3.99
And my last great shopping place for today: The Eyelet Outlet!! Where their motto is: "Because eyelets and brads aren't just round anymore!" I have to admit I am an eyelet junkie!! I love these things!! And if they are in different shapes, different colors and different themes!! WOW - it just doesn't get ANY better than that. They also have a clearance section where you can get eyelets DIRT CHEAP!!!

One of my favorite eyelets that they sale are the combat boots!! Yes I have them on several pages in my own personal scrapbooks!!

Well, that is going to do it for my Shop til you Drop entry today! Hope you have fun shopping!

Until next time!



Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I have been a busy little bee for the past few days!

First, I FINALLY got my car tag issues taken car of (because I went and did it myself!). So now I need to take a little trip to the dealership - I plan to present my case... I personally think that it is only fair that the compensate me for the 21 days I paid a car payment and insurance but was not allowed to legally drive my car (due to them not doing what they were suppose to do!). Then to top it off - I had to pay the advalorem taxes (over $200 ) yesterday because the dealership didn't title the car within the 30 day time period and now we are less than 30 days away from Hubby's Birthday!!! So between the advalorem tax, the car payment and the insurance - it is a pretty big chunk of change! We'll see how it goes... and if it doesn't go well - you can rest assured that you will hear about it right here on my blog!!!

I have to tell ya - it was very strange to drive my car today! I felt like my butt was dragging on the ground!! LOL But there is no doubt - I LOVE THIS CAR!!! :)

Second - I have been creating files like a mad women.... For those that are looking for the Geocaching files - I uploaded them to the Paperthreads store today- so you should see them in the next few days or as soon as Michelle can get them loaded!

In addition to the Geocaching files - I have also uploaded 9 new files..... they should be in the store in the next few days as well!!! Here's a sneak peek at just a few of them!

Hope you like them!! Wish me luck with the car dealership!

Until next time~
Cya ~


Monday, July 30, 2007

My Entry in Scrapbooking Etc.

This month in Scrapbooking Etc. there was a a call for help. They wanted to know: "What's your secret weapon--the tool, embellishment, or paper that you can't scrap without?"

You know, I really thought about this. I mean there several items that I just can't live without but most of them are related to creating and cutting die cuts and personal cutting files. Just a week ago or so I talked about a few of my "Favorite products" that I just have to have when working my on cutting files......

Well, I decided to enter the Scrapbooking Etc call for help - but I wanted to share an all purpose, everyone - no matter what their niche in scrapping is- product! So I decided to tell them about my "Perfect Printing Pouch"!

First though, let me tell share a really cool story with you. I am a member of several message boards. Most are related to Wishblade, or to KNK , or something to do with the whole "personal cutting" world. But there is one that I hit that is just general scrapbooking. Well, the other day on this general board, someone asked the question of - what kind of ink, printer, or vellum was the best to purchase in order to print vellum inserts for an invitation.

I immediately responded that they must get a "Perfect Printing Pouch"! That, pretty much all my journaling in my scrapbooks are done on vellum and it doesn't matter what kind of ink or vellum you use - if you use the "Perfect Printing Pouch" first - then it will never smear. It will print clearly and it will dry in a fraction of the time!!!

Low and behold a few days later - the inventor of the "Perfect Printing Pouch" Amy Roszak, emailed me herself!!!! I kid you not!!! She happens to be a member of that board too! And she read my response and it made her day! Thus she just wanted to let me know!!!! HOW COOL IS THAT!!!! She also told me about her blog where you can go and see examples of how the pouch works and to get some really creative ideas on how to print on things you would never think about printing on - like fabric flowers!!!!

So back to the call for Scrapbooking Etc.... Below is a copy of the email I sent to enter their call for help!!!

In the world of scrapbooking today, there are so many cool tools, supplies and gadgets available. Most of these items are geared to certain interest, a certain scrapping style or technique. But I have found a product that is one of the most invaluable tool that everyone needs and that I personally CANNOT live with out. The “Perfect Printing Pouch”.

This little pouch makes it possible to print on ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING! From vellum, to transparencies, ribbon to flowers, metallic paper to foil –I kid you not! You name it and if you use the “perfect printing pouch”you CAN print on it!!!!

All it takes is a light rub with the pouch over the item you want to print on – and then you print! It is that easy! Every printing comes out perfect. It doesn’t smear, it dries in a fraction of the time of the normal time, and the print is clear and legible – every time.

This is a product that no matter what your scrapping style is. No matter what your favorite techniques are. You can and you must use this tool!

The “Perfect Printing Pouch” is my secret weapon in scrapbooking! I can’t live without it!!!

I guess we will see if I get picked or not!!! Meanwhile - you really should check out this product. You can find it here: http://www.scraperfect.com/

Also make sure that you check out Amy's blog for some really cool and creative ideas of things you can print on (oh and it works when using markers and pens!!). You can also see actual photos of projects with out using the pouch and with using the pouch!!

This is one product that I promise you - you will not regret purchasing!!!

Until next time ~ Keep on printing!!

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