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Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Days.....

Good Morning!!! I hope this Monday finds you all well and happy!!!!

So here is the deal... I am running around like a mad woman today! My dearly beloved in-laws arrive TOMORROW for a two week visit... so starting hmmmm today - I will be hit and miss for the next two weeks - but there are some major exciting things in place for when I return! So you will not want to miss it!!!

This weekend was yucky - weather wise - it started raining on Friday and didn't stop until this morning! Hence our Kayak trip yesterday was cancelled! Boooo!!!! But we did go ahead and reschedule it - so hopefully it will be good weather the next time.

In a way - it probably was a good thing that we didn't go kayaking - as my dryer died yesterday! Yep - it DIED a horrible death! I was thinking it was just a belt and we could replace it - but no - it was actually gear driven! Who would have known! I mean the washer and the dryer are 19 years old.... So..... yesterday we ended up having to go clothes dryer shopping. And we ended up with not only a new dryer but with a new mashing machine too!

Let me tell you.... don't ever go shopping with your hubby for a washer and a dryer.... I would have ended up with the cheapest ones there where if it was up to me.... but oh no.... Hubby wanted the super huge washer and dryer!!!! Now on the good note - the washing machine will do three loads of clothes at ONE TIME!!!! Whooo Hoooo... that means extra time for scrapping, designing, and star making!!!!

Speaking of - they are here now to hook them up!!! So - I am off!!!!!

Oh - really quick before I go - thanks for all of you that hit Heidi's blog on Friday - we will be doing Friday Freebies for the next several Fridays - so make sure you bookmark it and check back every Friday for the next few weeks!!

Ok - I got to run - don't forget I will be hit and miss for the next two weeks!!

Until Next Time!


Lori McDonald, Designer

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