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Friday, June 27, 2008

Still behind...

Why does it always feel like I am still behind? Do you feel like that too? Am I the only one?!?!? Sheesh!!! I work and I work but I never feel like I get ahead..... Anywho... I will stop my whining now!!! Bahahaha...

I am busy working on files today! I plan to get this "Land of Enchantment" series off my computer if it kills me!!! See the problem is that I get carried away with designing and then I don't get around to test cutting. I test cut ever single file that I design - so when you see the photo of the finished title - it is actually the finished product! I do this for several reasons.... The first is I want to make sure the title is going to cut clean. Then the second reason is that I need a photo of the finished product so I might as well make it look as good as I can for marketing reasons - and then lastly - as you know I have opened up a scrapbooking store where I actually sell the finished products already cut and assembled for those scrappers that don't have a personal cutting machine.

Speaking of my scrapbooking store... If you have any friends that DO NOT have a cutting machine and would like to participate in my new "product testing group" please send them here to the blog to leave me a comment!

What I am planning on doing is offering a free "Precut and assembled Beloved Keepsakes Title" to those that are interested and in exchange all they would have to do is use the title in one of their layouts or products and then send a photo and a written review of the item! That's it! What do you think? Do you have a friend that might be interested???

I think one of the things that people haven't understood up to this point is that when you purchase a Beloved Keepsakes Title or Die Cut - it comes to you packaged up and looks just like something you would purchase at your local craft store! It isn't like purchasing something off of ebay where you are not sure what you are going to get!

As a matter of fact - Here is an example of the end product as it looks once it is ready to ship out of our store!

So - if you know someone who might be interested in getting a free title (of their choice) and all they have to do in exchange is provide a photo of their product and a written review - please send them here to leave me a message or have them email me at lori@belovedkeepsakes.com

Well I am off to get those test cuts finished! I know that there are several of you waiting to see what the next set of file are going to look like - soooooo here is a sneak peek of one of the ones that I have ready to go!

Hope you enjoyed looking! Have a GREAT WEEKEND! And....

Until Next Time!



Thursday, June 26, 2008


Man I have been a cleaning fool!!! Does anyone have any idea's on how to get "glitter makeup" off of stuff?? My 12 year old step daughter smears this stuff on her face almost everyday - and somehow or another it has ended up all over everything in my spare bathroom!!!

Just got a call that my hubby was returning a day early from his trip! Whhooo Hoooo!! Can you believe I actually already miss him!! Bahahaha.... but I really need some time alone to get some work done if you know what I mean!

His boss has actually shown up at the office - so I see the days of working from home reduced for the next month or so!!! Sucks for him!!! LOL

Not a lot to report today - I hate the feeling of being soooo far behind! I really need to sit down and cram and jam to get all these files test cutted and converted.... There just isn't enough time in the day or the night!

Ok - I am going to quit whining now and get back to work! Hope all is well with each of you!

Until Next Time!



Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I'm Backkkkkk....

Whew... yep that's right folks I am back!!! Exhausted, tired, on pain meds, and only half way thinking straight... but I am back!!!

I saw everyone to the door yesterday - gave them a kiss, then a hug and shut the door behind them!!! Whooo Hooooo..... I have peace, I have quite, its allll goooodddddd!!! Bahahaha....

I will say that it was a long ten days! Once again - all of you full time mothers out there - you are my hero's! I mean it - REALLY! I don't know how you do it.... these past ten days where non stop - just go go go!!!!

Here is an example of what I mean... the following is just a small part of the things we did while the kids where here.... there are several events I didn't take photos of (like the movies, homemade pizza night, the shooting range, the local pool, the beach and surfing, etc.)

We took the kids to see the traveling Wall and to honor all of those who had lost their lives for our freedom here in the country.

We put up a slip and slide in our front yard (this is the first time I realized how old I was!!!)

We went jetsking!!!!

Then we went tubing behind the jetski! (This is when I realized I was REALLY REALLY old - and during my major wipe out I pulled something in my neck. Well the pulled something in my neck lead to an ER visit about four days later - where they gave me Valium and a muscle relaxer on an empty tummy! I ended up being sicker when I left than I was when I went in - NOTE TO SELF - never ever ever let them give you shots on an empty stomach!!!)

Then we went to visit my best friend and my god daughter and their family.... My best friend has opened up an inflatables business and hence we were able to blow up the bounce house and the water slide!!! The kids also had a great time in the pool in the back yard as well!!!

Notice this is me and hubby in the bounce house!!! Bahahaha... Can you believe my hubby is 42 years old and had never been in a bounce house!!!!

Here's a photo of my god-daughter - I can't believe how big she is!!!!

Then of course we had fishing and more fishing!

And then my Yankee step kids had NEVER seen an alligator in the great outdoors so we took then on an alligator hunt! (With camera's only - no guns!! LOL)

So as you can see - we were BUSY!!!! I took yesterday off to relax and do nothing but catch up on my recorded programs! And then of course to sleep! The muscle relaxers make me sooo sleepy!!!

Today I have to clean my nasty house it looks like a hurricane came through it - but I guess it was just two kids and a hubby!

I am hoping to get back to work and finish up my "Land of Enchantment" series along with some other stuff I have in the works! I also have been working on my marketing plan for July and I have a surprise for you!! (It is something I only do twice a year!!!! So you will not want to miss it!) I also hope to have a gift for all of you to enjoy in the next few days! So make sure you come on back!

Until Next Time!


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