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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veterans Day...

A day set aside to remember and acknowledge the service, honor, bravery, duty and sacrifice for the greater good.  A day to remember those who have serve, who are serving and those who continue to serve so that we may enjoy the every day freedoms of our lives.

Being a military wife, I am sure you can understand that Veterans Day is very important to me.  So first up I want to say thank you to my husband.  Thank you for your patriotism, your bravery and your loyalty to your country.  Though I don't always understand it, I admire it greatly and know that I and everyone around me has a better life because you feel the call to protect us.

On this Veteran's Day I want to share with you an amazing book that I have discovered.  If you will recall about a year ago I was asked to review a book called "Faith Deployed - Daily Encouragement for Military Wives"  I was truly touched by this book and I have to tell you as a military wife this book has encouraged me over and over again.  (If you are a military wife I can not tell you enough that you NEED to get this book and read it daily!!!)

Well my friend Jocelyn Green has done it again...  This time she has co-written a book called "Battlefields and Blessings" (Stories of Faith and Courage from the war in Iraq and Afghanistan).

Now let me tell you this book isn't just for military families - this is a book is for anyone who is a patriot, it is for anyone who supports our troops, and it is for anyone who wants real first person honest accounts of how God can get you through ANYTHING ANYWHERE

While this book is written in the format to be a daily devotional going from day 1 to day 365, I have to tell you the worst thing I found about this book was that I had to have enough discipline not to read ahead or read more than one day at a time.  (Hmmm, maybe God is trying to teach me something even with that?!?)

The honest heartfelt perspectives and stories will touch you. They will remind you that EVEN in the middle of a War, in the middle of tragedy and loneliness, and even when facing your worst fears; God is always present.  He is walking beside you, he is down in the foxhole with you and you are NOT alone.

If the stories and personal recounts were not touching enough, each daily entry is backed up and supported with scripture from the Bible.  And each entry ends with a specific prayer thought, which I have to tell you, prompted me to be a more devoted prayer warrior.

After doing this daily devotional if you are not more proud to be an American, if you are not more touched at the sacrifices that our military make for our daily way of life and if you are not more grounded in your faith and belief in God... well I just don't think you have a heart!

Now while you can purchase this book at Amazon (both in paperback and also for your Kindle!!!) - and I truly think you should (and get a few for gifts while you are at it)... I am super duper excited to tell you that Jocelyn has been so generous that she has sent me a AUTOGRAPHED copy of the book to give away here on my blog!!!! Whooo hooooo!!!

Yep that's right - I have a signed, brand new copy of this book just waiting to be given away to one of you - my faithful blog readers!!!  So if you would like a chance to win this book - just leave me a comment in the comment section of today's post!  I will randomly draw a winner on Monday.

Remember - take time to today to thank a Veteran.  One small act or word of gratitude from you will provide a lifetime of encouragement and support for a military member!

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