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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Loads of laughs!!!

Ok I have to be honest with you and tell you I am not one of those people that normally laugh at movies or comedians. I might smirk. I might grin. But not a lot makes me really laugh out loud, especially at movies or people I don't know.

Not that I don't laugh - because I do, and normally a lot! But it is usually things that I can relate to, people I know, events in my life that make me laugh!

Well today my friend and I went to the movies - we normally go every weekend to eat lunch and then to a movie before Church. This has become like a weekly event - especially when hubby is deployed.

So off I went.... and I have to tell you I about busted a gut!!!! I laughed soooooo hard and soooooo loud!! I am surprise that the people around me didn't complain - but the truth is the were laughing too!!! (And talk about a wide spread of people - we had little old ladies behind us, teenagers to the left, an older guy to the right... and they were ALL laughing!!!)

I know you are just dying to know what we saw! Drum Roll please.....

I kid you not! Now let me tell you that this movie was based on a long running Broadway MUSICAL! So the movie is a musical as well!!! Meaning lots and lots of singing and dancing! But it was to die for funny!!!! Don't go if you don't want to hear lots of singing (19 songs in all I think it is) and a lot of dancing!!!

Anyone who goes to this movie and doesn't laugh.... well they must be a Grinch! The words to the song are funny and witty. The actors and actresses are awesome!! (There are some big names in this movie - to include Michelle Pfeiffer, Queen Latifah, and Christopher Walken). And let me tell you, there is no way in this world anyone could see John Travolta dressed up as the "big and beautiful" mother and not laugh their butt off!!! When he came on the screen you just couldn't help but giggle and then when he actually opened his mouth to speak or sing or when he DANCED!! Oh my!!!! HYSTERICAL!!!!! Do you hear me - HYSTERICAL!!!!!

If you want a laugh, not a lot of thinking, plain out just funny movie - then this is a MUST SEE!!!!! On the Lori's scale of movies: I give it five bars of Chocolate and a diet coke spewed through your nose!!!!

I can't wait for this one to come out on DVD - it will be on my Christmas list for sure!!!!

Until next time~


Friday, July 27, 2007

Treasure Hunting and Show and Tell...

Happy Friday!!!! (Of course I did have to look at the calender and make sure it was indeed Friday!) It has been one of those weeks!!!

On a good note - the builder came out yesterday and totally re-wrapped, and re-flashed, and resided my Chimney!! Woooo Hoooooo!!! And just in time I might add - we had almost an inch of rain in a hour and so far no more leakage!!! Thank GOODNESS!!!!

So I received a photo from Kris in Danville, IN of a project that she made using one of my files!!!! This is so cool to me!!! I am totally in awe when I see my files on other peoples layouts! It is like a validation that what I do is half way good, and it still amazes me that others can find ways to use what I have created!!!

So without further undo: Here is Kris Layout!!!

I just love these little boys!! They are cuties for sure!!! And how cool is it that Kris took my file and modified it to use in the 9x9 page space she had to work with!!! Major COOL!!!!! For sending me a photo of her project - I have told Kris that she can pick any one of my files in the store and I will give it to her for FREE!!!! Oh yeah, that's right - she get a free file of her choice!!!

If you have a project that you made with one of my files I would love to see it!!!

I have to admit that I am still stuck on this whole Geocaching thing!! LOL.. It is interesting to say the least and I got some cool comments on yesterdays post! I think this just might be the edge I needed to talk Hubby into getting that GPS!!! LOL

Hubby is into stuff like that... as a matter of fact for Valentine's day this year I received a metal detector!!! I have to say it was quite fun to see what we could find! I did a layout several months ago for the design team that I am on at Savannah Scrapbooking.

I thought I would share that layout here with you - and what the heck - give you the title file for free!!! Now for all you WinPc users out there - this was made before I ever got my WinPc so I am soooo terrible sorry - but all I have it the GSD today! - Please forgive me!!)

So here it my layout that I did:

(Sorry this file is no longer available...) It is just the words "Treasure Hunters" with a mat! Maybe you can use it!

Have a Happy and Safe weekend - until next time!
Cya ~


Thursday, July 26, 2007

A new fad or Trend?

So yesterday I reflected on fads and trends in today's society. Now you are probably wondering what would make me think about that... Well, I was surfing the Internet and researching GPS systems.

As most of you know, my car has been grounded due to the fact that the tag hasn't been transferred yet - so being the good law abiding citizen that I am - I am not driving my brand new car!!Yep it is parked and has been for A WEEK NOW!! (Ok so the truth is - the way my luck has been going lately I am afraid I would end up in jail if I did drive it! It would be just my luck that I got pulled over, no valid tag - yep looks like a ride in the patty wagon to me!!!) So needless to say, I don't need a GPS system quite yet - but you know it is always great to do your homework and your research~ Right?!?!

While I was researching GPS I came across a "new" activity called Geocaching.... Now have any of you ever heard of Geocaching or better yetare any of you into Geocaching???

For those that have never heard of this before, or maybe you have heard of it but don't really know what it is..... this is what encyclopedia Wikipedia had to say:

"Geocaching is an outdoor treasure-hunting game in which the participants use a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver or other navigational techniques to hide and seek containers (called "geocaches" or "caches") anywhere in the world. A typical cache is a small waterproof container containing a logbook and "treasure," usually toys or trinkets of little monetary value. Today, well over 430,000 geocaches are registered on various websites devoted to the sport."

In other words, it is like a modern day hide and seek or treasure hunt! Awesome huh?! So the more I looked up and research the more I found out about geocashing (and there is a lot to find out believe it or not). Like did you know that some caches have "travel bugs" in them!!! Travel bugs are these dog tag looking items that actually have a tracking number on them - so if you find a cache that has a "travel bug" you log your number into a website and you can track everywhere the bug as traveled!!!! Pretty neat!!!

Well it got me to thinking that if there are over 430,000 REGISTERED geocaches, well certainly some of those treasure hunters had to be scrapbookers or at least married to a scrapbooker - right?!?!

So here is a peek at my two newest files that will be available soon at Paperthreads!

If you have a GPS system, a computer, and a urge to hunt for treasure - maybe you should be GEOCACHING! (Or if you are wanting to get a GPS system for your car... maybe you too can use this as a selling point to your hubby about why you need it!!!)

Until next time.



Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Have you every notice the trends in society? I mean really noticed? How some things are really popular today and then gone tomorrow?? Or they are upgraded, and upgraded, and upgraded, getting better and better?? And how those trends or activities take up sooo much of our time?? I love thinking about such things and sometimes I even draw my inspirations from those trends/activities.

For example - I remember when I got my Colicovision! Now most of you are probably wondering what the heck is a Colicovision!! Well it was THE video game station to have way, way, way back when!!! LOL

The Colicovison was introduced in 1982 and was sold until 1985!!! And when it first came out there was 12 whole games!!!! (Yes I know I am showing my age!!) And look at society now - we have Xbox 360, Wii, Sony PlayStation 2 & PSP, Nintendo GameCube & Game Boy Advance and a ton more I am sure I missed!

I have a really cute file in the Paperthreads store called: "Got Game" that I was inspired by the whole "Gaming" thing that is going on in today's culture! I mean my husband can sit in front of the Xbox for HOURS..........

Another cool hip trend right now is Mp3 players! Now I have to admit that we McDonald's are behind the times on this one. Neither one of us own one of these contraptions. Though my hubby keeps hinting around that he sure does think it would come in handy, especial on those long 22 hour flights he has to take to come home!!!

So that whole thought inspired a file I created called: Me and my MP3! You are hard pressed now days to find anyone young or not that doesn't own an MP3 player so it seems!!!

There are so many other trends going on right now - some I find quite fascinating - and some I don't. I am working on a set of files now about just such a trend. I found this what seems to be a very popular "activity" by mistake (yep I was online shopping yet again!!!). I have to admit I was kind of intrigued. The more I read about it, the more interesting it became... and low and behold - the purchase I was researching to make is one of the major items needed to do this activity! (Hence another reason to convince hubby I REALLY need such item!).

So I started researching all about this new activity - and next thing you know - I am creating files for it!!! Never done it... but it looks pretty cool! Seems there are lot of people out there doing it!! Well then - we must have some files about it right!?! (Hmmm this sound like a good topic of discussion for tomorrow!!! Maybe with a sneak peek to go along with it?!?!)

So I will leave you with this one last thought for today.... there are soooo many trends and time suckers out there (you know those things that just suck way all your time before you know it!!). What happened to the days when the family gathered together in one room and just sat quietly reading a good book??? Oh these were some of the best times growing up when I was a kid!!!! I remember begging my mother - just one more page, one more chapter..... which inspired my last show and tell of the day: Just one more Chapter, PLEEEEASE!

So I hoped you enjoyed today's show and tell! I would love to hear about what activities you and your family do!

Until the next...


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

My Space...

So based on a comment left on one of my post, I thought today I would give you a sneak peek of craft/office/scrapbooking room.

It is so amazing to me how a space can make you feel. I just love coming into this room and spending time. Be it filling orders or designing new cutting files!!!

My dad was a complete Godsend - as he is the one who came over and helped me hang all the cabinets and install the counter top on the back wall.

Some of my favorite things about this room:

~ You can have three to four people working at one time comfortably.

~ I love my curtain rods on the wall where I am able to display some of my favorite layouts - and whenever I feel a need to change them out I can!

~ I love all my ribbon stored in the mason jars (I stole this idea from my friend Susan!). It makes it easy to see what you have!

~ I love having the water fountain in my room! It is very calming and relaxing to hear the soft trickling sounds of the water!

~ I really enjoy my ten foot ceiling with floor to ceiling windows!! It is always nice and bright in here!!!!

~ But mostly - I love having my own space to decorate as I please, organize as I please, and spend as much time as I want to in it!!!

Hope you enjoyed your sneak peek - I would love to hear about your space!

Till next time~
Cya ~
(And yes before anyone even asks - I AM A NEAT FREAK!!)


Monday, July 23, 2007

In a funk...

So I am having on of those days.... you know - one of THOSE days where I am just in a funk!

Still dealing with house issues, (but that actually seems to be looking up somewhat! The builders have taken responsibility for the chimney leak and are going to repair it! So they say!! Even though we are not under warranty anymore).

Now I have issues with my new car (the tag and title people are so NOT your friends!!!), and that looks like it isn't going to be fixed for a few weeks - which means the car stays parked in the garage! But it could have been worse.... (this story will have to wait for another day!)

So as I said... just more and more junk. Hmmm, junk that has put me in a funk! (Do I see a title here???)

Working on some new files... hope to have some new stuff to share real soon!! Not real motivated thought I have to tell you!

Other than that - same ole same ole.... I think a nap is sounding good!

Tomorrow I promise I will try to come up with something good - that will entertain, amaze, and excite you!!

Until then~

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