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Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Have you every notice the trends in society? I mean really noticed? How some things are really popular today and then gone tomorrow?? Or they are upgraded, and upgraded, and upgraded, getting better and better?? And how those trends or activities take up sooo much of our time?? I love thinking about such things and sometimes I even draw my inspirations from those trends/activities.

For example - I remember when I got my Colicovision! Now most of you are probably wondering what the heck is a Colicovision!! Well it was THE video game station to have way, way, way back when!!! LOL

The Colicovison was introduced in 1982 and was sold until 1985!!! And when it first came out there was 12 whole games!!!! (Yes I know I am showing my age!!) And look at society now - we have Xbox 360, Wii, Sony PlayStation 2 & PSP, Nintendo GameCube & Game Boy Advance and a ton more I am sure I missed!

I have a really cute file in the Paperthreads store called: "Got Game" that I was inspired by the whole "Gaming" thing that is going on in today's culture! I mean my husband can sit in front of the Xbox for HOURS..........

Another cool hip trend right now is Mp3 players! Now I have to admit that we McDonald's are behind the times on this one. Neither one of us own one of these contraptions. Though my hubby keeps hinting around that he sure does think it would come in handy, especial on those long 22 hour flights he has to take to come home!!!

So that whole thought inspired a file I created called: Me and my MP3! You are hard pressed now days to find anyone young or not that doesn't own an MP3 player so it seems!!!

There are so many other trends going on right now - some I find quite fascinating - and some I don't. I am working on a set of files now about just such a trend. I found this what seems to be a very popular "activity" by mistake (yep I was online shopping yet again!!!). I have to admit I was kind of intrigued. The more I read about it, the more interesting it became... and low and behold - the purchase I was researching to make is one of the major items needed to do this activity! (Hence another reason to convince hubby I REALLY need such item!).

So I started researching all about this new activity - and next thing you know - I am creating files for it!!! Never done it... but it looks pretty cool! Seems there are lot of people out there doing it!! Well then - we must have some files about it right!?! (Hmmm this sound like a good topic of discussion for tomorrow!!! Maybe with a sneak peek to go along with it?!?!)

So I will leave you with this one last thought for today.... there are soooo many trends and time suckers out there (you know those things that just suck way all your time before you know it!!). What happened to the days when the family gathered together in one room and just sat quietly reading a good book??? Oh these were some of the best times growing up when I was a kid!!!! I remember begging my mother - just one more page, one more chapter..... which inspired my last show and tell of the day: Just one more Chapter, PLEEEEASE!

So I hoped you enjoyed today's show and tell! I would love to hear about what activities you and your family do!

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Anonymous,  July 25, 2007 at 6:21 PM  

Okay, I have looked & looked for you email to send a pic of a completed project...maybe I am just tired from all these children...and can't seem to find it...would you mind emailing me with it?

Lori McDonald July 25, 2007 at 6:33 PM  

Kris - I emailed you! I also went and found that I didn't have my email listed! So thanks!!!

For anyone else - you can find it under my profile!!!

Hope to hear from you soon~

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