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Friday, May 23, 2008

Happy Friday!

So do you have any big plans this Memorial Day weekend???

Well - as for me... today I am heading off to pick up my ball dress and have it hemmed!!! (Got to LOVE David's Bridal - my dress actually got here a week earlier than they said it would!! Whoo Hooo!!!) Then I am off to lunch with my hubby at our favorite favorite Thai place - YUMMY! And then finally, I am taking him to see the new "Indiana Jones" Movie!!! He is just thrilled!

As for the rest of the weekend - hmmm - I just don't know! What I really would like to do is clean out our messy garage! You know like they do in that show "Clean Sweep". Make three piles - Keep, Toss, Sale! But I am not sure I am going to be able to talk the hubby into it. Thus more than likely we will head out on the jetski this weekend at some point!

For all of you that are going to spend the time off scrapping.... I am EXCITED to announce that the first set of my "Land of Enchantment and Magical Moments" files have hit the store!!!!! Yep - you can get them - like - RIGHT NOW!!!!

Here they are if you want to check them out....

Now don't forget there are some more coming... I have about 9 more that I want to finish up and I will try to get them completed and in the store sometime next week!

Well that's about it... I guess I better run and jump into the shower before hubby starts yelling "Waiting on One" (you just got to love living in an Army house!!!) Hope you all have a GREAT LONG WEEKEND!

Until Next Time!



Thursday, May 22, 2008

More about me....

So I saw this survey on a message board I am member of and thought huh - maybe I would share my answers with you! That way you will know what kind of scrapper I TRULY am!!!

1.) Scrap standing up or sitting down? Sitting down, of course... is there ANY other way?!?! ? Hello if I want exercise I would have picked a different hobby!!

2.) Scrap with Music on or off? Off - but the TV blaring in the other room!

3.) Scrap with a movie going? Nope it is usually Judge Judy or one of those day time Judge programs!

4.) What do you drink while scrapping? Diet Coke - the drink of Champions! Of Course!!! Throw in some chocolate and you have a well balanced meal in my book!

5.) Favorite scrapbook paper brand? Basic Gray all the way for patterns and Colormate for solids!

6.) How long have you scrapbooked? About 7 years if you don't count my scrapbook from when I was in high school and kept EVERY spirit ribbon from every pep rally and every newspaper article of interest for all four years!! Hmmm - I bet that wasn't acid free huh?? Bahahaha!

7.) Favorite brand of scissors? Cutter Bees

8.) Do you stop scrapping when hubby gets home from work? Yes I do try to - but most of the time I really don't want to (but don't you dare tell on me!!!).

9.) Favorite tool? There are tooo many to list but I would say - my KNK, my Cricut Spatula, my Herma tabs, my non stick glue mat, my crop-a-dile, my click it... oh the list just goes on and on!

10.) Tool most used? My Cutter Bees and my Funtime Software!

11.) Do you print your own pictures? Well yeah - do you think I would trust that to the Wally World?!?!? And hey I HAD to have both of those printers so I could print them myself - RIGHT?!?!

12.) Favorite Scrapbooking Magazine? Memory Makers which my dear sweet wonderful in laws subscribe me to every year!!! How awesome is that!!! (Oh and if they are reading this - YES, YES, YES I want it again this year PLEASE!!!!)

13.) How many sheets of pink cardstock do you own? over 100 (said with my hand covering my eyes and shrinking in shame!)

14.) Do you buy your printed paper in 1's 2's or 3's? I usually buy four sheets of each!!! (Yes, my name is Lori and I am a paper addict!)

15.) When's the last time you got rid or supplies that you don't use? About a year ago.

16.) What was the last thing you scrapped? Scrap? Scrap! You mean I am actually suppose to USE these supplies!!! Oh NO! Hmmm... what was the last thing I actually scrapped?!?!?

17.) Are you a messy scrapper? Not by most peoples standards!!!

18.) Do you own a personal die cutter? If you do what brand? Yes 13" KNK - but before that it was a KNK Element, and oh yeah before that it was the Blue top Wishblade!

19.) Brads or eyelets which would you rather use? Eyelets of course - hey I need to get some use out of that awesome Karen Foster eyelet setter and the Crop-a-dile I just HAD to have!

20.) What 1 item are you most addicted to? Paper, Paper and more Paper!

So there you have it... 20 scrapping things you didn't know about me - and now you do! I know that just had to make your day! Right?!?!? NOT!!! Bahahaha...

Until Next Time!



Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Just got to love...

You know you just got to love the days where everything just comes together!!! As a designer I find most days when I am working I start on a project thinking it is going to go one way, it is going to look a certain way and then by the end it is TOTALLY different than I ever thought it was going to be....

But every now and then you get one of those days... you know one of those days where everything just comes together and the design you see in your mind is actually the design that comes out on the computer screen - and even better yet is the design you see all put together after you cut it!!!

Well I am happy to say - whoo hoooo today was one of those days!!!

See one of the corniest things that we did at Disney was the "Jungle Book Cruise". Now wait, wait, wait... don't get up in arms until you hear the WHOLE story! LOL I actually liked the ride itself and I took a ton of picture of the animals on the safari itself... but our boot Captain... yeah - his jokes were soooo lame - I was totally rolling my eyes by the end of the ride...

So I decided to design another file to go in with the "Land Of Enchantment" line... And I have to say everything just came together... I had a vision and I think for the first time in a long time... that vision actually showed up in my finished product!!!

Here's a sneak peak at that file.... I would love to hear what you think!!!

Until Next Time!



Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Just another day...

Hmmm I am really struggling about what to talk about today... what can I say - its just another day and I lead a boring life!!!

I did meet my new neighbor today... he is an ER doc! Whoo Hooo got to love having a Dr as a neighbor... that just has to make you feel safer - right??? I hated to see my other neighbors leave they were awesome and my dog loved their dog... they were just great!!! Hopefully this new neighbor will fit right in!!!

Lets see.... really that is about all I have to report... I guess I could share some new stuff that I hope to have in the store soon....

This first file is in honor of my bestest (is that even a word) friend ever... she has decided to take the plunge and open up her own business!!! I am sooo excited for her!!! She is going to be renting out everything you need for the "Ultimate Outdoor Party"!!! From a ton of different bounce houses, to cotton candy machines, popcorn machines and even an outdoor blow up TV screen and projector!!! How cool is that?!?!? Well - in light of her new adventure I came up with:

And then here are a few more of the "Land of Enchantment" files that I have designed.

I just love those shoes!!!

In case you didn't notice - this file has all the die cuts that were the downfall or saving grace in three very important princess stores. First there is the "Mirror, Mirror" and the "Apple", then there is the glass slipper and finally the Spindle (or spinning wheel) that pricked a certain princess' finger! Man - I just loved those stories growing up!!!


This one is one of my favorites!!! So..... What do you think???

I guess that is about it from the McDonald house! Hope you are all enjoying the great weather and counting the days til the weekend!!

Until Next Time!


*** Hmmm - since I didn't really have anything to talk about and this post is kind of boring... for those of you that made it all the way through.... Do you feel like a contest???

For the first three people that can correctly post in my blog comment section the "Three Princesses" names and what item goes with what Princesses from the "Once Upon a Fairy Tale Collection" - they will get that cutter file for free!! (And if you do not have a cutter you will win the cut and assembled collection) BEFORE it is even available in either store!!!! So hurry up - and leave that comment!!!


UPDATE - we have our winners!! Congrats to Karen (scrappinmama), Lisa, Micki, and Kris!!!! (yep I decided to give away four prizes!!!) CONGRATS TO OUR WINNERS!!! (if you will send me an email at lori_mcdlnd@yahoo.com - I will get you your prize!!!)


Monday, May 19, 2008


I didn't realize just how late it had become!!! I know, I know - I am such a slacker!!! But in my defense - it really has been a busy day!

I started the day off by taking the puppy to the vet! And man oh man did I get into some serious trouble! It seems that my puppy has gained 2.1 lbs in the past two weeks!!! I know - I know... but he acts like he is hungry all the time - so what am I suppose to do?? Needless to say he is a little chunky monkey for sure!!!!

Then I went over to Sara's to help her oversee the movers. I personally have never done a military move before - so I am not sure of what I was suppose to be doing! But the bottom line is the movers really just wanted us to move out of their way so they could so everything else - and I mean EVERYTHING else. (Rumor has it that they will even pack your trash and dirty dishes!!! EWWWW!!!)

After that it was off to meet up with the hubby who was working from home... seems like he got a call that he has to be a meeting tomorrow AM in Atlanta. So that means that he had to leave this evening so he would be there in time. That was kind of a bummer! But we did get to go and have dinner together before he left so that was good!

And other than all that - I have just been plugging away on my "Land of Enchantment" Files!!! Did I tell you how much fun I was having with these???? Hmm - I think I did - and I also think I promised a sneek peek - so here are three of the files I have completed (I hope to get them up in the store this week!) Also I have ten files totally designed (some are just waiting on test cuts) and then I have four or five more that I want to get done! (I told you - I have been busting but on this set of files!!!)

Hope you like them!

Until Next Time!


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