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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

And the Winner is...

Today is day you have all been waiting for - yep I have the final scores and I know who the WINNER of the "Don't Judge a Book by it's Cover" Challenge.

First off all - I want to thank you all for entering my contest!! I was totally shocked that so many of you stepped up and accepted the challenge! Thank you soooo much for entering and supporting Beloved Keepsakes.

Second of all - thank you sooo much to my guest judges! This was a hard task to judge the 13 entries!!! So I am soooo thankful that I had you to do the hard stuff for me!!! LOL

So here we go!!!!

1st place winner is Eddita with her "From our Garden" Layout!!!!

Eddita wins a custom made Beloved Keepsakes photo bracelet and three cutter files of her choice!!! Whoooo Hoooo!!! Way to go Eddita!!!!

2nd place winner is Lynn B! Lynn actually tied with HERSELF for second place!!! Yep her layout's: "And then there was the Train" and "Love and Family in the Kitchen" tied for second place!!!!

Way to go Lynn!!! Lynn will receive two cutter files of her choice for winning second place!

3rd place winner (s) are - (Yep, we had ANOTHER tie for 3rd place) Susan B with her layout out "Bull's Eye" and Bec with her layout out "Pawpa"!!!

Way to go girls!!!! Each of them will receive two of my cutter files or two pre-assembled titles!!!

Now for the random drawing - I took all the entries and randomly drew one name to win a Beloved Keepsakes custom made photo ribbon pin - and that winner is: Lori m!!!!

Lori also submitted the layout "God Bless America"!!!

So CONGRATULATIONS to all our winners!!!! I think this was a ton of fun - so I do believe we will do it again next month!!! Make sure you keep checking back!!!

Before I end today's post - I want to let you know I will not be around for the next few days!!! I am heading out on a mini vacation with my hubby to go swim with the Manatees!!!! Whoooo Hoooooo - I am sooo excited!!!!!

So - I'll be back to posting on Monday!!!! Hope everyone has a GREAT weekend!!! And thank you again to all the contestants in the challenge!!! I loved ALL your layouts and projects!!!

Until Next Time!


PS - Just a heads up....I have some VERY VERY EXCITING NEWS to share with you next week!!!! You will not want to miss it!!!! I can barely contain myself!!!


Monday, March 3, 2008

Last Two Challenge Entries and Meet the Judges!

WOW a total of 13 entries in the "Don't Judge a Book by its Cover" Challenge!!! I am sooo impressed and sooo thankful to all of those that entered!!! I think we will have to do this again FOR SURE!!!!

So here are the last two entries:

The first one comes from Gail R. (This was her second entry!!!) It is titled: Smile Smile Smile

Journaling reads: Reagan, the modeling agency that turned you down obviously didn't know what they are doing.

And our second entry come from Eddita (this was also her second entry!!)

The Countdown has begun….

(layout removed per request of owner)

Journaling reads:

While CB was only supposed to be stationed at the Pentagon for 1 year, we were very blessed when it was extended to 2.

We have been able to enjoy having them close by, spending all of the holidays together and watching Lauren and Sarah grow up. We have also relished the time doing all of the fun stuff grandparents are allowed to do: “UNO”, Old Maid, Go Fish, Coloring, etc. Chuck especially has loved
being able to help CB when he needs it and I have enjoyed all of the closeness and “girl chats” with Kristy.

Now that CB has been accepted to test pilot school at
Edwards AFB in California it is going to be very hard to say “Good-bye”. While this is a great career advancement it is still going to be hard knowing that they are not close by, but instead all the way on the other side of the country...

We are going to miss them very much!

Once again - thank you soooo VERY VERY VERY much to all of those who entered!!! I really appreciate it!!!! Now on to meet the judges!!!

I decided to ask four of my very near and dear friends to judge the challenge for me! There are several of you that entered that I know VERY well and I don't want to play favorites or have anyone think I am playing favorites - So.....

Meet the Judges:

First we have Shirley Clark. Shirley is a fellow designer from Paperthreads. She is not a scrapbooker (I know - can you believe that?!?!) But she is a Card Making Queen!

Next we have Chris Durnan. Chris is also a fellow designer at Paperthreads. She is an avid scrapbooker - she likes to dabble in all mediums including digital and she is a graffic design expert!

Then we have Jamie Danford. Jamie is a dear dear friend and current owner of Savannah Scrapbooking, full time college student and soon to be High School Teacher!!! Jamie is the person person who ever selected me to be on their Design Team!

And finally our last judge is Cpt Andrew McDonald (aka Hubby). While he has no paper craft experience except having been married to a crazy scrapping addict for the past six years - he knows what he likes when he sees it!

Thank you soooo much to all our judges - Stay tuned - we will be announcing the winner TOMORROW!!!!

Until Next Time!



Even MORE Challenge Entries!!!

WOW - I have to say I am soooo excited and IMPRESSED by all the entries I have received so far for the "Don't Judge a Book by its Cover" Challenge! I have to admit when I first came up with the idea to host a challenge - I wasn't sure ANYONE would actually enter!!! And WOW - as of this morning I have 13 entries and we still have three hours until the deadline!!!!

So here are some more of the awesome entries I have received!

This entry comes from Susan B.

The journaling reads: In 2003, Jeff came home from the Middle East. Four months later he left the military after 13 years. It was simple: John and Jarrod were 6 years old; miss out on the next seven years or being home with them. Jeff hit a bullseye. The month he got out he began Cub Scouts with the boys. He has meant much to many but he has meant everything to John and Jarrod. Way to shoot, Jeff!

The next entry comes from Shelly. This is what she had to say about her layout... I had this adorable photo of my daughter but no other photos to go along with it. I loved it so much that I knew it had to have it's own page. I looked at her with her hands folded like that and thought she is so prim and proper just like a princess! So thus I decided to use Carrie Creations die cuts for embellishments. But then I thought what am I really going to say about this photo. One photo and a sentence about how adorable she is just wasn't cutting it. So I then realized this was taken about the time I was suffering from post-partum depression and decided that is what I want to document. I didn't have the courage to document my post partum experience after my son...such a terrible time I just wanted to forget it. Now, thanks to you I have at least mentioned it in my daughters album. I have to say my experience wasn't the textbook hate your baby type depression so I can't stress enough if anyone feels there is something wrong get help. I tried and tried but it took a while for someone to listen. Persistence paid off.

Journaling reads: "Just look at that face! How could someone so precious upset our lives so greatly? After the birth of Tyler I suffered weeks with untreated post-partum depression. It got to the point where I was having hallucinations, loss of appetite and sleeplessness. When Adoree was born we feared history would repeat itself. The doctor immediately started me on an anti-depressant (Zoloft) just in case. Things were wonderful until Daddy started back to work then once again the sleeplessness and vomiting started. We had a rough couple of weeks. Our family and friends pulled us through though. I'd like to think in the photo below Adoree is praying for Mommy!"

This entry was submitted by Nina. And she really though outside the box and submit a project instead of a layout! This is what she had to say about her project: There was really no journaling to my entry.The Title was Hop to it Put all you eggs in one basket. This is a chart to motivate Team leaders to write reviews of their employees. The eggs with Target will be moved into the basket. Each Target egg represents 5 evaluations. The first person with all their eggs in the basket wins a prize. Scrapbooking techniques add so much to everyday life. As a Preschool teacher, I am often using scrapbook paper piecing for some of the projects that my three and four year olds do.

This entry is from Jessica -

Her journaling reads: In November, 2007, I substituted my long, flowing hair for a short, spunky, & stylish do!!! It was quite a shock to Joe and me, but I quickly grew to love it. …Joe, on the other hand, took a little longer to admit that my new look was “cute!”

My loss of 13 inches of hair was all in the name of a good cause: Locks of Love! IT FELT AMAZING to do this, as I had thought about Locks of Love for several years before feeling brave enough to actually sacrifice such length!!

My good friend, Colleen, pulled my hair into a thick ponytail on that November afternoon and cut it off in one swoop! I put it into a plastic zipper bag and sealed it in an envelope before sending it off to allow my loss to be someone else’s gain.

Locks of Love designs wigs to be worn by cancer patients who lose their hair as a result of treatment. It still feels amazing to know that I donated my beloved hair to such an incredible cause! In just a few short months, my hair has grown out a lot. I’m already working on another 13 inches!!!

And my last entry to share today is from Lynn B. (this is Lynn's second entry - you go girl!!!) This is what Lynn had to say about this layout: I was visiting my family in upstate NY and walking through the backyards, following paths and coming upon all different things. Like after walking through LOTS OF TREES, I came upon a really large opening! I was shocked! I later found out people run their dogs there and play ball back there, but it was really hidden (and green with grass, not dirt). Anyway, I walked further and all of a sudden THERE WERE TRAIN TRACKS! I was sooooo delighted for some reason and shocked!!! I took a seat and waited and waited and then there it was! The train!!! I was soooooo ecstatic!!! So, I made a layout about it and really love it.. you can't tell from the photo, but I punched out (and cut out) holes and added different patterned papers behind the holes, so it looks cool.

Journaling reads: "So I was visiting the family in Albany and helping to move Mom from her apartment into Enid's house. She had her garage converted into a really lovely place for Mom. The house is in Voorheesville, a country suburb. I was fascinated with the surroundings and the way of life there. I was also intrigued with a train whistle close by that I heard several times a day. One morning I was out for a walk and found a path between Enid's house and the park next door. The path made it's way through a beautifully wooded area and then there was a large clearing! Wow! A little farther down were RR tracks! I got so excited! I sat and waited and waited and then there it was! The train!!!"

So there you have it - some more AWESOME entries in the challenge!! Deadline is approaching, only a few more hours - I'll post the rest of the entries tomorrow!!! I'll announce the "guest judges" and the winners on WED!!!! You don't want to miss it!!!

Until Next Time!



Sunday, March 2, 2008

More Challenge Entries...

Good Morning!!! I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!!!

Today will be short and sweet - as we approach the "Don't Judge a Book by its Cover" challenge deadline (Monday at NOON eastern time) - I wanted to share with you some more AWESOME and amazing entries that I have received! So here we go!!!

This layout is from Cindy B. Her titles reads: "Every Path has its Puddle"

The journaling reads: "That's what puppy pads are for!"

The Next entry comes from Bec in Texas! This is what she had to say about her layout -

" This was my take on the challenge.The page is really about a man I would like to have known better. The layout is of handmade furniture made by him. I have only a few memories of time spent with grandparents as I was not fortunate enough that they lived close. I cherish the handmade items I rescued from other family members, and dream of what stories might have been told about them. I hope to create many memories with my grandchildren and am very thankful for the internet and our webcams."

Journaling reads:

A contractor
born in 1896
lived 91 years
built his own house and most
of the furnishings in it

I remember collecting these shells
for the shadowbox you made

Papaw, I would have loved to be
able to spend more time with you
and learn who you really were

The next entry was made by Lori with the little m. This was really a challenge for Lori cause she is not normally a scrapbooker at all!!! (Way to step out of your box Lori!!!)

Her journaling reads:

God Bless America

God Bless America and our Armed Forces. Over the past weeks I’ve really gotten into reading Blogs from the wives and families of our Armed Forces.

It’s given me time to look at my own life and I’ve come to realize how very lucky I am. A bed to sleep in, food to eat, furnace to keep us warm and most of all being surrounded by family and friends.

Although, I’m not a wife, with a loved one serving to protect our country, I was the sister, the daughter, the cousin and the girl friend of those who’d served our Country.

I toss my hat off to every wife, mother, girlfriend, etc. who sit waiting for their loved ones to return home. I had forgotten how long and lonely the days and months were, waiting, till I saw my family members, and boyfriend.

Being able to see our family grow up and still enjoy and cherish a favorite vacation spot, we are all truly blessed. Seeing rainbows, green trees and blue lakes, just being able to laugh together each day, is special. All this is because there are men and women willing to sacrifice and keep us safe. May God bring everyone home safely to their loved ones, please extend our many thanks.

God Bless America, Let Freedom Ring!

And the last entry for today comes from Eddita C. This is what she said about trying to come up with her layout for the challenge. "Well, I started with one layout and then ended up with another. This was a lot of fun. Not quite as good as your GAS story but it was what I thought of the other day when I came across a jar full of yummies".

Journaling reads:

"OK, I admit, my first mistake was to not have a recipe but I thought that it was a little overkill when the ambulance arrived and the EMT came out in special gear…..

After years of growing items in the garden and canning and giving away to family and friends, one particular year, Chuck went a little overboard on the peppers and planted 5 varieties. While I’m not big on spicy food, I decided that I was not going to just throw out the 8 lbs. of peppers, but instead can some pickled peppers so we would have something yummy to put on sandwiches.

I put on some rubber gloves and deseeded and chopped all of them up: Green, JalapeƱo, Habanero, Cayenne & Serrano. I then got out a big pot, added oil and some chopped onions. Once the onions were soft, I threw in all of the peppers and stirred them around too. I knew I would need liquid so I added a gallon or so of water, some vinegar and pickling spices
(again, I should have had a recipe)

Once things started to cook and really boil, an interesting thing started to happen. Smoke started to build up in the house, I started to tear up, my breathing was becoming more difficult, I started coughing and choking. Chuck who was in the other room started experiencing the same thing and walked into the kitchen to see what was going on.

That’s about when I was shut down. It’s all a blur, but I was sternly told by a faceless man in a gasmask, that while well intentioned, the average happy homemaker should not be making
Oleoresin Capsicum,
(a chemical compound that irritates the eyes, cause tears, pain, and even temporary blindness).

In other words:
Homemade Pepper Spray !!!

PS: Once everyone left, and things had calmed down, I went ahead and canned the peppers anyway...it really came out tasty!"

Thank you sooooooooo much to everyone who has already entered!!! I still have several more layouts to share with you in the next few days!!!

As before I can't comment on these layouts as I don't want to influence any of my guest judges (you will be learning more about them soon!). But I would love to hear what you have to say about these layouts - so leave a comment in the comment section!!

Until Next Time!


AND don't forget - TOMORROW is the DEADLINE to get your entries in!!!

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