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Friday, May 9, 2008

Happy Friday!!!

Man - I have been trying to post for two days and Blogger was just not being friendly!!! So - I do apologize for the no communication the last two days!!!

Well - I came back with almost two hundred photos from my Disney trip - and since my "It's all about the Ears" file has done so well - I have decided to design a few more files along that line... as we all know that land of enchantment is a stickler on copy written images - so I am trying to make sure I don't cross any line!!! So far I am pretty pleased with the results!!! So keep watch for those to be hitting the store soon!

Also - just wanted to let you know about three specials I am running this month at Paperthreads.... With summer fastly approaching I thought I would put some of my travel files on sale for 50 % off!!!!

First you will find "World Traveler" on sale.

And then you will find "Mountain Getaway" on sale as well.

Finally with the price of a barrel of oil hitting $126 today - I am sure we could all use this file "Got Gas" to document the high price of gas these days!!!

Well - that is about it here at the McDonald house. I will be leaving on Sunday to head up north to help my Dad once again to try and close up my Uncle's Estate. So I probably will not be back around until Monday or Tue!

Have a GREAT weekend - and make sure you take some time out to scrap!!!

Until Next Time!


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Things to make you go.....

Ohhhh and Ahhhh.... Yep today I have decided to share some layouts that have been made using my cutter files!!! Let me tell you these girls have been SOME KIND OF busyyyyy lately !!!!

First up using my file "Pilot in Training" is this cute layout out by Debbie :

Here is another layout from Debbie - using my file "No One Said Life was Fair" (and if it isn't thinking outside the box - I just don't know what is!!! LOL)

Then you have this cute cute layout also from Debbie (yep she has been a SCRAPPING FOOL lately!!!! and I am jealous!!!!) Here she used my file "Its all about the Ears".

Then this layout was submitted by my friend Janet! She used my file "Feeling Crabby"!

Then this layout is from Rosalie - she used my "Hockey" file.

And this awesome layout is from my Design Team Member - Bec. She used my file "Just Married" that was made for the KNK holiday cd (should be available in the store this summer!)

And then we have this file "Mini Golf" also by Rosalie! Using my cutting file "Golf"

Man oh man - did these girls do an awesome job or what?!?!?! It still tickles me to no end to see other people use my designs on their scrapbooking layouts! It is just sooo amazing and such a complement to me!!!

Well -I am planning on spending the next couple of days designing new stuff - got something in mind that you need? Give me a holler and remember if I use your idea - you get the file for free!!!

Until Next Time!



Tuesday, May 6, 2008

On the fly....

Good Morning...

Just a quick stop in to say I hope everyone is doing well!! As for me - well I have 7 photo bracelets that have to get done and out in today's mail!!!! So - can't stay but for a sec!

Thought I would let you all know that our older dog Inja - has now started playing with the puppy!!! Thank you Lord!!! I can't tell you how many prayers have been said on this issue!!! I mean I was really stressed - here we went and purchased a dog, paid a vet bill, and of course had to buy it all its own stuff - and the other dog hated him!!!!

Wheew - I was really stressed there for a while! Now don't get me wrong - she isn't loving on him yet - but she will play with him which is really good for me - as she tires him out and then I get to sleep most of the night with out puppy crying!!

I'll try to post some photos soon - I got to run!! Hope all is well!!

Until Next Time!



Monday, May 5, 2008

I'm Back!!!

Well - did you miss me?!?!?

I am sooo freaking tired! Do you hear me - I am talking dog bone tired!! When did I get soooo freaking OLD???? Now in my defense I do think we must have walked 120 miles (ok, ok - maybe that was a bit of an exaggeration - it really was more like 20 miles ) in the past two days - but MAN oh MAN - I had a BALL!!!

You have to understand I haven't been to Disney since I was about 6 years old! (Oh for those of you that are trying to do the math - that was ummm - about 36 years years ago!) So the awesome people of Disney decided that meant that I was a FIRST time visitor!!! Hence they gave me a first time visitors pass and I got extra special treatment!!! (And let me tell you the treatment at Disney is pretty awesome to begin with!!!

And if that was enough - This is the year "Where Dreams Come True" and we got the "Fast Pass" dream - meaning that we got to go to the front of the line on all the major rides in the Magic Kingdom!!!

Yep - there was no waiting hours in line!!! As a matter fact I don't think we waited more than 10 min at in ride there!!!!

I am sure you don't want to hear all about my trip - but I will say that we went to three parks (the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and Hollywood Studio's) along with Downtown Disney - and that was all in TWO days!!!

So - I just KNOW you are wanting to know what the "Highlights/Best Part" of my trip was - right??? (Come on - I know you are!!!!) So here they are!!!!

Now... well now I am just tired!!! Bahahahaha

Until Next Time!


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