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Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Yes... once again I have gone MIA....  not on purpose you understand.  It has just been crazy!!!!

First of all - have you heard the VDBC will be putting out the FIRST EVER "Holiday Gift Giving guide"???  Yep!  We all have been hard at work designing and putting together projects that you can give to your friends and family!!!  And as usual - I think I have bitten off more than I can chew!!! (Nothing new there!!!)  Bahahahha!!!

But since I haven't been around in a while - I will give you a sneak peek at one of the items I have designed for this event....

So....  what do you think??? I think it would make a great gift or holiuday decoration!!

Additionally - as you all know since hubby got back from Afghanistan his job was no longer available.  Thus we have been kind of on month to month orders.... Well hubby has an office call tomorrow for a job that would give us a little bit of a more stable life.  So please say a word, a prayer or a good thought that it goes well.  The only down side to this job is that we will have to move - and we both LOVE it here...  But if we have to, well we have to right?!?!  The other catch to that is that it will probably happen FAST.... so I guess we will see!!!

And lastly - please say prayers for my father in law - he will probably kill me when he reads this post - but ehhhh, who cares!!!  LOL  If you will recall last summer I went to AZ to visit for two weeks and ended up staying for two months when they found out he had cancer.  They did surgery then and though that they got it all.  But now it seems that the cancer has returned and as it seems right now the Doctors feel there isn't really anything that they can do about it.  So as I said please pray for him and for hubby's family period.  This is a difficult time for us all.

Ok - I have to get back to the grind.... in addition to finishing up my holiday gift giving designs - I have to head over and VOTE!!!!!  Have you voted yet today?!?!  If not get off your duff and get to it!!

I will try to post as much as I can - but it may be hit and miss as we see how things shake out!!

Until Next Time!


Lori McDonald, Designer

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