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Saturday, October 20, 2007

I'm alive....

Well sort of.... it has been a fast paced wild ride here at our house.... A husband I am not use to having home, a two and a half year old- when I am not use to kids, a dog that is jealous of the the two year old and a house full of other family!!!

Thanksgiving dinner went off REALLY well - and we are STILL eating the left overs!!!

Today the "boys" went on a fishing trip and the girls went and toured and shopped all through downtown Savannah! It was a lovely day!!! I will try to post photos soon!

Other than that - I am just trying to enjoy as much time with our families as I can in the short amount of time that they are here! I promise I have not forgotten or forsaken you - my blog readers - at least not yet!! :)

I did find out this week that my hubby will be starting his new job on Nov 1st and then he will be off to some out of state meetings a few days later! That means I will have several free days and nights to get caught up! (And boy do I NEED them!!!)

Meanwhile... hope you are all well!!

Until Next Time!



Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Today is the day...

Ok so I have family arriving in less than eight hours and this is what I still have to get done:

Clean both bathrooms
Scrub the tile floors
Wash and vacuum the car
Wash the dog
Dust the living area
Clean the kitchen
Polish the dinning room table......

Oh shoot that is a lot to get done - oh and take a shower and get my self ready and to the airport on time!!!!

So on that note...
Hope you are all well!!!

Until Next Time~



Sunday, October 14, 2007

Home sweet home....

Hello my dear friends!!! I am home at last!!!! Our trip to the mountains was just AWESOME!!!! We really needed the time alone and to try and get reacquainted. For those of you that are not military - I have to tell you it is really hard to get back into the routine of married life.... for four years hubby has been use to barking orders, and moving fast, not thinking but reacting, and not sugar coating or saying things nicely as most of the time it is a matter of life or death.

On the other hand - for the past four years I have been use to making all my own decisions about everything and anything, not having to justify why I want to make a two dollar purchase or a twenty dollar one, going to bed when I want to go to bed, be it midnight or 2 AM... and I am use to things being done MY way, when I WANT them done!!!!

For all those military wives that are reading this... well you know... and I don't need to say anything else!!!! LOL

So I thought I would sneak in here for a moment and share a few photos from our trip... I am suppose to be getting ready for our families who are flying in on Tue and Wed!!!! So I will be hit and miss on blogging again this week, but I SWEAR by Nov 1st I will be back to work full time......

So.... our trip......

Here is a photo of our cabin!! It was soooo awesome!!! It had two bedrooms, two baths, living room, dinning area and a fully stocked kitchen. There was a hot tub on the back porch and a creek running through the back yard that you could hear babbling in the back ground!!!

Oh speaking of the creek - let me tell you that water was COLD!!!!!! LOL

The first day there we got up and went to Tullah Gorge - here is hubby at the overlook! The falls were just beautiful!!!

We went to Brasstown Bald - which is the highest mountain in GA - as you can see the leaves were just starting to change colors - I wish we could have waited about another two weeks - I think the leaves will be in peak season then - but it was still just awesome scenery!!

Here is a self photo of hubby and I on the top of the lookout tower!!! You can see the mountains in the background!!!

Then we went to Anna Ruby falls - this is a twin waterfall that was only about three miles from our cabin!

Then I introduced my hubby to gold panning!!!! Oh I LOVE TO PAN FOR GOLD!!!! I have been panning since I was about 8 years old and my husband and I have never had a chance to go together and sin of all sins - he had NEVER panned AT ALL!!!! So needless to say he now has gold fever as well so I am sure we will be panning more often in the future!!! LOL

Hubby and his loot!!

This is my NO GOLD face!! LOL

So that is a recap of a very few of the photos I took!!! All together in four days I took 252 photos!!! Not sure how I do that.... LOL So I will leave you with this one last photo.... this was a really neat old covered bridge that we found tucked away!!!

Hope you are all well..... off to clean before hubby catches me on the computer (especially since he is preasure washing the house and the windows)!!! LOL

Until Next Time!


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