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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Have you signed up yet????

Time is running out!!! You better hurry!!!!!

And don't forget tomorrow starts my Christmas in July Event!!!

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The Grand Prize winner will receive a $15 Gift Certificate to the Paperthreads Store! The theme for this challenge is "Travel Through Time!"

The main idea is to create a "timeline" of sorts chronicling a series of events. Here are some ideas to get you started:

* Create a timeline of your life.

* Scrap the major events of your marriage.

* Create a timeline of the life of a loved one who has passed on.

* Get photos of your child's first day of school for the past 5 years and journal about the changes in him/her over the course of time.

* Pick an annual event like a family reunion, anniversary, or birthday and scrap the past several years with a short summary of each event.

* Create a timeline of the births of each of your children.

* If you've built a new house, scrap the process from ground breaking to moving in.

* Scrap a major project that you are proud of that you have pictures of the different stages in progress.

Now those are just some ideas, you can use one of those or make your own!

Here are the rules:
~ You must use at least one of our (Jan's, Ileana's or Lori's) files to make your project.

~ The project must be a two-page scrapbook layout of at least 8x8 in size or a multi-page mini-book of any size.

~ The project must follow the theme as outlined - "Travel Through Time" by chronicling a series of events

~ The project must be posted in the Paperthreads Gallery by midnight US Eastern time on Monday, 7/28.

Voting will be conducted by poll in the Paperthreads Fourm from Tuesday 7/29-Thursday-7/31 with the winner announced on Friday 8/1.

For signing up to participate in this challenge, you will receive a free file from each of the hosting designers! You can use these for your challenge submissions, or choose something else from the participating designer's files available in the Paperthreads Store. The rule is you have to use at east one file from one of the designers, there's no rule about which one you have to use.

Here are the files you will receive for participating: From Sam & Hailey Designs, "Scrapbook Timeline"

From I Scrap Designs, "Remember When Gas Cost..."

From Beloved Keepsakes, "Vroom, Vroom"
In order to receive the free files, you'll need to sign up on this thread at Paperthreads saying that you will be participating in the challenge!

Until Next Time!



Friday, July 18, 2008

What a day....

Man - it has been a day! So there was good and there was bad - then good news is that there are 20 NEW FILES up at the Paperthreads store!!! Whoo Hooo!! Including the super dupper "BK's Land of Enchantment Mega Collection"!

This collection contains all 24 "Land of Enchanment" Files as well as ONE bonus file you can only get if you purchase the Mega Collection!!! That makes a total of 25 files!! That's right - there are enough titles, die cuts, borders and ribbon sliders to complete an ENTIRE scrapbook!!!
Now for the bad news... I think I said a few days ago that I had had a family emergercy - well it seems they have only given my grandmother a few weeks (if even that) to live. So I was fortunate enough to be able to go and visit her the other day - and then I went back today! I have to say it was really hard! She doesn't look very good - and she definatly doesn't look like the grandmother I remember from my childhood. She is very tired and I am praying that the Lord will take her home soon so she will not have to suffer. (If you are the praying type then please say a little prayer for her! I would appreciate it greatly!)

Now if that wasn't bad enough - I got a TIRE stuck under my car!!! Yes - you read that right - a TIRE stuck under my car!!! Don't even ask me how that happened - as I still don't even know myself!!! Thank heavens for my Dear Dad! He jacked the car up and yanked and yanked until he was able to get the tire out!!!! (Thank goodness we were in some mud that would give while he was janking away on that tire!!!)

Let me tell you - this tire was almost as BIG as my car!! I kid you not!! Here is a photo to prove it!!!

And here is another one (see the mud where we had to yank the tire out from under the car!!)

Once again - I am still flabbergasted on how it even ended up under my car - but it did! And thank heavens Daddy was able to fix it - and there doesn't seem to be any damage to my car!!! (Whheewww!!!! Hubby would have killed me if there was!! LOL)

So there you have it - Make sure you drop by Paperthreads and check out all the new files!!! BUT don't purchase anything until NEXT FRIDAY when I have my Christmas in July Sale!!! (All my files will be 50% off then!!!)

Man - I think I need a nap!

Until Next Time!



Thursday, July 17, 2008

I'm here...

Just posting kind of late! Sorry! I have been a busy little bee though! You would be proud!

I FINALLY got all my files uploaded to Paperthreads last night thanks to the over the top and over and beyond help that I got from my design team member Bec!!! Thank you Bec! I couldn't have gotten it done without you!!!! You're a Godsend for sure!!!!

What does all that mean to you - well that means that in a few days you will see 20 New Cutter files in my section of the store at Paperthreads!!! Whooo Hoooo!!! These 20 files include the last of the "Land of Enchantment" Series - including a super huge mega pack with 25 files!!!! (I kid you not!!!)

And now that I got that off my plate - that means you should start seeing all kind of new things hitting the Beloved Keepsakes Store (including the Land of Enchantment titles, dies and borders!!!)

Now do you remember a few weeks ago I promised something good??? Well starting Sunday I plan to have "Christmas in July"! Fun huh?? What that will mean is that every day starting Sunday and running through Saturday I will be celebrating Christmas! I have some super games, gifts and freebies. Then starting on Friday and going on through Saturday - I will be having a 50% off sale on all my files at Paperthreads!!! (I only do a 50% off sale twice a year - so you do NOT want to miss this sale!)

Also - make sure you visit my blog every day starting Sunday for some 75% of coupons to be issued! Man what a deal!

Ok - I am off to finish up some other goodies for my "Christmas in July" event....

Until Next Time!



Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Roofers, Family Emergency and more designs...

Well my title pretty much sums up today's post.... The roofers are due here any moment to see if they can figure out why my roof is leaking yet once again! Hopefully they can get it right this time!!!

Then I am heading off to deal with a family emergency - so instead of leaving you hanging - I thought I would share a few more of these new designs with you!

Hope you like them!

Until Next Time!


PS - Don't forget the Stay Home, Save Gas and Scrap Challange!!!!


Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I finally got the rest of the test cutting done!! Whooo Hooo!!! I am soooo excited!!!! Now all I have to do is finish converting and then write the text docs and then upload the new stuff!!

Yep - New Stuff - What??? Did I hear you ask "What New Stuff"? Well the "Land of Enchantment Stuff of course!!!!

Whooo Hoooo!! That's right - I FINALLY finished the rest of the Disn.... ah uh "Land of Enchantment" set of cutter files!!!

As a matter of fact - there are 14 new cutter files in that series along with five other new files!!! And once I get those up - I will be working at getting the 80 + new preassembled titles and diecuts up in the Beloved Keepsakes Store!!!

So here you go - here is a "sneak peek" from the "Land of Enchantment" series!! (I will share some more tomorrow!!)

Hope you like them!!!

Until Next Time!


PS - Did you notice there was a new layout in the Gallery????


Monday, July 14, 2008

Well no one EVER said...

That my middle name was "Grace"!!! I tell you I have been everything but graceful the last few days.... (Some items below may not be suited for those with squeamish tummies - READERS BEWARE!!!)

It all started when hubby had to go out of town. Seems I can always find a way to make a mess while he is gone....

First the roof is leaking again!!! YES AGAIN!!! If you have been reading my blog for the past year - you will know what my roof leaked LAST YEAR when hubby was in Iraq!!! And here we are ten days shy of a year - and it is leaking again! IN THE SAME SPOT!!! GRRRRRRRR!!!

The good things - well I documented the leak and all my problems last year VERY WELL - so there is no doubt that this is the SAME LEAK in the SAME PLACE! Also there is a new person for me to deal with - and he seems VERY nice and ASSURES me that they WILL get it taken care of! And finally - at least I caught it before it came flooding into the house like it did last time!!! THANK YOU LORD!!!

So if that was bad enough - I stepped on a red wasp on Friday afternoon! And he stung the bejebbers out of me - in the arch of my right foot!!!

Scary looking ain't he!!!

I was walking around on my patio barefoot (this is nothing new for me - I am ALWAYS barefooted if I can get away with it!!) and I decided to trim the rose bush. When I stepped off the patio on to the grass it felt as if someone stuck an ice pick up through the arch of my foot!!! I have to tell you - I had instant tears!! I grabbed my foot and out from under it flew a red wasp!

Well my foot started swelling and I had this red rash go up my leg - I felt nauseous - it was not good! Took a Benadril and put ice on my foot - it took about two hours but it finally stopped hurting and the swelling went down enough I could walk on it!!!

Then on Sunday well- I stepped on the metal loop that sticks off the dog crate (you know those metal dog cages?)... and the metal went though the bottom of my foot and out the side of my heel! I kid you not!! Now the good note is because I am always barefooted - I have some calluses built up on the botom of my feet (I know I know - nasty - but hey - I am GLAD it was there!!!) Now the bad note is - when the wire jabbed up through my heel - it took the skin with it. So I had to get a needle and kind of pry the skin from under the injury! It was GROSS!!!

So - this is now what I am dealing with!!!

See I told you this might not be for the squeamish!!! So now I am trying to keep it clean and coated in antibiotic cream since I haven't had a Tetanus shot since I was six years old (I am allergic to them - go figure!!!) And I am finding it a little bit hard to get around on my tippy toes!

Ah - the joys of life!!! So - as I stated before - "Grace" is not my middle name! Oh to add insult to injure my Dad said that the next time hubby is due to leave town - to please let him know... he will see what he can do to rent me a rubber room!!!! WHATEVER!!!

Until Next Time!


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