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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Life is good!

Hello there! It has been forever since I have had a moment to sit down and actually blog!!! Last time was on Monday and now here it is Saturday! Where does the time go?!?!?!

It has been a crazy three weeks.... that's right can you believe that hubby has been home for three weeks!!!! WOW!!! The first we we spent trying to get caught up, running around getting things done. The second week we spent up in the Mountains of North GA. And then the third week we spent with our family!

Every year we take a family photo in front of the house... this is the first year that hubby was actually in the photo in four years!!! This time we have the WHOLE family except my brother-in-law Jeff who was still in Iraq. (I think he is actually due home today!!!!)

I thought I would share this photo with you so here it is!!!

Also I want to thank all of you for your kind words of encouragement and for sticking with me for the past three weeks as my blog as been hit and miss.... My blog has still seen a lot of traffic and I am very thankful for this!!!

So as a personal thank you gift - I am going to share this file with you... It isn't even in the store yet!!! We are getting ready for Halloween here in our neighborhood and I thought this would make a great file for all the witches we are likely to meet!! LOL I thought it would also make a really cute Halloween Card.... so with just a few more days until Halloween - I hope you enjoy this file!!!!!

You can download it in the following formats... Please keep in mind this is a TERMS RESTRICTED file and by downloading it you are agreeing to my TOU. If you have any questions about my terms of use - you can download them over on the left side of this screen.

The password to download the file (if I did this correctly - it has been sooooo long since I have used 4share) is: IAGREETOTOU

So here you go.... I plan to leave it up for about 24 to 36 hours and then it will be gone! But as always you can purchase it at Paperthreads!!! (Hmmmm speaking of Paperthreads - I uploaded a few new files before hubby came home... did you see them? If not go check them out!!!!)

Sorry this "terms restricted file" is no longer available for free download!
Check Paperthreads soon if you would like to purchase it!

Note: some of these cuts are very thin - so go slow use good paper (like colormates), and don't decrease the size tooo much!!! :)

So I am off to spend some time with hubby and then off to church later this evening. Tomorrow we are heading to Jacksonville to visit my best friend and her family!!! It is a busy weekend yet again.

Hubby starts back to work - but actually here in the STATES!!!! WHoooo Hoooo!! That happens on the 1st so expect to see me a lot more and there are some new announcements and files heading your way!!! (So yes to all my dear designer friends who send me songs saying they miss me - you know who you are - I will be back in the swing of things soon!!!!)

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Monday, October 22, 2007


Good morning everyone.... I am sitting at the breakfast table while my mother in law (bless her heart) is cooking breakfast so I thought I would take a moment to fill you in on the happenings here...... It has been busy!!!!!

Last night we all trotted down to the dock and threw the cast net! We caught about two dozen shrimp - not very many in the big scheme of things, but it was the wrong tide, the wrong time of the day, and lots of us down there!! But it was really great to show our families that you can just toss a net and actually come up with shrimp!!!!

It never ceases to amaze me, the things that we think are no big deal - like catching shrimp - is like heaven to my inlaws who live in AZ where shrimp is EXPENSIVE and a once in a great while treat!!!!

Not sure what today will bring... except a home cooked breakfast! YUM!!!!! Tomorrow our company starts leaving - sad and that will go on for the next two days.... I think all together we have three trips to the airport to make! Even though our house has been very full the last week - it has been so great to have everyone here! I am very sad to see them go... I am just sooo shocked how fast the time has past!

Oh well I guess that is it for now! Hope you are all well!!!

Until Next Time!


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