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Friday, August 22, 2008

TS Fay.....

Just jumping on for a moment - TS Fay is leaving us wet and muggy! Power has flicked on and off a few times..... grrr..... there is so much to get done before all our company arrives (provided that they even come). And doing it in the rain isn't much fun!

So let me get off of here before the power flickers again!!!

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

My Scrapping Space.....

So Gloria left a message saying that she would like to see photos of my scrapping space - so today as promised - I am going to share my space with you......

I am very very lucky that hubby understands my need for my own space along with my need to scrap. Hence when we built our home, it was agreed upon that I would have my own scrapbooking room and he would have his own office where he could keep all the Hooah, Hooah Military stuff. (Yeah - cause that crap aint going anywhere else in my house!!! Oh - did I think that out loud!??!! Bahahaha)

Ok - now let me be totally honest here.... Hubby was deployed to Iraq when I closed on our house - and he was gone almost the whole first 16 months I lived in our home - hence he wasn't here to say what I could or could not do!!! And that's REALLY how I came about to have my own awesome space!!! Bahahaha.... (But hey... I did hold up my end of the deal - and he has his own space as well!)

So without further delay... here is my space! Come on in, kick your shoes off, grab a diet coke and some adhesive and scrap awhile!!

Ok - so this here is the view as you are walking into my space. (The door to my scrapping space actually opens up to our living room/dining area/kitchen. So if I am scrapping I can still see through the door to the main part of our house! Which is really nice!) Oh - and if you want to see a bigger photo - just click on it and it should pop up bigger!

This is a close up of my cutting area. I have my rotary cutter here... and some really cute storage bins.

This is a close up of my work space. Due to the "T" shape work area, I can actually have three people scrapping at one time - which is really nice! (And you can see my 13" KNK and laptop over on the right hand side!!)

This is my closet - to maximize the space in my room - I took off the doors and I covered the doorway with white curtains. I also took some of the matching fabric and make a strip on the bottom of the curtains, and then I took some scraps of the fabric and covered the buttons on the top to make it coordinate with the rest of the room!

Here is a photo of the inside of the closet! I actually put that closet organizer in there all by myself! (Which is quite a funny store as I actually got stuck in there and couldn't get out!!!! LOL)
Here is a photo of my storage/display area. I made the shelves out of 1/2 cement blocks and wood boards that I painted! (Supper easy and cheap cheap cheap!) This is where I store a lot of my ribbon and such - along with my solid colored card stock (yes all that paper you are seing is just solid 12x12 card stock!!).

Here is a close up of the display area with a different set of layouts/projects on it. I love this system as I complete an item I can hang it up and display it before I actually put it in my book! And if I get bored with the view - it is easy peasy to change!!

Well that is it for the most part - Hope you enjoyed visiting!

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Until Next Time!



Wednesday, August 20, 2008

It's a Grown up Room Now...

Well believe it or not - the furniture arrived at 8:15 AM this morning! (My assigned delivery time was 8:15 to 10:15 AM!!! They are Good!!!) And lucky for me - they arrived right between the storms so it wasn't even raining!!! (And with Fay lingering around it looks like we are going to get some rain coming and going!!!)

So they got the furniture in - and I wasn't so sure I liked it at all! I started moving it this way and moving it that way - and I was even more unsure! Man - it was looking crowed in there to me!! Then I took some photos and mailed them to my close friends and family members asking what they thought!!!

Well I have to say - bless my mom - she is BRILLIANT! I had about decided that it was too big and bulky to fit in our space and I was sending it back.... when she said - based on the photos I had sent - why don't you move this here, and that there - and back that up a few inches there - and center that there - and totally remove that from the room - and oh yeah make sure you secure your outdoor furniture before the storm hits!!! Bahahaha!!!

Being the good daughter that I am.... I listened!! Bahahaha!!! (Yeah RIGHT I hear my Mom saying to herself right about now) And I have to say - she was RIGHT!!!!! (Yep you better mark today in RED Mom - cause I said you were RIGHT!!!) It all fits and looks awesome now!!! So I think it is a keeper!!!!

Now I just have to wait til hubby gets home and decides if he likes it or not!!! LOL (He did just call and said he likes it from the photos - the only thing he isn't keen on is the rounded corner - but hey that is what that is - can't fix that!!) LOL

So here are a few photos for you - as promised!!! Man it looks like such a Grown Up Room now!!!! (Well only because you can't see the Wii in the TV cabinet!!! Bahahaha!!!)

And last but not least - looks like the dogs approve!!! And we all know that is what is REALLY important! LOL

Well before I go I wanted to let you know that I had a comment asking me to share photos of my craft room - so I will do that tomorrow!!!

Hope you have a GREAT day - and if you are in GA or FL - try to stay dry!!!

Until Next Time!


PS - just so you know... I had sent new photos to my mom with the newly rearranged room and this is what I got back!!! "Yep, looks lots better. Tell your hubby, you got your designs mind from me, sometimes yours just needs a bit of fine tuning as your not as old as me! gigglin* "

Nah - she didn't think she was brilliant as well now did she!! Bahahaha!!! Love you MOM!!!


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Man oh man....

Cleaning carpets is HARD work!!!! Wheew!!!! I finally got all the carpets done.... the guest bedroom - check! Hubby's office - check! Living Room - check! Master bedroom - check! Scrapbooking Room - check!

And I just got a phone call from Haverty's that the new furniture will be delivered tomorrow between 8:15 AM and 10:15 AM! Whooo Hooo - I am soooo excited!!! But I have to admit that I am praying and crossing my fingers that it will fit!!!! So in anticipation of the new room - here is a photo of the living room currently - all the old furniture is moved out (yes I did it all by myself!!!!) and the carpets are cleaned!!! (Man let me tell you nothing feels better on your toesies that nice clean carpet!!!!)

And tomorrow I will show you what the new room looks like!!!

Before I go - I thought I would show you this photo of my bratty puppy! It is sooo hard to think of him as being this cute - especially when he cries and cries and cries like he is doing right now! (He does not like being shut up in the kitchen at all!!!)

Until Next Time!



Monday, August 18, 2008

Taken a breather....

Wheew... I am just stopping in long enough to take a breather and fill you in on the happenings at the McDonald household......

First - I will be having a 35% off sale on all my files at Paperthreads on August the 22nd and 23rd!!! You don't want to miss it!!!

Then in addition to the sale - we have a whole household of friends and family coming in the weekend for a little get together..... so I have been cleaning like a mad women. Then to add to the stress (as you know I am always stressed when it comes to cleaning) the furniture store called and my new furniture is in!!! Whooo Hoooooo...... Kinda of!

It really is whoo hooo as I was hoping it would get here before this weekend - but that means that tonight and tomorrow are going to be spent cleaning carpets and baseboards!!! BLAH!!!!!

So that is what is going on here... spent the morning at the DR's office and then I came home to repair walls and touch up some paint places. And then redid my bathroom decor.

Oh here is a story for you - we moved the puppy out of the dinning room (VERY exciting as I now have my whole dinning room back with out a huge 8x8 puppy pen in it!!!). Well we decided to move him to the laundry room - welllllll.... he did not like it ONE LITTLE BIT. As a matter of fact he cried and cried and cried ALL NIGHT long!!! I beat him, I yelled, I screamed, I loved on him, I sat on the floor with him - nothing helped!!! Needless to say - I am beat!

Well that's it on this end!!

Until Next Time!


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