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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Stopping in...

Well it is Saturday, cool and dreary weather!!! Not a lot to talk about I am afraid - so I was mainly stopping in to say that the block party - isn't here!!! But if you follow my blog at all - you will know that this person is a close personal friend.....

Some people have even asked if we are sisters!!! Bahahaha!!!!

I am off to take down the Christmas tree... make sure you check back here TOMORROW...... oh yeah - make very sure!!!!


Until Next Time!



Friday, December 28, 2007


So today was another day at the Dr's and I have to say it is soooo frustrating in some ways.... I feel like I go to one Dr and they say you have abc, then I go to another and they say no - you have def - GRRRR!!!!

Anyway - all in all it was good news and now we just wait for the lab work to come back and confirm and that will be that with this Dr for this year!!!!

Not a lot going on = I need to get my Christmas tree and the decorations taken down - we are hosting the New Years Eve social at our house (thanks to hubby!!! LOL)....

I am very disappointed over all - as my "MAIN" Christmas gift still isn't here yet!!! What a bummer!!!!

If you came here today looking for the blog party - still not my day - BUT I will tell you my day is coming.... and in addition to that - my Jan 2nd announcement is that Jan 2nd is my birthday and I will be hosting a 38% off sale on ALL MY FILES for that one day only!!! You don't want to miss it!!! Also make sure you check back here that same day - as you might find another surprise or two!!!!

So Until Next Time!



Thursday, December 27, 2007

What an Honor!!!!

So I have seen that the KNK Christmas gifts have gone out and are starting to be received by many of the new KNK owners!!! I have to tell you it was such an honor to be asked to be one of the 20 designers to help put together the KNK Designer Collection Volume One!!!! (Here is a sneak peek of the files I did for the collection!!! They will be available down the road at Paperthreads!)

For those of you who don't own a KNK - as an FYI- the makers of the KNK's (Accugraphics) sent every customer who purchased a KNK in the past year a CD of 174 cutting files, along with a demo video on how to set up and use the KNK Clip Art Viewer!!! How cool is that!?!?!

I think this is just a bigger testimony to Accugraphics and their staff - I mean hey - I didn't get a gift from Xyron this year, nor did I get a gift from Signmax!!! But Accugraphics was kind and thoughtful enough to send me a gift!! WOW!!!

So if you are looking at upgrading to a larger machine in the year 2008 - I would HIGHLY recommend looking at the KNK!!! And don't forget, you can even use your Funtime Scrapbooking Software to run your KNK if you want!!! Whooo Hoooo!!! (Michelle at Paperthreads sells the KNK's and the customer service there is GREAT!!!!)

Now - if you came here looking for the blog party - well nope - it isn't here today!! Sorry!!! But keep looking.... (this designer is a GREAT friend of mine and you can find her link on the left hand side!!!!)! So happy Blog Partying?!?! (But keep checking back, my day is a coming and I will have a treat for all that visit!!!!)

Until Next Time!


PS - Make sure you mark Jan 2nd on your calandars.... I'll tell you why soon!!


Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The day after...

So Christmas as come and gone.... Here is hoping that your day was as wonderful as ours!!!

I thought I would share really quick a before and after photo of our home on Christmas!!

Before opening gifts ~

After ~

After looking at these photos you would think we had a huge house full of people - but there was only four of us!!! Let me tell you - hubby racked up!!! I just love gifting giving and since he has been gone the past four years - I had to catch up!!!

I'll tell you, Inja our dog, well she racked up too!!! This is a photo of her trying to get to "her" stocking!!! Man - she just knew there was something in there for her!!! And of course she was right!!! LOL

I hope that your Christmas was merry and filled with love.... I will be here hit and miss - make sure you check back... I still have that announcement coming soon!!

Oh - and if you came here to see if I was hosting the party today for the Paperthreads 12 days after Christmas blog party - sorry!! Not happening here.... so hurry go check the other designers blogs!!! (But my day is coming...)

Until Next Time!

Cya ~


Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!!!

Just stopping in to say Merry Christmas Eve... to be followed by Merry Christmas! I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday!!!

As we are approaching that time of opening gifts - of course my thoughts go towards writing my thank you notes! Yes - I am a thank you note kind of girl... well this year I have found the most AWESOME thank you notes - like in FOREVER!!!!

I am a member of several message boards and on one of these boards I have met a lady named Mags that I have be-friend - or she has be-friend me (not sure which)... LOL. Well she was showing off these AWESOME thank you notes that she had made for her family - and I have to tell you - I JUST HAD to have them for myself....

So here is the proof of my thank you cards ~

And here is the proof of my matching return address labels~

Are they just not the CUTEST things you have EVER seen!!! She can customize them to any family, any hair, any gender, with Santa hat or without - what have you (I told her my hubby had short red hair, I had short brown hair and Inja was a creamy white color!). If you are interested please send her an email... I have to tell you that 20 notecards and 30 return address labels were less than $20!!! And that INCLUDED shipping!!!! I kid you not!!! That my friends is a DEAL!!!

So if you want to get a set for yourself - give Mags a holler at: magsgraphics01@gmail.com

Or you can check out her website: "MagsGraphics"

Well I think that is it - I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas - I will be checking in with you in the next few days!!!

Until Next Time!


(Make sure you check back in - I will be having a VERY IMPORTANT announcement about Jan 2nd - that you are NOT going to want to miss!!!)

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