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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Blog Party anyone?!?!?

Have you heardyou hear?!?!?! We're having our first ever Paperthreads 12 Days After Christmas Blog Party! Whoo Hoooo!

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Here's how it's going to work:

Every day for the 12 days after Christmas Day we'll be giving great deals on some of our favorite files and collections some for the holidays, some for the new year, and some just for the fun of it! But, you'll never know which blog will have the deal of the day and it will only be good for that day, so you'll have to check each blog each day to find out who's got the deal!

Cool, huh? You can find links all the Paperthreads Designers Blogs by clicking HERE. We're really excited to be able to extend the Christmas Spirit beyond the holidays into the New Year. Doesn't it always seem that the "Peace on Earth, Good Will Toward Men" feeling of December fades too quickly? All too soon we're back to our everyday lives, business as usual. This is our chance to say thanks for all your support of us at Paperthreads all throughout the year and also a way for us to wish you a great 2008!

I don't think anyone could be as passionate about digital cutters than the designers at Paperthreads, and I don't think there's a greater group of people addicted to their cutters as you'll find on the Paperthreads Forum. I think it's the best place on the net, and I'm sure you agree!

So, please come join our little Blog Party... after all when the weather outside is frightful, the files are so delightful! So let it snow, and stay home for the party this time!See you there!

Until Next Time!



So it sounded like a great idea....

With hubby being home for the first time in like... uh forever for Christmas I decided it would be fun to establish a few new "Christmas Traditions". We have only spent two Christmas's together in the almost six years we have been married.... thus we don't have a lot of traditions together....

One day when I was shopping I found this awesome gingerbread house kit. Now I LOVE gingerbread!! Yummy!!! I love everything about it - the way it taste, the way it smells - oh I just love it!! (Hubby - not so much - but that doesn't matter!! LOL) So I decided this would be a great "tradition" to start so I grabbed it up!!

Well the kit has been sitting on the counter for the past few weeks - and we just haven't had time to "get-er-done". So on Wednesday night we decided to get busy and get it decorated since hubby had to go out of town with work - yet once again - and isn't going to be back until almost Christmas Eve.

We gathered all our ingredients and began the task at hand!! The first problem we encountered was that the printed step by step directions said to use one amount of water to make the icing and the instructions on the package said another amount!!! Sooooo we kind of went with an in between number!!! LOL

Everything seemed to be going well - we were decorating away. I was even able to get hubby involved!!! (Which was shocking since it was past his bedtime!!! Thank goodness for coffee!!!) LOL

And then.... the icing just started to get harder and harder to smash. And of course someone (not me) had the brilliant idea to place all the icing in the icing tube - so there was no way to get it out and make it thinner.... (OK, ok - maybe it was me!!!) Bahahahaha...

And then the house started slipping and sliding - (here is hubby trying to hold it all together!!! LOL)

Being the perfectionist that I am... the house wasn't NOT turning out as lovely as I had imagined it.... sooo - finally we decided - to SMASH THE HOUSE!!! LOL

I have to say that we haven't laughed that much in quite a while.... and even though it didn't turn out quite as we expected.... we do know that this is NOT going to be a McDonald Christmas Tradition... oh well - whatchagoingtodo?!?!? LOL

So to sum up the night...

Gingerbread house kit - $9.99.
Coffee to keep hubby awake and alert - $4.99
Knowing a traditions isn't going to be - PRICELESS!!

Here's to hoping all your traditions are going well!!!
Until Next Time!



Thursday, December 20, 2007

I'm here...

But just barely.... I only have a moment... just wanted to let you know that I am alive... had a Dr.s appointment yesterday and then tomorrow I have to met with a surgeon. Yuck! But lucky for me Hubby has been able to work from home and attend these Dr's appointments with me!! I hate Dr's appointments I really do!!!!

Anyway - Just stopped in to say Hi - will try to catch up more tomorrow!!!

Until Next Time!

Cya ~


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

On a Whim...

You know - sometimes you just have to do something on a whim - KWIM?!?!?

So yesterday I had an appointment with the Keri my hairstylist. I love Keri - she is AWESOME! I don't think I have pick my own hair style in five years! LOL

See first you need to understand I have baby baby baby (did I say baby) fine hair. And it is really hard to find someone who can cut it properly... then add to the fact about ten years ago I left a beauty shop with a mushroom on my head... well I have decide to let the pro do what she does. So when I go in to get my hair cut - I let Keri do whatever she thinks best.

Well I have been growing my hair out for about the last two years. I like to be able to pull it back during the summer when I am on the jet ski or what have you.... So today while at my hair appointment Keri asked me - as always - what are we going to do today... and like always I said the usual. AND THEN....

There is a new girl working in the shop and she walked by with a really short bob... and I am like that is way cute but I could never get away with that - it would make my face look to fat.... Nonsense Keri said... it would make your face look thinner if anything.... You could totally do that!

So on a whim... I was like lets do it!!! Keri said - ok no problem - but you DO realize that will be about 10 inches off the back? And I said, "It's just hair it will grow back!!!"

Well the thing about doing something on a whim well it isn't always the best ideas... but I have to say I LOVE IT!!! (I don't think it makes my face look any thinner!!! Oh well!!! DANG IT!!! Bahaha!!)

So I will not keep you in suspense any longer.....here is a photo of me in October....

And here is me now....

Moral of the story - ALWAYS trust your stylist and if the urge hits to go out on a whim (lol) - just do it!!! I mean hey ~ if you ain't living - your dying!!!!

Until Next Time!

Cya ~


Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Brrrr... It's cold outside!!!

Good Morning!!! I have to tell you it is REALLY cold this morning!!! It actually got down to 26 degrees last night!!! So of course you know I had to run out and take photos this morning!!! Ok - so it ISN'T SNOW!! But it probably the closest thing we will see here in South GA!!! (You can see the ice really good on my neighbor's roof - where it is light grey - that's the icy - then black which is no ice!! )

It was so cold last night driving back from having dinner with one of my friend's that my car's computer actually told me that the roads was ICY.... WHOA... I have NEVER seen that before - Heck didn't even know my car would do that!! Bahahahaha!!

Speaking of "It's cold outside"... I love the Christmas time song "Baby It's Cold Out There"! And I was totally shocked that my hubby had NEVER heard this song!! I was like - ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!! LOL So in honor of that I found this cute cute cute video on "YouTube" this morning... the girl who actually made this video played both the female and the male role!!! I thought it was wonderful!!! Hope you enjoy.....

I am off to run so errands.... (the ice should be gone now!! LOL)

Try to stay warm no matter where you are!!
Until Next Time!



Monday, December 17, 2007

I'm a busy little elf!!

Just dropping in really quick to say "Hello!" It was a really busy weekend! Wheew!! First - we went by the "Secret Santa Shop" to check on my Christmas present!!! It isn't here yet.... booo hooo hoooo... but we were able to "try it out" and I found out that all my work is paying off!!! Whoooo Hoooo!!! I know this is pretty cryptic... but I can't give my Santa Secret's away just yet!!! (More to come on this subject!!!)

Then on Saturday morning we received a call from Sara and Chaplain Fisher... their very first baby was born!!!! THREE WEEKS EARLY!!!! So we ran over to visit - can you say sooooo stinking cute!!! (Ok - BUT not cute enough to want one full time.... FYI - for all my family reading this!!!)

Then it was off to have dinner with my mom and dad... it was my mom's birthday - and we were able to surprise her with dessert complete with a candle and the piano player playing "Happy Birthday".

Then yesterday - well I think I had a touch of food poisoning. It was quite yucky!!! But by the afternoon I was able to work on my Christmas gifts... and oh I can't wait til I can share with you my Christmas gifts!! They are turning out sooooo awesome!!!! Don't you just love when you make a gift that you just can't wait to give to the person you made it for!!!

So today I am back hard at work! I have the very last package to get sealed up and mailed off!! Thank GOODNESS!!!

So there you have it....

Hope you are having a great day and having a ball preparing for the holidays!!!

Until Next Time!!!



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