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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Don't forget...

There is only a few hours left on the 40% off sale at Paperthreads.... and I thought I would let you know there are three new files that just went up today - and they are on sale too!!! (Sale ends at Midnight EST time!!!!)

And then the Freebie is no longer available but you can purchase it at Paperthreads as well!!!

Don't forget - please pass on the new website to all your non cutter friends!!!

Hope you are having a GREAT Weekend!

Until Next Time!



Grand Opening, Sale and FREEBIE!!!!

Whoo Hooo!!! Just doesn't get any better than that does it?!?!

Well it is 2 AM and officially today is the GRAND OPENING of the scrapping section of BELOVED KEEPSAKES!!!! (There are still a few little tweaks here and there to make - but I am happy to say it is up and running!!!!)

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Did you go check it out yet? NO?!?!? Well get to it!! And make sure you tell all your friends to check it out as well!! Please!!! LOL (Oh and if you did go visit and leave me a comment here on my blog and tell what you think!!!)

Also ~ today is my ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY at Paperthreads! How exciting!! So to celebrate that today and today only - ALL MY FILES ARE:

40% OFF!

So you might want to check that out as well!!! Hmm - as a matter of fact - did you know that this is the first sell I have had since I uploaded my newest 45 files to the store!!! Yep it sure is!!! So get busy shopping!!! Bahahaha..

And finally - as a thank you for all your support during this first year - I have a free "Terms Restricted File" for you to download!!! (Terms Restricted means that you will abide by my TOU - if you do not have a copy of my TOU you can download it from the right hand side of my blog!)

In keeping with the "Shopping" Theme (you know - shopping at Paperthreads and at Beloved Keepsakes) I am offering you this TRF for your download and enjoyment!

Sorry file is no longer available for download but it can be purchased at Paperthreads!

So there you have it!! Hope you are enjoying checking out all the new stuff!! And once again - if you have any friends who don't own a cutting machine - please pass them on to the new site!!!

Again - Thank you all for a GREAT FIRST YEAR and here's to a BRAND NEW START!

Until Next Time!


PS - just a special thank you to my dear friend Chris who helped me with my marketing and sales flyer for my new store. And another special thank you to my dear design team member Bec who has looked over my store, gave me her opinions and made me the COOLEST animation for my blog and my message board's signature!!! Thanks you guys - you both ROCK!

PSS - I am now off to bed! I mean it is 2:20 AM for goodness sakes!!! LOL


Friday, April 25, 2008

I didn't forget about you!!!

I PROMISE!!! LOL I bet you thought I did though! I am so sorry I didn't post yesterday! I have been a mad women trying to get the new store up and running! Some days I totally hate computers!!! Let me tell you!!!! There are some quirky little conflicts going on and I am not sure why!!! Anyway...

Not a lot to report - except I have over 70 products uploaded to the new store!! So that is pretty exciting!!! I was hoping to go fishing this afternoon with hubby and my Dad to relieve a little stress (between the death of my Uncle, the New Store, Hubby's Promotion - yeah I would say I am a little stressed!!!) BUT the store isn't ready and the river is too high - so I don't think that is going to happen after all! Bummer!!!

Speaking of fishing - I went down to the community dock the other day with hubby and I was throwing my cast net - and up I pulled this creature!!!! Talk about scary!!!

He is actually a toad fish! LOL They have these little horns that they stick up from their head that makes them look more like a devil fish!!! And he looks like he could put a hurt on you for sure! I refused to touch him and flipped him back into the water with my shoe!!! LOL

I was trying to describe the fish to my Dad so he could identify it for me... (which is how I know it is a toad fish) and he said that the old wives tale is that if you stick something in the fish's mouth (like a pencil or your finger) the fish chomps down and won't let go! You have to actually cut it off!!!! Of course my Dad said he didn't know if it was true or not as he never stuck his finger in the fish's mouth! Well that prompted me to ask my Dad where's his sense of adventure - and he replied "Not in a toad fish's mouth!" Bahahaha!!!

Don't forget (my fingers are crossed and I am saying my prayers) that the grand opening of Beloved Keepsakes Scrapbooking is tomorrow!!! Please send all your non cutter scrapbooking friends to check it out ! And I hope you check it out too!!! (I would love your feedback on the new store!!!)

And then for all my cutter friends - tomorrow is my ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY at PAPERTHREADS!!!! Sooooo - all my files are:
40% OFF
(On Saturday and Saturday only!!!)

Hope you have a great weekend!

Until Next Time!



Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Shocked and Suprised!

Well I have returned from the land of estates, wills, personally property and family deaths - at least for a little while! Thank you all so very much for you well wishes and prayers as my family has had to deal with this!

I have to say I came back to a HUGE to do list! There is just so much to get finished up before the grand opening of the scrapbooking division of Beloved Keepsakes. Speaking of that - I was quite shocked that not many people commented on the grand opening of my new store!!! So now I am wondering is that because you are all cutter machine owners? Do you not think it is going to go over well?? Or is it just because you haven't seen the final product yet? Come on - give me a shout I really would like to hear what you think!!!

I was very surprised when I got home to see that my Design Team Member Bec had been HARD at work even when I wasn't around!!! (I am glad someone was!!!) As always I can count on her to think outside the box and pull off not one but two layouts from the same file!!! I thought I would share these with you today!!!

Both of these layouts were made using my "Sometimes you have to kiss" file. I think it is soo awesome how she mixed up the words on each layout and it became a totally different title!!!!

Thanks BEC!!!!! As always they are AWESOME!!!!

I also was surprised to see this layout in my in-box! It was created by Jen using a file that I had designed as a free give away here on my blog a few months ago!!!! I love how she used rhinestones to give the layout a little bling!!! (I sooo love bling!!!)

I think this turned out awesome as well! And I am so grateful to Jen for sharing it with me!!!

Ok - I have got to head out - I still have about 40 products to enter into the new store! Once again I would love to get your feedback on that!

Until Next Time!


PS - Don't forget the Grand Opening of Beloved Keepsakes Scrapbooking and the Paperthreads 40% off sale is approaching fast!!! Mark your calenders now for Saturday April 26th!!!


Monday, April 21, 2008

Are you ready?!?!?

Here it is - the BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS that you have been waiting on!!! (Hmmm did you notice I said announcementS??)

Well first of all I wanted to share with all my cutter file customers and friends that Saturday is my ONE year anniversary as being a designer for Paperthreads!!! Yep - it was April 26th of last year when I signed my contract to become an exclusive designer for Paperthreads! And oh what a year it has been!!!! I can't thank you my friends and customers enough for supporting me, encouraging me and more importantly purchasing my files so I can continue on this path!!! Thank you all so very much!!!! Soooo with out further ado -


On Saturday (April 26th) and on Saturday ONLY I will be having a 40% off sale on all my cutter files at Paperthreads!!!! Whooo Hooo... this is the first sale I have had since I have added the 45 new files! So here is your chance to save some major moola!!!!

Now for all those non cutter owners out there!!! This next announcement is just for you!!! This has been in the planning and creating stage for about 9 months now and I am sooo excited about it!!! It has turned out a million times better than I ever dreamed and I can't wait til Saturday when I can share it all with you!!! So.....


Starting on Saturday, April 26th - Beloved Keepsakes is proud to announce that we will open a NEW STORE that will be geared to all those scrappers and card makers that do not have a cutter machine!!! Yep that's right - starting Saturday April 26th you will be able to purchase Beloved Keepsakes Titles and Die Cuts already cut and pre-assembled for use!!!! And at some point I will also be adding some of my favorite scrapbooking products and other items that you will be able to purchase!!!

As it gets closer to Saturday's grand opening I will give you that web address... meanwhile I know you are probably just dying for a sneak peek so here you go!!!

So there you have it!! The TWO HUGE ANNOUNCEMENTS that you all have been waiting on! Once again - I thank you all so much for your support in the last year and I hope that you will continue to support Beloved Keepsakes (and me!) as we grow!!!!

Until Next Time!


PS - I just wanted to also let you know I am heading back to my parents today to see if we can't finish packing up and sorting through part of my Uncle's belongings. I probably will not be back until Wed ~ so I will see you then!!


Sunday, April 20, 2008

As promised...

Good Morning... Hope this blog entry finds you all well!!!

As promised here are some photo's from my God Daughters 1st Birthday Party!!! It was a great time had by all and I still just can NOT believe she is ONE already!!!

(In this photo she looks like Cindi Lou Whooo!!)

(Awwww hubby and the God Daughter!)

(Can you say hmmm??? Cake!)

Now I will be heading out again tomorrow morning to help my family deal with the issues of my uncle passing away.... I probably will not be back until Wed.... but I am going to go ahead and "spill the beans" and make the HUGE announcement that you have all been waiting for TOMORROW before I leave!!! So make sure you head back over then!!!

Until Next Time!


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