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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Only a few more hours!!!!

First let me say that there are only three and a half more hours of my 50% off sale on all my files at Paperthreads!!!! So make sure you don't miss it!!!! (It ends TONIGHT - SATURDAY - at Midnight EASTERN TIME!!!)

I just got home from a really long couple of days... we buried my grandmother yesterday - and we spent most of to day going through her things.... both were really hard to do!!!

So - come tomorrow I am back on track - and will fill you in all the great stuff I didn't get to tell you about since I was soo busy singing Christmas Carols this past week!!

Until Next Time!



Friday, July 25, 2008


I wish you a Merry Christmas in July - I wish you a Merry Christmas in July - I wish you a Merry Christmas in July - and a happy school year!!!!! (LOL) Hey school is going to be starting soon!!!!!

So today is the day that I have been leading up to all week - it is Christmas in July here at Beloved Keepsakes! And Today and Tomorrow only - I will be having a 50% off sale of all my cutter files at Paperthreads! This included the "Land of Enchantment and Magical Places" series and all my other files as well!

Now on to yesterdays winner! The following people answered the question "What was so special about Christmas 2007" correctly:

1) Nikki

2) Diane (grandmastoy) - SENT

3) Dev - SENT

4) Bernzee - SENT

5) Lynn - SENT

6) Scrappinmama - SENT

7) Sandra in NC - SENT

8) Kelly - SENT

9) Robin - SENT

10) Lisa

11) Patty - SENT

The answer was - Hubby was home for Christmas!!!! Each of the people listed above have won a SINGLE cutter file or precut title/die of their choice!

Now the following people also answered the bonus question correctly:

1) Nikki

2) Diane (grandmastoy) - Sent

3) Bernzee - SENT

4) Lynn - SENT

5) Robin - SENT

6) Lisa

7) Patty - SENT

8) Scrappingmama - SENT

And the answer was - That this was the first Christmas hubby had been home in FOUR years!!!! (I was looking for the four years!) So the people above also get a SECOND single cutter file or precut title/die of their choice!!!!!

If you are a winner please email me and let me know what prize you have chosen and I will get it out to you ASAP. (Please give me a little bit of time to get your prize to you - as today is the day of my grandmothers funeral and I will be gone for a good part of the day!!)

I have to tell you - it REALLY does feel like Christmas here at the McDonald household - as hubby called yesterday and due to the fact that he knows I have been sad and stressed with life - he asked me if a vacation in Puerto Rico would make me feel any better??? I was like - well - that might be fun -but I didn't think we could afford a vacation to Puerto Rico!! Well......

The Army is actually sending hubby to Puerto Rico for a conference - so they are paying for his airfare, hotel and rental car! So.... if I want to go as well - all we have to pay is MY airfare!!! Whoooo Hoooo!!! So I am going to Puerto Rico - oh in like hmmm TEN DAYS!!!!!

Holy Cow - NINE DAYS!!!! But I have got the house sitter/dog sitter all lined up - and cleared my calender - and so - for the week of August 4th - I will be out of the country!!!! (Not sure yet if I am going to have internet access or not - but I will let you know as soon as I know!!!)

So I am truly celebrating today!!!!

Hope you all have enjoyed Christmas in July! Thank you all so very much for supporting me and my Beloved Keepsakes Businesses!!!!

Until Next Time!


PS - I Still owe a few people a prize from the Christmas Trivia Contest! So make sure you contact me with your choice of prize so I can get it to you ASAP!!!!


Thursday, July 24, 2008

Jolly July Everyone....

Well today is officially Christmas eve here at Beloved Keepsakes... and this will be my last day of Christmas goodies... Tomorrow (Friday) and Saturday all my files at Paperthreads will be 50% off! Hopefully you have made your shopping list and checked it twice!!! Hmmm - I wonder which of you are Naughty instead of Nice??? (Opps sorry I digress! And I probably DON'T want to know the answer to that if the truth be told!!!! Bahahaha!)

Today's 75% off coupon is for one of my FAVORITE files to date!! Today's coupon is good for my "Christmas Friends" Cutting file!

To use this coupon you need to add this file to your shopping cart at Paperthreads and then use this coupon LM_0708_66537 The coupon is only good for today - and it is only good for the first 25 people!

In addition to the 75% off coupon - I also have another free file for you! As always this file is a Terms Restricted File - meaning that is is bound by my TOU! If you do not have a copy of my TOU - please download it from here before you download the cutter file!

So this is the free file for today:

Sorry file is no longer available!

And as my last day of Christmas in July fun.... for the first ten people that answer the following question correctly - they will get a free cutter file (or pre cut/pre assembled title if you do not have a cutter) of their choice. (Now this prize is just a single cutting file - it does NOT include any of the Mega Packs or Collections!)

If you have been a follower of my blog - this question will probably be easy - but if not - you can find the answer in some of my previous posts (I actually mention it twice!!!).....

The question is: "What was soooo special about Christmas 2007 for me??"
(And if you are one of the first ten to answer corectly and you are able to give a specific number - I will double your prize!!!! Yep that means you will get TWO free files of your choice!!! Or TWO free pre cut/pre assembled title or dies!!! Whooo Hoooo!!! Hey it is Christmas in July and I am in a giving mood!!! LOL)

I'll leave you with this final Christmas Clip....

Awwwwww.... I love this clip!!! I had totally forgot about this Christmas movie!!

Merry Christmas EVE in July! And bless us all! (Yes I am still singing that song!! LOL)

Until Next Time~

10 PM - the triva question has now been closed - thanks for entering - make sure you check back tomorrow for the winners!!!


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Only two more days...

Until my MEGA Christmas in July sale at Paperthreads!! Whoo Hoooo!!!! Are you excited yet?? Does it feel like Christmas???


Well today I have another 75 % off Coupon... Today's coupon is for the cutter file "It's all about the Sandwich" (ok - so maybe this isn't really Christmasy.. but hey I got to get back to the designing cutting board!!!)

To use this coupon you would need to go here and place the file in your shopping cart - and then use this coupon code LM_0708_99837 when you check out!

In addition to the 75% off coupon... I got an awesome idea from one of my good customers "Terina" (Hey Terina! Man you are getting singled out on all the blogs lately!!! LOL) Terina said that she made an Excel Spreadsheet of all my files (there are 169 of them at the moment) and that way she could check off the ones she had and the ones she wants - and that way she is all ready for the sale on Friday! I thought that was a WONDERFUL idea... a shopping list!

So..... I put that list together for you!!! You can download it HERE! That way you will be all ready and organized for the sale starting Friday!!!! I hope you find this useful!!!

Make sure you come back tomorrow - as that will be the LAST day of my "Gifts" (as it will be Christmas eve) before we Celebrate Christmas in July on the 25th!!!

I think that is it for today.... I will leave you with this video to help keep you in the Christmas mood....... (Ok - so it is kind of racy - but FUNNY AS HECK!!!)

Until Next Time!


PS - don't forget the Save gas, Stay home and Scrap challange is still going on!!! It's not to late to enter!!!

PSS - I have spent most of the day at my grandmothers - Hospice did not expect her to live though the day (Tues)- but as I a writing this (12:07 AM Wed)) she did... but I don't think it will be long before she leaves us. They are having to pretty much give her Morphin every hour... hence if I do not get to your emails right away - you will know where I am! I do promise to answer them just as soon as I get to my computer (today that was about 11 PM)! Thanks for understand!!! UPDATE - thank you all so much for your prayers and well wishes. Just wanted to let you know my grandmother passed away this morning.


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hark the Angels....

Good Morning!!! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! (Yes I am still celebrating Christmas in July!)

I hope this post finds you well on this Jolly July day! Today - well today I have few more wonderful treats for you!!!
First ~ the winners from yesterday's trivia contest!!! The first five people to answer correctly were:

1) Dawn (at 12:43 AM) - SENT
2) Shae (at 1:34 AM) - SENT
3) Dev (at 1:35 AM) - SENT
4) Andi (at 5:10 AM) - SENT
5) Eddita (at 6:38 AM)
And since there was soooo many entries - I had a random drawing for five more winners from the remaining people who entered!!! WHOOO HOOOO!!! And those winners are:
1) Leslie B - SENT
2) Kris - SENT
3) kswjeff - SENT
4) Tonya - SENT
5) Shari K - SENT
So if the ten winners will email me at lori_mcdnld@yahoo.com with your pick of one free file from all my files at Paperthreads - I will send you your prize!!! Congratulations!!!!!!

Second ~ the coupon of the day... Today's coupon is for my Christmas file "The Christmas Tree Farm". This coupon is only good for the first 25 people and it is only good for TODAY (Tuesday, July 22th). This coupon is for 75% off the orginial price!

In order to use this coupon you will need to add this file to you to your shopping cart - and then use coupon code: LM_0708_26876 when you check out!!!

In addition to the 75% off coupon - today I am offering you another FREE Christmas file! Now don't forget this file is still a TRF (terms restricted file) meaning that it is still governed by my TOU (terms of use). If you do not have a copy of my TOU - please download it from here!

So today's gift is "Hark the Angels"!

Sorry File is No Longer Available!

And finally keeping with the theme - I hope you enjoy this AMAZING light show set to - well what else "Hark the Herald Angels Sing". (It is kind of long - but WAY WAY WAY Cool!!!)

Until Next Time ~Have a Jolly July!


PS - Don't forget the HUGE 50% off sale is scheduled for Friday and Saturday!!!! And I will be giving you a treat tomorrow to help you get ready for the sale!!


Monday, July 21, 2008

Dreaming of a White Christmas??

So here we are continuing our Christmas in July here at Beloved Keepsakes! I hope you were able to enjoy yesterday's free download and 75% off coupon!

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas?? No - well maybe this will help!!!

Today we will be celebrating with a little trivia contest! For the first FIVE people who leave me a comment in the comment section with the correct answers to the following "Christmas" questions will win a free file (either electronic or precut/preassembled) of their choice! (Now that does not include any of the collection - just single file for the electronic files!)

So here we go:

1. What American state was the first to make Christmas an official holiday?

2. What is the shape of the candy cane modeled after?

3. What was the name of the dog that belonged to the Grinch in Dr. Seuss' book "How the Grinch Stole Christmas"?

4. Which star led the Three Kings to Jesus?

5. What was the name of Scrooges' dead business partner in "A Christmas Carol"?

6. Where did the real St. Nicholas live?

7. What brought Frosty the Snowman to life?

8. When you go Wassailing, what is it that you are doing?

9. In the movie "It's A Wonderful Life" how do you know that an angel has received his wings?

10. The poem commonly known as "The Night Before Christmas" was originally titled?

Oh - and if FIVE people do not get the all the answers correct - it will be the FIRST five with the MOST correct answers!

In addition to the trivia contest - I have another 75% off coupon for you. Today's coupon is for the Christmas file "Cutting Down the Tree". It is only good for the first 25 people and it is only good for TODAY (Monday, July 21th).

In order to use this coupon you will need to add this file to your shopping cart - and then use coupon code: LM_0708_23489 when you check out!!! (The coupon was not working this morning - SORRY! But it is all fixed now!!! )

Hope you have a wonderful White Christmas Day! Make sure you check back tomorrow for the Winners of today's trivia contest and there may just be another "present" for you!!

Until Next Time!



Sunday, July 20, 2008

Christmas in July!!!

Whoo Hoooo... Today starts my "Christmas in July" celebration! So to kick off the first day I thought I would share with you this lovely gift to get you in the mood!

Awwwww... I just love Disney cartoons! (Just like I love my new Disn... uhhh Land of Enchantment series of titles and die cuts!!!!) LOL

So since this is the "First Day of Beloved Keepsakes Christmas in July" I wanted to offer you a free download! I hope you enjoy it!!! (It will only be available for a short time! After that you will have to wait for it to hit the Paperthreads store!)

Sorry this file is no longer available!!! Please check Paperthreads soon to purchase it!!!

As always this file is governed by my Terms of Use (aka TOU). If you do not have these TOU you can download them over on the left hand side of this blog!

In addition to the free file - here is a coupon for you!!! It is only good for the first 25 people and it is only good for TODAY (Sunday, July 20th). This coupon will get you 75% off my Christmas Cutting file "Caroling Along".

In order to use this coupon you will need to add this file to your shopping cart - and then use coupon code: LM_0708_12w13 when you check out!!!

Everyday this week I will be offering one of my Christmas Files for 75% off! (Man this is a steal of a deal as I have NEVER offered any of my files for 75%)

Then don't forget at the end of the week on Friday and Saturday only - I will be having a 50% off sale on all my files!!!! (I only do a 50% off sale twice a year - so you will not want to miss this!!!)

So Until Next Time ~ Merry Christmas in July!!!


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