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Friday, October 24, 2008

Drum Roll please......

I'm BACK!!! Whooo hooooo!!! So tell me.... did you miss me?? Come on - did ya????

Wow - I think this is the first time in the over a year I have been blogging that I actually went ELEVEN WHOLE DAYS without blogging!!!! Now while I would like to say I missed it.... I have to admit that - I DIDN'T!!!! Now before anyone gets their panties in a wad - I DID miss my readers and my commenter's! I missed YOU guys a lot - but I was sooo busy and I had such an amazing visit with my family - that I didn't miss blogging!!!

I have a lot to catch up on and a lot to share.... so here we go!!!!

First of all - it is my understanding that the Paperthreads forum got hacked! Michelle (the owner of Paperthreads) is aware of the situation and is working on getting it fixed! Hopefully it will be Monday or Tuesday but I will keep you posted!

Second - did you remember FREEBIE FRIDAY last Friday?? No??? Well it is happening again RIGHT NOW - TODAY!!! That's right - today is another FREEBIE FRIDAY at Heidi's blog where you could win a set of precut Beloved Keepsakes items!! Make sure you hop on over there - and for all you cutter people - please please pass this offer on to all your non cutter friends!!!!!

Now as for sharing..... (It's a lot so grab a diet coke and some chocolate, sit back and read on.....)

Here is a quick quick quick recap of my last 11 days..... On Tue my lovely in-laws arrived! Hubby had a meeting in Atlanta and therefore I got to go pick up my inlaws in Jacksonville! As luck would have it - hubby arrived in the drive way at the SAME time we did!!!

On Wed we took my inlaws to lunch at the Driftaway Cafe and the we rode through Wormsloe Historic Site.

On Thursday- hubby and my father in law got the boat and the jet ski ready while my mother in law and I went shopping!!!!

On Friday - we went out on the boat and we took the jet ski out.... Believe it or not we actually got both my mother in law and my father in law on the jet ski! Also we had some close up encounters with some bottle dolphins! It was awesome!

On Saturday - hmmmm - oh hubby and my father in law cleaned up the boats and my mother in law and I tuned up my sewing machine and she showed me how to cut quilting squares!

Sunday we headed down to Crystal River FL and meet up with my mom and dad -

And then on Monday we all went to swim with the Manatees once again!! IT WAS AWESOME yet again!!!!

Here is this years yearly family photo...

Tue we headed home.... didn't get in until kind of late...... Wed we just hung out at home - the in laws started packing up - my father in law did some "honey do's" so my hubby wouldn't have to - and then yesterday we headed to Jacksonville. We stayed at the Navy Lodge - so then this morning we were up at 4 AM - and had them at the airport by 5:15 AM!

Man - I have to tell you we had such GREAT visit and we were both VERY sad to see them go. Unfortunately this will be the last chance that hubby gets to see them before he deploys overseas again! It was a bitter sweet farewell to say the least!

So there you have it...... as you can see it was a JAMMED PACKED 11 days......

So.... I think I am going to take the rest of the day to be a slug and starting Monday I will be playing catch up! Tomorrow (weather permitting) we have a kayak trip planned! Should be fun!

Hope you all have a GREAT weekend - and make sure you check out FRIDAY FREEBIE!!!

Until Next Time!


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