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Saturday, December 1, 2007

I am alive....

at least I think I am... Bahahaha!!!

So let me tell you - when you go to have surgery to remove kidney stones (three of them to exact) - and the Dr tells you once the surgery is done you will feel no pain... Well - HE LIED!!!!

It have been a rough couple of days here at the McDonald household! First I would like to thank all you for your prayers and well wishes! I haven't felt good enough in the past few days to do more than read them, but please do know I have read them and they have been a bright spot in my crummy few days!

Thursday (the day of surgery) was ok - was at the hospital at 6:15 AM and was home by 10:30 AM. Slept most of the day. Yesterday the same - I spent most of the day in bed... actually had to take pain meds twice.... and then.... well then this morning I was really really close to having hubby take me to the ER.

I waited it out and took some meds to keep the nausea down - and finally it passed. I mean literally it passed!!! LOL When they say the shatter the stones to the size of gravel - I think they mean the gravel on the road!!!

So here I am - alive - I think... I just wanted to take a moment and pop in and let you all know and once again to thank you all for your well wishes and prayers!!!

Will try to add more positive thoughts tomorrow!!!

Until Next Time!



Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Surgery update and things that makes me laugh!!!

First of all, I want to give you an update....

I will be having surgery on Thursday. I have my pre-op tomorrow. Then surgery Thursday morning and if everything goes well - I should be home by lunch. This is just an FYI so you know why I probably will not be posting for the next couple of days!

Thank you for all of those who have been praying and offering well wishes of speedy recovery! I appreciate it greatly. This surgery shouldn't be too big of a deal - the next one to follow - well we will have to wait and see!!

So as you can see - lots happening - and I am trying to get everything taken care of by tomorrow. You know... just in case! Yes - I am a plan "A" person, with a plan "B" and a plan "C" always on standby - and sometimes even a plan "D"!!! LOL

Then the next thing I thought I would leave you with is something really old - but still to this day makes me laugh! First of all - I probably should state that not many things really make me laugh - if you will recall - the new remake of the movie "Hairspray"... that is one of the few movies that I can recall that really made me just laugh and laugh.

Well - do you remember when animated computer graphics first hit the Internet and we all thought WOW this is better than sliced bread?!?!? (We look at some of this stuff now - and we wonder why in the world were we impressed - you know what I mean!! LOL)

For example most of you probably remember the dancing baby. I LOVED LOVED LOVED this when it first hit the Internet! Then it was on a popular TV sitcom as well where it became even more famous - and even now I have to say it still makes me laugh!!

Well about that same time - there was an animated graphic company that came out with a short video called "We Need a Ride". The company is no longer in business - but I found the video on "youtube" and thought I would share it with you. My coworkers and I use to watch this video sometimes two and three times a day just to relieve some of the stress of our job!

(Yes - I know there is something kind of "sick" about it - but at the same time it just makes me laugh even today!!! And I mean it's "Bonafide" !!!) Bahahahahahahahah...

Hope you Enjoy!

I'll post again as soon as I am feeling up to it!! So keep checking back!

Until Next Time!



Monday, November 26, 2007

Cyber Monday!

Hi!!! Did everyone make it over to the HUGE sale at Paperthreads this weekend? And if so did you buy any of my files??? Now that question probably seems a little conceded I know - BUT the reason why I am asking is.. did you know that if you share your projects with me that you created using one of my cutter files you could be featured at Paperthreads in my section of the store with that file?!?!?! Yep!!! You photo could be "published" as an example of how to use that file!!! How cool is that!!! So I would love love love to see any creations you have using my files!!!

So did everyone have a very Happy FULL TUMMY Thanksgiving? I know I did... but better yet - how many of you went out there to face the "Black Friday" crowds??? I have to tell you I have NEVER done the Black Friday thing before. When I was younger, I was always working in retail so I worked on the Friday after Thanksgiving... then as I got older - well... I have to admit I am normally one of those people who are done with all their Christmas shopping BY Thanksgiving... so there was nooooo need to go out there and face the masses!!!

But this year... well my best friend in FL was looking for some large items for her two sons for Christmas (I can't say what in case they are reading!!! LOL) So we scoured the sales papers and planned our attack!! I have to tell you honestly I did not believe her when she said people actually wait in line for stores to open - wait in line for HOURS at that!!!

So I went to bed at 1 AM and I got up at 3:15 AM - yep - HOLLY COW - 3:15 AM!!!!! And off we went..... Now we had already decided that Best Buys and Circuit City were going to probably be a nut house - so we head to Staples!! You know - the "That was Easy" place!!! Staples had the items we were looking for at $150 off - but it was one per customer and we needed 2 of them - hence that was where I came in!! LOL

So I am thinking how insane is this - I am up at 3:15 AM heading to Staples - which doesn't even open til 6 AM!!!!!! Imagine my surprise when we got there a 4 AM and there was already at least a 100 people in line!!!! I was flabbergasted!!!!!!

To make a long store short - no we didn't get the items we were hoping to get - they only had 20 of them that morning!!! But we did go shopping else where and got some really good deals!!! I have to say with the exception of the cold wait at Staples and then a pretty long line at Kohl's.... the rest of the day was amazingly easy....

At Target and Wally world both - there was NO, yes let me repeat - NO lines!! There was actually cashiers at the end of there lines asking if you were ready to check out!!! That was sweet!!!!

I have to tell you my BEST deal of the day was an OTT light..... I have been wanting an OTT light for a while - but they are soooo freaking expensive!!!! Now for those that don't know what an OTT light is - here is the blurb from their website.....

"The right elements on a scrapbook page embody the moment and make it live on. That’s the magic of scrap booking. Now you can enhance your scrap booking experience with the magic of OTT-LITE® TrueColor™ lighting. It’s color-balanced illumination provides you with the best light to coordinate paper and trim colors accurately and see tiny details clearly. No more eyestrain or harsh shadows. You’ll enjoy life’s special moments more with this low heat, low glare illumination."

So bottom line is that it is a "True Color" light..... Now this light.....

"The Perfect for Any Craft - Anywhere" Ott light. Retails for $59.99 (and it is one of the bottom of the line ones... you can get much bigger, much higher prices ones believe it or not!!!)

Anyway - I digress... (Imagine that)!! LOL This light is normally $60 - well I just happened to walk into Michael's while my friend was checking out at Kohl's - and since I was there on Black Friday - they had it on sale for four hours only for $19.99 - but wait - it gets better! I actually had a coupon for any item - on sale or not - for 25% off if I was there the first two hours that they were open - and I WAS!!!! Yep - read it and weep! I got the OTT LIGHT for $15!!!!!!!! WHOOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!

So I grabbed it and ran! Then I promptly handed it to my dear hubby and said - here you bought me a Christmas present! You need to wrap it and put it under the tree!!!! Bahahahahaha!!!!

There you have it - "Black Friday".... Now did you know that today was "Cyber Monday"??? Supposedly this is the online shopping day of the year!!! I know that http://www.buy.com/ is having some great deals - so having said that - I think I am off to shop!!!!

Until Next Time!



Sunday, November 25, 2007

Only a few more hours left....

Yep that's right - there are only a few more hours left in the Big Thanksgiving Sale at Paperthreads!!! (Sale ends at 11:59 PM EASTERN TIME tonight!!!)

I can assure you this will be my last sale of this year - so if you have any files that you need, want, like or love.... get on over there and get them at 30% off!!!!!!

Hope you are all having a GREAT holiday - and prepping for normal life to return tomorrow!!! LOL

Until Next Time!


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