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Friday, December 7, 2007

Wishblade for Sale....

So after much thought and consideration - I have decided to put my Wishblade up for sale.....

I have had my Wishblade for almost a year... It is the "original" Blue topped Wishblade....

I have upgraded to the KNK 13" machine.... so after much haggling and debating - I decided I just don't need two cutting machines..... nor do I have the space for two machines!!!

So what is for sale........
The actual Machine itself (once again this is the "original blue top machine") with the original blade set, and the original software and mat - $449

I have two more OEM blade sets -which means you have a blade holder and blade for each colored cap - (each retail at $40) - $80

Two brand new replacement mats - at $11 each - $22

Two brand new replacement blade (each $22.99) - $45.98

I have a dust cover - $12.00

The Heritage set disk - $154.99

Summer vacation font disk - $70

New Can of Krylon Easy Tack - $8.89

For a retail total of $ 842.86 - 60% off retail (Since I have had it for almost a year, but I can assure you that I have taken good care of it!) comes out to be - $ 337.14

Thus - I think I will call it a even $275.00 plus $25 to ship it anywhere in the US - for a total of $300!!! (price is negotiable)

I also have a ton of other "bonus" stuff - a 1000 font cd, and then all the printed tutorials on how to use the machine, a disk with the free software for welding words (Inkscape) along with a printed tutorial for that, and then a conversion program (RoboMaster 2.4) to make your files work with your Wishblade.

And as a bonus I will give you a CD of all the cutter files I have designed up to today (that is a total of 71 files that retail for over $220 if purchased at Paperthreads!!!) ... Oh and all my old mats to boot!

The only thing I think that you might ever want to think about getting in the future to go with the cutter is an "all in one program" called Funtime Scrapbooking ** - it is selling for $89 right now - and this is the software that I teach classes on so I could help you learn how to use it.... it makes it all very simple to use with just a few steps. (**Note - you DO NOT need to purchase the Funtime Software to you use the machine. The Wishblade machine will cut any TTF on your computer or that are on the disk I send you with the programs that come with the machine!!! Funtime is just an easier, all in one software!)

So there you have it - if you are looking for a cutter machine - or have a friend who is looking for one - tell them to email me!!! What a deal - and just in time for Christmas!!

Until Next Time!



Thursday, December 6, 2007

Such a Fashion Statment!

Well I have to admit - I have finally joined the "Fashion Trend" of today.... I said I wouldn't do it... I said that they were horrible - and there was no way I was going to wear THOSE.... and then I broke down - in a moment of weakness - I sub came to one of the fashion trend's of today.

(Now I am sure you are probably wondering what the heck is she talking about!!! LOL)

Well back at "Mock Thanksgiving" when all of our family was here visiting - hubby's Uncle Vernon was showing us his "Crocs"! Now I have to tell you these are about the ugliest shoes I have EVER seen! I mean - they are just ugly! But they seem to be the rage. Hubby's uncle is retired... and he loves his Crocs!! Just loves them. You are hard pressed to go anywhere now days and NOT see someone wearing these shoes... Young, old, big, small - it just doesn't seem to matter! Everyone seems to love these shoes!

As a matter of fact - Uncle Vernon made us ALL feel how light the were and he even made hubby try them on! He wears his Crocs when he goes fishing.... well Hubby and I love love love our Tevas! We wear Tevas anytime we are anywhere even close to the water! (As a matter of fact I have a scrapbook of "Where Our Teva's Have Been!" Here is one of the photos from our book. This was taken on the beach in CA when we were driving up from our fishing trip in Mexico that we went with - with Uncle Vernon -hmmm there seems to be a pattern here! Bahahaha)

And while on the subject of Teva's and Croc's - what is up with shoes that cost sooooo freaking much money??!?!?! I personally have NEVER spent more than $20 on a pair of shoes!!! I mean - hey they go on your feet for goodness sakes! And I have to admit I am ROUGH on shoes - so none of them last me very long anyway!!!!

I about had a PANIC attack when hubby purchased my Teva's for me. They were $69 -I was like YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME!!!!! I would have NEVER in a million years have paid $69 for a pair of shoes!!! Nope - I don't care that they will last me the rest of my life!!! (According to my hubby) LOL

Anyway - as usual I digress. (Imagine that!!!).....

So last week when I was getting ready to go in for my surgery - the hospital suggested that you wear "slip on" shoes to and from the hospital. Well I had already been debating about what kind of "winter" shoes I was going to wear with jeans this year.... (now at this point I should probably describe "winter" here in GA - so far we have gotten down to a low of 34 degrees ONE night and today our high is suppose to be 61 degrees. But by Saturday - our high should be up to 78 degrees! YES in DECEMBER!!! LOL)

Well a few months ago I had seen the new Winter "Mammoth" Crocs, the ones with the built in socks. So I thought maybe that would work... So I started shopping around. First of all - those things are going for $35 a pair!!! For plastic shoes (I am having flash backs of "jellies" here!!! Oh in highschool those were the rage - but even then they were only $5 a pair!!!)!!! Anyway - Second of all - everyone must be getting them for Christmas as they are all sold out all over the place (especially the pink ones - which I would have to have the pink ones)!!!

Well, the night before my surgery - we stopped to get dinner at the mall and while we were there, hubby suggested running over to Dillard's to see if they had the "Mammoth" Crocs.... so off we went.

They were sold as as well - BUT.... they had two pairs of the "Islander" Crocs - both pair were in MY size and they were both light grey and rose pink (my two favorite colors!!!) - Husband said "It must be a sign!!!". So I tried them on - and wholly cow!!! They were AWESOME!!! So I looked to see how much they were - and believe it or not they were on CLEARANCE!! WHOOOOO HOOOOOO!!!! (You all know how much I love a sale!!!) They had been $49.99 (are you kidding me - for plastic and a little bit of leather?!?!?) but they were marked down to $19.99 - Oh yeah - I was doing the happy dance in the middle of Dillard's!!! Oh yeah! Oh yeah!! So off I went to the sock department - and found some fuzzy socks to wear - and made my own version of the Winter Croc!!!! (Which I have to say look much better than the "Original" Croc's ANY day!!! LOL)

So for a total of $24.99 plus tax - I am now a fashion statement!!

Until Next time!



Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Whooo Hoooo!!!

So I have to tell you how excited I am!!!! As most of you know - I love love love love WinPC for Scrapbookers! It is my all time favorite software! I have Illustrator CS2 with the bridge, the Wishblade software, the Robo Master Software, Inkscape, KNK Studio and I have Funtime Scrapbooking as well! (Holly Cow - this is the first time I have ever written out all the cutter software's that I actually own..... hmmm - Yes, My name is Lori McDonald and I am a software junkie!) LOL

Do I use all these programs....well - yes and no. I do need several of them to convert my files to different formats that all cutter machines can use. So for the most part - I do USE them - but just very limited parts of them.

Up until a few weeks ago - I designed all my files with my WinPC for Scrapbookers. I absolutely love this program! It is an awesome all in one program. It allows me to design files and then it would let me cut to my Wishblade. How cool is that!!!

Well I have to tell you - the past few weeks I have really been working with and playing around with Funtime Scrapbooking. It is the SAME program as WinPC just an upgraded version of the software. Now there are some things I don't really like about Funtime - one being the "Dummy Buttons" on the screen. I personally feel like they are the big crayons at the kindergarten table!! LOL But that is just me - I am more of a point and click person and I like to use my dropdown bars to pick my actions. There are tons of people who love the shortcut buttons. And that is really what they are - short cut buttons. Luckily for me - I can turn those off. And I do!!!

Well - my new 13 " KNK came in the mail a few weeks ago - and due to my illness, surgery, etc... I just got it all hooked up, calibrated and ready to cut! How exciting!! But here we go again - another software to learn! I have heard great things about the KNK software, but hey - I like my WinPC/Funtime. And then........

On one of the forums I am a member of - it was brought up that you might be able to get your KNK to cut directly from your Funtime Software!!! WHAT??? WHAT!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!

So I raced to sign off the forum and to see - could it be true?!? No?!?! REALLY?!?! And I am ecstatic to report - it is! IT IS!!!! Yep - ladies and hmmm - if there are any gentlemen reading - I am now cutting from my Funtime Scrapbooking software straight to my 13" KNK!!!! This is earth shattering!! (Ok maybe not earth shattering - but it is huge!!!)

This now allows me to design in my favorite software and then I can choose which cutter (the 13" KNK or my Wishblade) that I want to use to cut!! Can you say MUNGO HUGE time saver?!?!? And I don't have to learn yet another software unless I want to!!! Whooo Hoooo!!!

So, for all those people who have contacted me in the past few months about WinPC for Scrapbookers and/or Funtime Scrapbooking - I say - GET IT!!! I LOVE IT!!!!! (Oh and if you don't know where to get it - PLEASE CONTACT ME!!!! I can hook you up with the right people!!!)

For those that have written to me about my Funtime/WinPC for Scrapbooker 101 Tutorial - thank you sooooo much! I am so glad that you have found it not only helpful but easy to understand. (I have added it to the side bar on the left - for those who missed it the first time around and would like to download it.)

I have also made a Funtime Scrapbooking Tool Bar "cheat sheet" for those who have the Funtime software. (You can download it here or from the side bar on the left as well!!!)

So there you have it! My exciting news of the day!!! If you have any questions or concerns or just want to make a comment about Funtime Scrapbooking or WinPC for Scrapbookers - I would love it hear it!!

Ok - I am now off to run some errands!

Until Next Time!



Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Thank Goodness!!

Wheewwww!!! Can you say thank goodness!! I feel like I have survived!

FINALLY - today I feel kind of like my old self again! Yeah - I am tired, yeah I am a little sore - but over all I feel 110% better than I have in three weeks!!! So in appreciation of feeling better - I though I would share another funny that just makes me crack up!!!! (Yes - too much time on you tube again!! LOL)

This video reminds me OF me in someways. You know how she shakes her head and her hand gestures - well I think she took some classes from me on how to do that!!! LOL

Not a lot going on - trying to get the Beloved Keepsakes orders out the door. I am a stickler on customer service - I expect good customer service - thus I give good customer service... so even though things have been rough on the health front - I am proud to say I have not let my photo jewelry business suffer. Now I wish I could say the same for my cutter files......

But on that note.... I do have several new files that I will get test cut and I hope up in the store. Hubby has several business trips coming up - thus that means I should be able to burn the midnight oil and get them done!

Can you believe that we are sooo close to Christmas? It just dawned on me today that we are only 21 days away - I am thinking I need to be getting my Christmas tree soon!!!!!!

Once again I would like to thank everyone for your prayers and your well wishes! Then mean more than you know!!!

I better run and get these orders out the door!!!

Until Next Time!



Monday, December 3, 2007

Muffled Headed and all...

Well I am here - yep - muffled headed and all! Who would have thought that anesthesia would stay in your system sooooo freaking long?!?!?! I feel like I am talking and walking around in third person. You know like I am on the outside looking down at myself?!? This is sooo strange!! I actually asked my hubby last night if he poisoned me!!! Of course he says he didn't!!!! Bahahahaaha!!!!

So here it is - my long awaited Christmas list..... Hopefully I have been very good this year and will get what I asked for!!! And if not - well..... my birthday is a week after Christmas so maybe the "Birthday Fairy" will be watching out for me!!! LOL

On to the list:

Small Photo purse with wedding photo ($39.95): http://www.personalcreations.com/shop/thumbnail.asp?world_code=3&ensemble_code=77741X&search_type=subcategory&search_words=77741x

Hairspray the movie DVD ($16.99) –

Canyon River Blues Clogs – Maple Brown – size 7 Med ($45) – http://www.sears.com/shc/s/p_10153_12605_05484101000P?adCell=A3

Glue Glider Max - http://www.gluearts.com/glueglider_max.asp (down towards the middle) ($40). Along with the Vellum refill (17.99) and the Permanent Refill ($12.80)!!! And if not this – then the Vellum Instant glue ($5.99) - http://www.gluearts.com/vellum.html

Wacom Bamboo Fun Tablet ($165.00) - http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000V9RL6G/ref=s9_flash_image_seed/105-3222233-2728407?pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_s=center-4&pf_rd_r=17Z5P61GMP2MTV4X0J01&pf_rd_t=101&pf_rd_p=320449501&pf_rd_i=507846

Cookbook Stand ($29.95) - http://www.victoriantradingco.com/store/catalogimages/1a/i2109.html

Pink Flannel PJ’s with feet – size large ($48) - http://www.thepajamacompany.com/store/product.php?productid=17130&cat=554&page=1

Autumn Leaves Designing With Calendar for 2008 – ($24.99)

Case for my Crop-a-dile ($11.99) –

Delkin Pop-up Shade & Protective Cover for Canon EOS Rebel XTi LCD Screen ($19.95) – https://www.adorama.com/ICDDC400DS.html

Chef'n SleekStor™ Collapsible Measuring Cup Set, Huckleberry ($14.90) - http://www.mixologys.com/mix/shop.php?c=misc&n=289802&i=B000EMNZ2E&x=Chefn_SleekStor8482_Collapsible_Measuring_Cup_Set_Huckleberry&PHPSESSID=4b3844b2123b88efc06dad118c673630

EcoSphere Small Pod ($56.95)- I like the shape of the “SMALL POD” - http://www.abundantearth.com/store/ecosphere.html

Gift Card to Barnes and Nobles – as one can never have enough books! - http://www.barnesandnoble.com/index.asp?r=1&popup=0

Bazzill Bling Paper ($24.95)-http://www.orientaltrading.com/application?namespace=search&origin=searchMain.jsp&event=button.search&Ntt=IN-65%2F60604&Ntk=all&Ntx=mode%2Bmatchallpartial&N=0&x=39&y=26

So there you have it - anything special on your list this year?

Until Next Time!


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