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Friday, December 7, 2007

Wishblade for Sale....

So after much thought and consideration - I have decided to put my Wishblade up for sale.....

I have had my Wishblade for almost a year... It is the "original" Blue topped Wishblade....

I have upgraded to the KNK 13" machine.... so after much haggling and debating - I decided I just don't need two cutting machines..... nor do I have the space for two machines!!!

So what is for sale........
The actual Machine itself (once again this is the "original blue top machine") with the original blade set, and the original software and mat - $449

I have two more OEM blade sets -which means you have a blade holder and blade for each colored cap - (each retail at $40) - $80

Two brand new replacement mats - at $11 each - $22

Two brand new replacement blade (each $22.99) - $45.98

I have a dust cover - $12.00

The Heritage set disk - $154.99

Summer vacation font disk - $70

New Can of Krylon Easy Tack - $8.89

For a retail total of $ 842.86 - 60% off retail (Since I have had it for almost a year, but I can assure you that I have taken good care of it!) comes out to be - $ 337.14

Thus - I think I will call it a even $275.00 plus $25 to ship it anywhere in the US - for a total of $300!!! (price is negotiable)

I also have a ton of other "bonus" stuff - a 1000 font cd, and then all the printed tutorials on how to use the machine, a disk with the free software for welding words (Inkscape) along with a printed tutorial for that, and then a conversion program (RoboMaster 2.4) to make your files work with your Wishblade.

And as a bonus I will give you a CD of all the cutter files I have designed up to today (that is a total of 71 files that retail for over $220 if purchased at Paperthreads!!!) ... Oh and all my old mats to boot!

The only thing I think that you might ever want to think about getting in the future to go with the cutter is an "all in one program" called Funtime Scrapbooking ** - it is selling for $89 right now - and this is the software that I teach classes on so I could help you learn how to use it.... it makes it all very simple to use with just a few steps. (**Note - you DO NOT need to purchase the Funtime Software to you use the machine. The Wishblade machine will cut any TTF on your computer or that are on the disk I send you with the programs that come with the machine!!! Funtime is just an easier, all in one software!)

So there you have it - if you are looking for a cutter machine - or have a friend who is looking for one - tell them to email me!!! What a deal - and just in time for Christmas!!

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Heather Huggins December 7, 2007 at 4:01 PM  

Lori you have to stop selling off your stuff!!! I can hardly wait to get my KNK 13".. Do you really like yours? I keep looking at my craft robo going do I really need another machine? Thats why its on layaway.....

Anonymous,  January 19, 2008 at 10:55 PM  

Have you sold your wishblade yet or *crossing fingers* is it still available?

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