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Monday, December 10, 2007

Late day post!!!

Sooo sorry today is a late day post!!!!

I had to take hubby to the airport and then I had a ton of running around to do!!! Can I tell you how freaking hot it was here today!!! I am not kidding you when I say I had on a short sleeved shirt, crop pants, and my FLIP FLOPS today and I WAS HOT!!!!! It isn't feeling like Christmas here - that I can tell you for sure!!!

Now for the "Best Buy" of the week... I went to AC Moores today... and for all of you out there that remember my "Barn Star" project... (here is a photo if you don't)...

AC Moore has three different sizes of the Metal Stars on sale.. they are normally $14.99, $9.99 and $7.99 - on sale for 40% off!! This is a GREAT DEAL!!! So if you think you may want to make these stars for yourself or as a gift - run on out there and pick them up today!!! The lady at the register told me they only get them at Christmas time!!! So you better hurry up!!!

In addition to the great price on Barn Stars.... I went to Michael's today as well - See when hubby and I decorated our Christmas tree last night (YES - WE HAVE A CHRISTMAS TREE - Whooooo Hooooo!!! The first one in five years!!!) I couldn't find my angel to go on the top of the tree!! Now you have to understand that with deployments and such - we haven't had a Christmas tree in FIVE years. And even when we did have a tree the first year we were married it was a little four foot tree - so I haven't actually seen my Christmas decorations in five years!!! Anyway.... since I have no clue where my Angel is - I had to go and look for a new one.....

Well I just thought I would share with you that Michael's has ALL their Christmas stuff (and I do mean ALL OF IT) at least 40% off - most of it is 50% off!!!! I did end up finding a simply beautiful Angel - she was reg $19.99 and I got her for $12.99!! What a DEAL!!!!

So as you can see - I was a busy little shopper this afternoon!!! Hope you are all enjoying the Holiday Season!!!

Until Next Time!



Anonymous,  December 11, 2007 at 11:00 AM  

Woo Hoo. Lori enjoying shopping! Imagine that! I am shocked! LOL!


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