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Thursday, December 13, 2007

It is and it Isn't Begining to look....

a lot like Christmas!!!!

So in some ways it it really starting to look a lot like Christmas... I have my tree up and it is all decorated. I have all our stockings huge and most of my gifts are wrapped! I even got my gift basket's completed and mailed!!! (I soooo love to make gift baskets! From finding the perfect items to go in them to shrink wrapping them - oh soooo much fun!!)

Then add to the fact that I got an amazing gift the other night from my dear friend Susan. Not only did she feed me the absolute best Taco's EVER... she also made these awesome Christmas tree ornaments for Andrew and myself!!!! (For the record, the photos just DO NOT do them justice!!!) Sooo thank you sooo much Susan!! (I have already hung them on my tree!!!)

Then if that wasn't good enough - I got the CUTEST Christmas card from my blog friend Heather!!!! She made this Christmas card herself (don't you just hate those people!!!! LOL I can barely get my Christmas gifts made - never mind handmade cards!!!). As a matter of fact, I saw it on her blog a few days ago and thought to myself - that is the cutest card!!! And then I was lucky enough to get one!!! Whooo Hooooo!!!! Thank you Heather!!! I love it!!! And I feel honored to be one of the chosen ones to get a handmade card. (Oh and to answer your question - YES YES YES, I LOVE MY 13" KNK - there is nothing I don't like about it and its a 1000 times bigger and better than my Wishblade!!!)

Now - how it is not feeling like Christmas... well today it was 80 degrees. I was driving down the interstate with my top down on my car, wearing a short sleeve shirt, with crop pants and flip flops - and (to add insult to the matter for all my friends dealing with snow right now) I was drinking a Chocolate milkshake!!!!!

They say our high Sunday is only suppose to be 60 degree's - brrrr!!!!! I hope so - I would like to use my fireplace at least ONCE this year!!

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Heather Huggins December 14, 2007 at 12:48 AM  

80 degrees oh my gosh it was 32 here today, but sunny. I about froze my B--- off. Glad you liked my card!I was happy to send you one because I remembered you saying you LOVE cards... And you make the most awesome files that I can't make. I can't wait until after the holidays to get my KNK off layaway!!!

Anonymous,  December 14, 2007 at 3:40 PM  

So which is it Lori, Naughty or Nice :) Merry Christmas!

Anonymous,  December 15, 2007 at 7:05 PM  

Oh Bec, I can answer that one! Lori is always naughty in the nicest way! LOL! Love that gal!


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