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Monday, December 31, 2007

HaPpY NeW's EvE!!!!

I thought I would take a moment to pop in and say HAPPY NEW'S YEAR EVE!!!!! Hubby has some Army buddies coming over to night to hang out and celebrate so I have to get to prepping my food soon.....

But I wanted to take time to say thank you. Thank you to all my blog readers. Thank you to all my customers, my family, my friends. Thank you especially to my hubby. Wow - just thank you all!

2007 was such an amazing year - yes it had some ups and it had some major downs.... but over all it wasn't THAT bad!!! LOL I think I am most thankful that in 2007 I was able to take my hobby and make it my "job". It is such a rewarding feeling to be able to work at something that you love - something that you are passionate about. And then to see OTHER people use your product to document their lives in their scrapbooks. To see others use your products to make gifts for their loved ones - WOW! That is the most amazing feeling!!!

So thank YOU!!!! You made this happen for me! And I am very very grateful!!! So bring on 2008!!!! I am ready!!! Bahahahaha.....

I am not one to be much on New Year's Resolutions - but this year there are a couple of things I hope to accomplish - I want to grow my business. I want to share more files for free here on my blog, I want to be better at designing and uploading new files to the store... I want to be a better wife, a better friend - and just over all a better person!!!! (Hmmmm - I guess I don't want much do I?!?!?!) LOL So that will be my goal for 2008!!!

Oh - Don't forget I will be having a MEGA sale at Paperthreads ALL DAY Jan 2nd. This is my birthday and I decided to share the day with you all as best as I could sooooooooooo... on the 2nd ALL my files will be 38% off!!!! Whooo Hoooo!!!! (This is the largest % off I have ever offered on all my files to date! So if you have been eyeing a certain file - the 2nd is the day to get it!!!)

I hope you all have a WONDERFUL New Year's Eve.... please be safe!!!! And I guess I'll see ya all - NEXT YEAR!!!!

Until then~



Sunday, December 30, 2007

On the Fifth day of Christmas...

It is officially 12:03 AM and the Paperthreads Blog Party is partying on down here at Beloved Keepsakes!!! Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah.... Rock on!!!!! So grab your diet coke and your chocolate and see what I have in store for you!!!

No - no Five Golden rings - darn it!!! But there is a GREAT Deal!!! For today - and today only you can get the "BK's Multi Christmas Pack" for 50% off!!! This Multi Pack includes my four 2007 Christmas files - PLUS you get the file "Naughty or Nice" that is only available in this multi pack collection!!!
This file is normally $9.99 and for today and today only you will get it for $4.99 - now that is a deal... You can go here to get it and when you check out make sure you use coupon code: LM_12Days_sa4g

But wait that's not all!!! The other day I was watching my friends children play an old game I remember from grade school called "Cooties"... it inspired me to make two new files!!!

Sooooo... For today and today only I am offering this file " Cootie Shot" as a "Terms Restricted Download"!! That means you can download it here at no charge (today only!) - but all the Terms of Use are still applicable!!! (If you do not have a copy of my terms of use you can get that here!!)

File is available in four different formats and the password is iagreetotou .

Sorry files are no longer available... you can purchase them soon at Paperthreads!!!

This file will also be available in the Paperthreads store soon along with a sister file called "She/He has Cooties".... You are so not going to want to miss this one!! (It is soooo freaking cute - if I do say so myself!!!!)

Whooo Hoooo - so there you have it!!! I can't thank you all enough much for spending your time at the Paperthreads block party - today with me!!!!

Until Next Time!



Saturday, December 29, 2007

Stopping in...

Well it is Saturday, cool and dreary weather!!! Not a lot to talk about I am afraid - so I was mainly stopping in to say that the block party - isn't here!!! But if you follow my blog at all - you will know that this person is a close personal friend.....

Some people have even asked if we are sisters!!! Bahahaha!!!!

I am off to take down the Christmas tree... make sure you check back here TOMORROW...... oh yeah - make very sure!!!!


Until Next Time!



Friday, December 28, 2007


So today was another day at the Dr's and I have to say it is soooo frustrating in some ways.... I feel like I go to one Dr and they say you have abc, then I go to another and they say no - you have def - GRRRR!!!!

Anyway - all in all it was good news and now we just wait for the lab work to come back and confirm and that will be that with this Dr for this year!!!!

Not a lot going on = I need to get my Christmas tree and the decorations taken down - we are hosting the New Years Eve social at our house (thanks to hubby!!! LOL)....

I am very disappointed over all - as my "MAIN" Christmas gift still isn't here yet!!! What a bummer!!!!

If you came here today looking for the blog party - still not my day - BUT I will tell you my day is coming.... and in addition to that - my Jan 2nd announcement is that Jan 2nd is my birthday and I will be hosting a 38% off sale on ALL MY FILES for that one day only!!! You don't want to miss it!!! Also make sure you check back here that same day - as you might find another surprise or two!!!!

So Until Next Time!



Thursday, December 27, 2007

What an Honor!!!!

So I have seen that the KNK Christmas gifts have gone out and are starting to be received by many of the new KNK owners!!! I have to tell you it was such an honor to be asked to be one of the 20 designers to help put together the KNK Designer Collection Volume One!!!! (Here is a sneak peek of the files I did for the collection!!! They will be available down the road at Paperthreads!)

For those of you who don't own a KNK - as an FYI- the makers of the KNK's (Accugraphics) sent every customer who purchased a KNK in the past year a CD of 174 cutting files, along with a demo video on how to set up and use the KNK Clip Art Viewer!!! How cool is that!?!?!

I think this is just a bigger testimony to Accugraphics and their staff - I mean hey - I didn't get a gift from Xyron this year, nor did I get a gift from Signmax!!! But Accugraphics was kind and thoughtful enough to send me a gift!! WOW!!!

So if you are looking at upgrading to a larger machine in the year 2008 - I would HIGHLY recommend looking at the KNK!!! And don't forget, you can even use your Funtime Scrapbooking Software to run your KNK if you want!!! Whooo Hoooo!!! (Michelle at Paperthreads sells the KNK's and the customer service there is GREAT!!!!)

Now - if you came here looking for the blog party - well nope - it isn't here today!! Sorry!!! But keep looking.... (this designer is a GREAT friend of mine and you can find her link on the left hand side!!!!)! So happy Blog Partying?!?! (But keep checking back, my day is a coming and I will have a treat for all that visit!!!!)

Until Next Time!


PS - Make sure you mark Jan 2nd on your calandars.... I'll tell you why soon!!


Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The day after...

So Christmas as come and gone.... Here is hoping that your day was as wonderful as ours!!!

I thought I would share really quick a before and after photo of our home on Christmas!!

Before opening gifts ~

After ~

After looking at these photos you would think we had a huge house full of people - but there was only four of us!!! Let me tell you - hubby racked up!!! I just love gifting giving and since he has been gone the past four years - I had to catch up!!!

I'll tell you, Inja our dog, well she racked up too!!! This is a photo of her trying to get to "her" stocking!!! Man - she just knew there was something in there for her!!! And of course she was right!!! LOL

I hope that your Christmas was merry and filled with love.... I will be here hit and miss - make sure you check back... I still have that announcement coming soon!!

Oh - and if you came here to see if I was hosting the party today for the Paperthreads 12 days after Christmas blog party - sorry!! Not happening here.... so hurry go check the other designers blogs!!! (But my day is coming...)

Until Next Time!

Cya ~


Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!!!

Just stopping in to say Merry Christmas Eve... to be followed by Merry Christmas! I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday!!!

As we are approaching that time of opening gifts - of course my thoughts go towards writing my thank you notes! Yes - I am a thank you note kind of girl... well this year I have found the most AWESOME thank you notes - like in FOREVER!!!!

I am a member of several message boards and on one of these boards I have met a lady named Mags that I have be-friend - or she has be-friend me (not sure which)... LOL. Well she was showing off these AWESOME thank you notes that she had made for her family - and I have to tell you - I JUST HAD to have them for myself....

So here is the proof of my thank you cards ~

And here is the proof of my matching return address labels~

Are they just not the CUTEST things you have EVER seen!!! She can customize them to any family, any hair, any gender, with Santa hat or without - what have you (I told her my hubby had short red hair, I had short brown hair and Inja was a creamy white color!). If you are interested please send her an email... I have to tell you that 20 notecards and 30 return address labels were less than $20!!! And that INCLUDED shipping!!!! I kid you not!!! That my friends is a DEAL!!!

So if you want to get a set for yourself - give Mags a holler at: magsgraphics01@gmail.com

Or you can check out her website: "MagsGraphics"

Well I think that is it - I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas - I will be checking in with you in the next few days!!!

Until Next Time!


(Make sure you check back in - I will be having a VERY IMPORTANT announcement about Jan 2nd - that you are NOT going to want to miss!!!)


Saturday, December 22, 2007

Blog Party anyone?!?!?

Have you heardyou hear?!?!?! We're having our first ever Paperthreads 12 Days After Christmas Blog Party! Whoo Hoooo!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Here's how it's going to work:

Every day for the 12 days after Christmas Day we'll be giving great deals on some of our favorite files and collections some for the holidays, some for the new year, and some just for the fun of it! But, you'll never know which blog will have the deal of the day and it will only be good for that day, so you'll have to check each blog each day to find out who's got the deal!

Cool, huh? You can find links all the Paperthreads Designers Blogs by clicking HERE. We're really excited to be able to extend the Christmas Spirit beyond the holidays into the New Year. Doesn't it always seem that the "Peace on Earth, Good Will Toward Men" feeling of December fades too quickly? All too soon we're back to our everyday lives, business as usual. This is our chance to say thanks for all your support of us at Paperthreads all throughout the year and also a way for us to wish you a great 2008!

I don't think anyone could be as passionate about digital cutters than the designers at Paperthreads, and I don't think there's a greater group of people addicted to their cutters as you'll find on the Paperthreads Forum. I think it's the best place on the net, and I'm sure you agree!

So, please come join our little Blog Party... after all when the weather outside is frightful, the files are so delightful! So let it snow, and stay home for the party this time!See you there!

Until Next Time!



So it sounded like a great idea....

With hubby being home for the first time in like... uh forever for Christmas I decided it would be fun to establish a few new "Christmas Traditions". We have only spent two Christmas's together in the almost six years we have been married.... thus we don't have a lot of traditions together....

One day when I was shopping I found this awesome gingerbread house kit. Now I LOVE gingerbread!! Yummy!!! I love everything about it - the way it taste, the way it smells - oh I just love it!! (Hubby - not so much - but that doesn't matter!! LOL) So I decided this would be a great "tradition" to start so I grabbed it up!!

Well the kit has been sitting on the counter for the past few weeks - and we just haven't had time to "get-er-done". So on Wednesday night we decided to get busy and get it decorated since hubby had to go out of town with work - yet once again - and isn't going to be back until almost Christmas Eve.

We gathered all our ingredients and began the task at hand!! The first problem we encountered was that the printed step by step directions said to use one amount of water to make the icing and the instructions on the package said another amount!!! Sooooo we kind of went with an in between number!!! LOL

Everything seemed to be going well - we were decorating away. I was even able to get hubby involved!!! (Which was shocking since it was past his bedtime!!! Thank goodness for coffee!!!) LOL

And then.... the icing just started to get harder and harder to smash. And of course someone (not me) had the brilliant idea to place all the icing in the icing tube - so there was no way to get it out and make it thinner.... (OK, ok - maybe it was me!!!) Bahahahaha...

And then the house started slipping and sliding - (here is hubby trying to hold it all together!!! LOL)

Being the perfectionist that I am... the house wasn't NOT turning out as lovely as I had imagined it.... sooo - finally we decided - to SMASH THE HOUSE!!! LOL

I have to say that we haven't laughed that much in quite a while.... and even though it didn't turn out quite as we expected.... we do know that this is NOT going to be a McDonald Christmas Tradition... oh well - whatchagoingtodo?!?!? LOL

So to sum up the night...

Gingerbread house kit - $9.99.
Coffee to keep hubby awake and alert - $4.99
Knowing a traditions isn't going to be - PRICELESS!!

Here's to hoping all your traditions are going well!!!
Until Next Time!



Thursday, December 20, 2007

I'm here...

But just barely.... I only have a moment... just wanted to let you know that I am alive... had a Dr.s appointment yesterday and then tomorrow I have to met with a surgeon. Yuck! But lucky for me Hubby has been able to work from home and attend these Dr's appointments with me!! I hate Dr's appointments I really do!!!!

Anyway - Just stopped in to say Hi - will try to catch up more tomorrow!!!

Until Next Time!

Cya ~


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

On a Whim...

You know - sometimes you just have to do something on a whim - KWIM?!?!?

So yesterday I had an appointment with the Keri my hairstylist. I love Keri - she is AWESOME! I don't think I have pick my own hair style in five years! LOL

See first you need to understand I have baby baby baby (did I say baby) fine hair. And it is really hard to find someone who can cut it properly... then add to the fact about ten years ago I left a beauty shop with a mushroom on my head... well I have decide to let the pro do what she does. So when I go in to get my hair cut - I let Keri do whatever she thinks best.

Well I have been growing my hair out for about the last two years. I like to be able to pull it back during the summer when I am on the jet ski or what have you.... So today while at my hair appointment Keri asked me - as always - what are we going to do today... and like always I said the usual. AND THEN....

There is a new girl working in the shop and she walked by with a really short bob... and I am like that is way cute but I could never get away with that - it would make my face look to fat.... Nonsense Keri said... it would make your face look thinner if anything.... You could totally do that!

So on a whim... I was like lets do it!!! Keri said - ok no problem - but you DO realize that will be about 10 inches off the back? And I said, "It's just hair it will grow back!!!"

Well the thing about doing something on a whim well it isn't always the best ideas... but I have to say I LOVE IT!!! (I don't think it makes my face look any thinner!!! Oh well!!! DANG IT!!! Bahaha!!)

So I will not keep you in suspense any longer.....here is a photo of me in October....

And here is me now....

Moral of the story - ALWAYS trust your stylist and if the urge hits to go out on a whim (lol) - just do it!!! I mean hey ~ if you ain't living - your dying!!!!

Until Next Time!

Cya ~


Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Brrrr... It's cold outside!!!

Good Morning!!! I have to tell you it is REALLY cold this morning!!! It actually got down to 26 degrees last night!!! So of course you know I had to run out and take photos this morning!!! Ok - so it ISN'T SNOW!! But it probably the closest thing we will see here in South GA!!! (You can see the ice really good on my neighbor's roof - where it is light grey - that's the icy - then black which is no ice!! )

It was so cold last night driving back from having dinner with one of my friend's that my car's computer actually told me that the roads was ICY.... WHOA... I have NEVER seen that before - Heck didn't even know my car would do that!! Bahahahaha!!

Speaking of "It's cold outside"... I love the Christmas time song "Baby It's Cold Out There"! And I was totally shocked that my hubby had NEVER heard this song!! I was like - ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!! LOL So in honor of that I found this cute cute cute video on "YouTube" this morning... the girl who actually made this video played both the female and the male role!!! I thought it was wonderful!!! Hope you enjoy.....

I am off to run so errands.... (the ice should be gone now!! LOL)

Try to stay warm no matter where you are!!
Until Next Time!



Monday, December 17, 2007

I'm a busy little elf!!

Just dropping in really quick to say "Hello!" It was a really busy weekend! Wheew!! First - we went by the "Secret Santa Shop" to check on my Christmas present!!! It isn't here yet.... booo hooo hoooo... but we were able to "try it out" and I found out that all my work is paying off!!! Whoooo Hoooo!!! I know this is pretty cryptic... but I can't give my Santa Secret's away just yet!!! (More to come on this subject!!!)

Then on Saturday morning we received a call from Sara and Chaplain Fisher... their very first baby was born!!!! THREE WEEKS EARLY!!!! So we ran over to visit - can you say sooooo stinking cute!!! (Ok - BUT not cute enough to want one full time.... FYI - for all my family reading this!!!)

Then it was off to have dinner with my mom and dad... it was my mom's birthday - and we were able to surprise her with dessert complete with a candle and the piano player playing "Happy Birthday".

Then yesterday - well I think I had a touch of food poisoning. It was quite yucky!!! But by the afternoon I was able to work on my Christmas gifts... and oh I can't wait til I can share with you my Christmas gifts!! They are turning out sooooo awesome!!!! Don't you just love when you make a gift that you just can't wait to give to the person you made it for!!!

So today I am back hard at work! I have the very last package to get sealed up and mailed off!! Thank GOODNESS!!!

So there you have it....

Hope you are having a great day and having a ball preparing for the holidays!!!

Until Next Time!!!




Friday, December 14, 2007


Where did the time go???? I swear this week flew by!!! Today's post is short and sweet!! It was my goal to get all my Christmas gifts that I was making done by the time hubby comes home - and he comes home TODAY!

Am I done you say? Uh - that would be a negative Ranger!!!!!

Off to cut, glue, stick, STRESS!!!!!!

Until Next Time!



Thursday, December 13, 2007

It is and it Isn't Begining to look....

a lot like Christmas!!!!

So in some ways it it really starting to look a lot like Christmas... I have my tree up and it is all decorated. I have all our stockings huge and most of my gifts are wrapped! I even got my gift basket's completed and mailed!!! (I soooo love to make gift baskets! From finding the perfect items to go in them to shrink wrapping them - oh soooo much fun!!)

Then add to the fact that I got an amazing gift the other night from my dear friend Susan. Not only did she feed me the absolute best Taco's EVER... she also made these awesome Christmas tree ornaments for Andrew and myself!!!! (For the record, the photos just DO NOT do them justice!!!) Sooo thank you sooo much Susan!! (I have already hung them on my tree!!!)

Then if that wasn't good enough - I got the CUTEST Christmas card from my blog friend Heather!!!! She made this Christmas card herself (don't you just hate those people!!!! LOL I can barely get my Christmas gifts made - never mind handmade cards!!!). As a matter of fact, I saw it on her blog a few days ago and thought to myself - that is the cutest card!!! And then I was lucky enough to get one!!! Whooo Hooooo!!!! Thank you Heather!!! I love it!!! And I feel honored to be one of the chosen ones to get a handmade card. (Oh and to answer your question - YES YES YES, I LOVE MY 13" KNK - there is nothing I don't like about it and its a 1000 times bigger and better than my Wishblade!!!)

Now - how it is not feeling like Christmas... well today it was 80 degrees. I was driving down the interstate with my top down on my car, wearing a short sleeve shirt, with crop pants and flip flops - and (to add insult to the matter for all my friends dealing with snow right now) I was drinking a Chocolate milkshake!!!!!

They say our high Sunday is only suppose to be 60 degree's - brrrr!!!!! I hope so - I would like to use my fireplace at least ONCE this year!!

Until Next Time!



Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Unexpected Suprise...

Oh I just love love love gifts!! Big, small, it just doesn't matter and I really like unexpected gifts!!! Don't you?!?!? Well yesterday I got the most awesome unexpected gift....

My best friend in FL sent me an awesome Christmas Tree ornament. First of all - I love ornaments!! Add to the fact it was a Willow Tree ornament - and then the topping on the cake - along with the ornament there was a gift message that actually made me cry!

I have to share this with you, is it is called "Forever True, Forever Friend"!! It is sooo cute - the two girls sitting there face to face talking!!! Oh I LOVE IT!!!!

My friend and I - well we have been through A LOT together. Our husbands were deployed to Iraq together, we have been through the birth of her daughter, her son's brain surgery, and a ton of minor things in between!! She has always been there for me. She has such a level head on her shoulders and I can't even tell you how many times in the past three years that she has been the rational voice to guide me though some tough times. She seems to always make me look at things in a different way - and she always has the best advice - even if I don't want to hear it!!!

So today's post is dedicated to my best friend Tracy!!! I am so blessed to have you in my life!! Thank you for being such an AWESOME best friend!!! I love ya dearly!!!!

Until Next Time!



Monday, December 10, 2007

Late day post!!!

Sooo sorry today is a late day post!!!!

I had to take hubby to the airport and then I had a ton of running around to do!!! Can I tell you how freaking hot it was here today!!! I am not kidding you when I say I had on a short sleeved shirt, crop pants, and my FLIP FLOPS today and I WAS HOT!!!!! It isn't feeling like Christmas here - that I can tell you for sure!!!

Now for the "Best Buy" of the week... I went to AC Moores today... and for all of you out there that remember my "Barn Star" project... (here is a photo if you don't)...

AC Moore has three different sizes of the Metal Stars on sale.. they are normally $14.99, $9.99 and $7.99 - on sale for 40% off!! This is a GREAT DEAL!!! So if you think you may want to make these stars for yourself or as a gift - run on out there and pick them up today!!! The lady at the register told me they only get them at Christmas time!!! So you better hurry up!!!

In addition to the great price on Barn Stars.... I went to Michael's today as well - See when hubby and I decorated our Christmas tree last night (YES - WE HAVE A CHRISTMAS TREE - Whooooo Hooooo!!! The first one in five years!!!) I couldn't find my angel to go on the top of the tree!! Now you have to understand that with deployments and such - we haven't had a Christmas tree in FIVE years. And even when we did have a tree the first year we were married it was a little four foot tree - so I haven't actually seen my Christmas decorations in five years!!! Anyway.... since I have no clue where my Angel is - I had to go and look for a new one.....

Well I just thought I would share with you that Michael's has ALL their Christmas stuff (and I do mean ALL OF IT) at least 40% off - most of it is 50% off!!!! I did end up finding a simply beautiful Angel - she was reg $19.99 and I got her for $12.99!! What a DEAL!!!!

So as you can see - I was a busy little shopper this afternoon!!! Hope you are all enjoying the Holiday Season!!!

Until Next Time!



Friday, December 7, 2007

Wishblade for Sale....

So after much thought and consideration - I have decided to put my Wishblade up for sale.....

I have had my Wishblade for almost a year... It is the "original" Blue topped Wishblade....

I have upgraded to the KNK 13" machine.... so after much haggling and debating - I decided I just don't need two cutting machines..... nor do I have the space for two machines!!!

So what is for sale........
The actual Machine itself (once again this is the "original blue top machine") with the original blade set, and the original software and mat - $449

I have two more OEM blade sets -which means you have a blade holder and blade for each colored cap - (each retail at $40) - $80

Two brand new replacement mats - at $11 each - $22

Two brand new replacement blade (each $22.99) - $45.98

I have a dust cover - $12.00

The Heritage set disk - $154.99

Summer vacation font disk - $70

New Can of Krylon Easy Tack - $8.89

For a retail total of $ 842.86 - 60% off retail (Since I have had it for almost a year, but I can assure you that I have taken good care of it!) comes out to be - $ 337.14

Thus - I think I will call it a even $275.00 plus $25 to ship it anywhere in the US - for a total of $300!!! (price is negotiable)

I also have a ton of other "bonus" stuff - a 1000 font cd, and then all the printed tutorials on how to use the machine, a disk with the free software for welding words (Inkscape) along with a printed tutorial for that, and then a conversion program (RoboMaster 2.4) to make your files work with your Wishblade.

And as a bonus I will give you a CD of all the cutter files I have designed up to today (that is a total of 71 files that retail for over $220 if purchased at Paperthreads!!!) ... Oh and all my old mats to boot!

The only thing I think that you might ever want to think about getting in the future to go with the cutter is an "all in one program" called Funtime Scrapbooking ** - it is selling for $89 right now - and this is the software that I teach classes on so I could help you learn how to use it.... it makes it all very simple to use with just a few steps. (**Note - you DO NOT need to purchase the Funtime Software to you use the machine. The Wishblade machine will cut any TTF on your computer or that are on the disk I send you with the programs that come with the machine!!! Funtime is just an easier, all in one software!)

So there you have it - if you are looking for a cutter machine - or have a friend who is looking for one - tell them to email me!!! What a deal - and just in time for Christmas!!

Until Next Time!



Thursday, December 6, 2007

Such a Fashion Statment!

Well I have to admit - I have finally joined the "Fashion Trend" of today.... I said I wouldn't do it... I said that they were horrible - and there was no way I was going to wear THOSE.... and then I broke down - in a moment of weakness - I sub came to one of the fashion trend's of today.

(Now I am sure you are probably wondering what the heck is she talking about!!! LOL)

Well back at "Mock Thanksgiving" when all of our family was here visiting - hubby's Uncle Vernon was showing us his "Crocs"! Now I have to tell you these are about the ugliest shoes I have EVER seen! I mean - they are just ugly! But they seem to be the rage. Hubby's uncle is retired... and he loves his Crocs!! Just loves them. You are hard pressed to go anywhere now days and NOT see someone wearing these shoes... Young, old, big, small - it just doesn't seem to matter! Everyone seems to love these shoes!

As a matter of fact - Uncle Vernon made us ALL feel how light the were and he even made hubby try them on! He wears his Crocs when he goes fishing.... well Hubby and I love love love our Tevas! We wear Tevas anytime we are anywhere even close to the water! (As a matter of fact I have a scrapbook of "Where Our Teva's Have Been!" Here is one of the photos from our book. This was taken on the beach in CA when we were driving up from our fishing trip in Mexico that we went with - with Uncle Vernon -hmmm there seems to be a pattern here! Bahahaha)

And while on the subject of Teva's and Croc's - what is up with shoes that cost sooooo freaking much money??!?!?! I personally have NEVER spent more than $20 on a pair of shoes!!! I mean - hey they go on your feet for goodness sakes! And I have to admit I am ROUGH on shoes - so none of them last me very long anyway!!!!

I about had a PANIC attack when hubby purchased my Teva's for me. They were $69 -I was like YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME!!!!! I would have NEVER in a million years have paid $69 for a pair of shoes!!! Nope - I don't care that they will last me the rest of my life!!! (According to my hubby) LOL

Anyway - as usual I digress. (Imagine that!!!).....

So last week when I was getting ready to go in for my surgery - the hospital suggested that you wear "slip on" shoes to and from the hospital. Well I had already been debating about what kind of "winter" shoes I was going to wear with jeans this year.... (now at this point I should probably describe "winter" here in GA - so far we have gotten down to a low of 34 degrees ONE night and today our high is suppose to be 61 degrees. But by Saturday - our high should be up to 78 degrees! YES in DECEMBER!!! LOL)

Well a few months ago I had seen the new Winter "Mammoth" Crocs, the ones with the built in socks. So I thought maybe that would work... So I started shopping around. First of all - those things are going for $35 a pair!!! For plastic shoes (I am having flash backs of "jellies" here!!! Oh in highschool those were the rage - but even then they were only $5 a pair!!!)!!! Anyway - Second of all - everyone must be getting them for Christmas as they are all sold out all over the place (especially the pink ones - which I would have to have the pink ones)!!!

Well, the night before my surgery - we stopped to get dinner at the mall and while we were there, hubby suggested running over to Dillard's to see if they had the "Mammoth" Crocs.... so off we went.

They were sold as as well - BUT.... they had two pairs of the "Islander" Crocs - both pair were in MY size and they were both light grey and rose pink (my two favorite colors!!!) - Husband said "It must be a sign!!!". So I tried them on - and wholly cow!!! They were AWESOME!!! So I looked to see how much they were - and believe it or not they were on CLEARANCE!! WHOOOOO HOOOOOO!!!! (You all know how much I love a sale!!!) They had been $49.99 (are you kidding me - for plastic and a little bit of leather?!?!?) but they were marked down to $19.99 - Oh yeah - I was doing the happy dance in the middle of Dillard's!!! Oh yeah! Oh yeah!! So off I went to the sock department - and found some fuzzy socks to wear - and made my own version of the Winter Croc!!!! (Which I have to say look much better than the "Original" Croc's ANY day!!! LOL)

So for a total of $24.99 plus tax - I am now a fashion statement!!

Until Next time!



Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Whooo Hoooo!!!

So I have to tell you how excited I am!!!! As most of you know - I love love love love WinPC for Scrapbookers! It is my all time favorite software! I have Illustrator CS2 with the bridge, the Wishblade software, the Robo Master Software, Inkscape, KNK Studio and I have Funtime Scrapbooking as well! (Holly Cow - this is the first time I have ever written out all the cutter software's that I actually own..... hmmm - Yes, My name is Lori McDonald and I am a software junkie!) LOL

Do I use all these programs....well - yes and no. I do need several of them to convert my files to different formats that all cutter machines can use. So for the most part - I do USE them - but just very limited parts of them.

Up until a few weeks ago - I designed all my files with my WinPC for Scrapbookers. I absolutely love this program! It is an awesome all in one program. It allows me to design files and then it would let me cut to my Wishblade. How cool is that!!!

Well I have to tell you - the past few weeks I have really been working with and playing around with Funtime Scrapbooking. It is the SAME program as WinPC just an upgraded version of the software. Now there are some things I don't really like about Funtime - one being the "Dummy Buttons" on the screen. I personally feel like they are the big crayons at the kindergarten table!! LOL But that is just me - I am more of a point and click person and I like to use my dropdown bars to pick my actions. There are tons of people who love the shortcut buttons. And that is really what they are - short cut buttons. Luckily for me - I can turn those off. And I do!!!

Well - my new 13 " KNK came in the mail a few weeks ago - and due to my illness, surgery, etc... I just got it all hooked up, calibrated and ready to cut! How exciting!! But here we go again - another software to learn! I have heard great things about the KNK software, but hey - I like my WinPC/Funtime. And then........

On one of the forums I am a member of - it was brought up that you might be able to get your KNK to cut directly from your Funtime Software!!! WHAT??? WHAT!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!

So I raced to sign off the forum and to see - could it be true?!? No?!?! REALLY?!?! And I am ecstatic to report - it is! IT IS!!!! Yep - ladies and hmmm - if there are any gentlemen reading - I am now cutting from my Funtime Scrapbooking software straight to my 13" KNK!!!! This is earth shattering!! (Ok maybe not earth shattering - but it is huge!!!)

This now allows me to design in my favorite software and then I can choose which cutter (the 13" KNK or my Wishblade) that I want to use to cut!! Can you say MUNGO HUGE time saver?!?!? And I don't have to learn yet another software unless I want to!!! Whooo Hoooo!!!

So, for all those people who have contacted me in the past few months about WinPC for Scrapbookers and/or Funtime Scrapbooking - I say - GET IT!!! I LOVE IT!!!!! (Oh and if you don't know where to get it - PLEASE CONTACT ME!!!! I can hook you up with the right people!!!)

For those that have written to me about my Funtime/WinPC for Scrapbooker 101 Tutorial - thank you sooooo much! I am so glad that you have found it not only helpful but easy to understand. (I have added it to the side bar on the left - for those who missed it the first time around and would like to download it.)

I have also made a Funtime Scrapbooking Tool Bar "cheat sheet" for those who have the Funtime software. (You can download it here or from the side bar on the left as well!!!)

So there you have it! My exciting news of the day!!! If you have any questions or concerns or just want to make a comment about Funtime Scrapbooking or WinPC for Scrapbookers - I would love it hear it!!

Ok - I am now off to run some errands!

Until Next Time!



Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Thank Goodness!!

Wheewwww!!! Can you say thank goodness!! I feel like I have survived!

FINALLY - today I feel kind of like my old self again! Yeah - I am tired, yeah I am a little sore - but over all I feel 110% better than I have in three weeks!!! So in appreciation of feeling better - I though I would share another funny that just makes me crack up!!!! (Yes - too much time on you tube again!! LOL)

This video reminds me OF me in someways. You know how she shakes her head and her hand gestures - well I think she took some classes from me on how to do that!!! LOL

Not a lot going on - trying to get the Beloved Keepsakes orders out the door. I am a stickler on customer service - I expect good customer service - thus I give good customer service... so even though things have been rough on the health front - I am proud to say I have not let my photo jewelry business suffer. Now I wish I could say the same for my cutter files......

But on that note.... I do have several new files that I will get test cut and I hope up in the store. Hubby has several business trips coming up - thus that means I should be able to burn the midnight oil and get them done!

Can you believe that we are sooo close to Christmas? It just dawned on me today that we are only 21 days away - I am thinking I need to be getting my Christmas tree soon!!!!!!

Once again I would like to thank everyone for your prayers and your well wishes! Then mean more than you know!!!

I better run and get these orders out the door!!!

Until Next Time!



Monday, December 3, 2007

Muffled Headed and all...

Well I am here - yep - muffled headed and all! Who would have thought that anesthesia would stay in your system sooooo freaking long?!?!?! I feel like I am talking and walking around in third person. You know like I am on the outside looking down at myself?!? This is sooo strange!! I actually asked my hubby last night if he poisoned me!!! Of course he says he didn't!!!! Bahahahaaha!!!!

So here it is - my long awaited Christmas list..... Hopefully I have been very good this year and will get what I asked for!!! And if not - well..... my birthday is a week after Christmas so maybe the "Birthday Fairy" will be watching out for me!!! LOL

On to the list:

Small Photo purse with wedding photo ($39.95): http://www.personalcreations.com/shop/thumbnail.asp?world_code=3&ensemble_code=77741X&search_type=subcategory&search_words=77741x

Hairspray the movie DVD ($16.99) –

Canyon River Blues Clogs – Maple Brown – size 7 Med ($45) – http://www.sears.com/shc/s/p_10153_12605_05484101000P?adCell=A3

Glue Glider Max - http://www.gluearts.com/glueglider_max.asp (down towards the middle) ($40). Along with the Vellum refill (17.99) and the Permanent Refill ($12.80)!!! And if not this – then the Vellum Instant glue ($5.99) - http://www.gluearts.com/vellum.html

Wacom Bamboo Fun Tablet ($165.00) - http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000V9RL6G/ref=s9_flash_image_seed/105-3222233-2728407?pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_s=center-4&pf_rd_r=17Z5P61GMP2MTV4X0J01&pf_rd_t=101&pf_rd_p=320449501&pf_rd_i=507846

Cookbook Stand ($29.95) - http://www.victoriantradingco.com/store/catalogimages/1a/i2109.html

Pink Flannel PJ’s with feet – size large ($48) - http://www.thepajamacompany.com/store/product.php?productid=17130&cat=554&page=1

Autumn Leaves Designing With Calendar for 2008 – ($24.99)

Case for my Crop-a-dile ($11.99) –

Delkin Pop-up Shade & Protective Cover for Canon EOS Rebel XTi LCD Screen ($19.95) – https://www.adorama.com/ICDDC400DS.html

Chef'n SleekStor™ Collapsible Measuring Cup Set, Huckleberry ($14.90) - http://www.mixologys.com/mix/shop.php?c=misc&n=289802&i=B000EMNZ2E&x=Chefn_SleekStor8482_Collapsible_Measuring_Cup_Set_Huckleberry&PHPSESSID=4b3844b2123b88efc06dad118c673630

EcoSphere Small Pod ($56.95)- I like the shape of the “SMALL POD” - http://www.abundantearth.com/store/ecosphere.html

Gift Card to Barnes and Nobles – as one can never have enough books! - http://www.barnesandnoble.com/index.asp?r=1&popup=0

Bazzill Bling Paper ($24.95)-http://www.orientaltrading.com/application?namespace=search&origin=searchMain.jsp&event=button.search&Ntt=IN-65%2F60604&Ntk=all&Ntx=mode%2Bmatchallpartial&N=0&x=39&y=26

So there you have it - anything special on your list this year?

Until Next Time!



Saturday, December 1, 2007

I am alive....

at least I think I am... Bahahaha!!!

So let me tell you - when you go to have surgery to remove kidney stones (three of them to exact) - and the Dr tells you once the surgery is done you will feel no pain... Well - HE LIED!!!!

It have been a rough couple of days here at the McDonald household! First I would like to thank all you for your prayers and well wishes! I haven't felt good enough in the past few days to do more than read them, but please do know I have read them and they have been a bright spot in my crummy few days!

Thursday (the day of surgery) was ok - was at the hospital at 6:15 AM and was home by 10:30 AM. Slept most of the day. Yesterday the same - I spent most of the day in bed... actually had to take pain meds twice.... and then.... well then this morning I was really really close to having hubby take me to the ER.

I waited it out and took some meds to keep the nausea down - and finally it passed. I mean literally it passed!!! LOL When they say the shatter the stones to the size of gravel - I think they mean the gravel on the road!!!

So here I am - alive - I think... I just wanted to take a moment and pop in and let you all know and once again to thank you all for your well wishes and prayers!!!

Will try to add more positive thoughts tomorrow!!!

Until Next Time!



Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Surgery update and things that makes me laugh!!!

First of all, I want to give you an update....

I will be having surgery on Thursday. I have my pre-op tomorrow. Then surgery Thursday morning and if everything goes well - I should be home by lunch. This is just an FYI so you know why I probably will not be posting for the next couple of days!

Thank you for all of those who have been praying and offering well wishes of speedy recovery! I appreciate it greatly. This surgery shouldn't be too big of a deal - the next one to follow - well we will have to wait and see!!

So as you can see - lots happening - and I am trying to get everything taken care of by tomorrow. You know... just in case! Yes - I am a plan "A" person, with a plan "B" and a plan "C" always on standby - and sometimes even a plan "D"!!! LOL

Then the next thing I thought I would leave you with is something really old - but still to this day makes me laugh! First of all - I probably should state that not many things really make me laugh - if you will recall - the new remake of the movie "Hairspray"... that is one of the few movies that I can recall that really made me just laugh and laugh.

Well - do you remember when animated computer graphics first hit the Internet and we all thought WOW this is better than sliced bread?!?!? (We look at some of this stuff now - and we wonder why in the world were we impressed - you know what I mean!! LOL)

For example most of you probably remember the dancing baby. I LOVED LOVED LOVED this when it first hit the Internet! Then it was on a popular TV sitcom as well where it became even more famous - and even now I have to say it still makes me laugh!!

Well about that same time - there was an animated graphic company that came out with a short video called "We Need a Ride". The company is no longer in business - but I found the video on "youtube" and thought I would share it with you. My coworkers and I use to watch this video sometimes two and three times a day just to relieve some of the stress of our job!

(Yes - I know there is something kind of "sick" about it - but at the same time it just makes me laugh even today!!! And I mean it's "Bonafide" !!!) Bahahahahahahahah...

Hope you Enjoy!

I'll post again as soon as I am feeling up to it!! So keep checking back!

Until Next Time!



Monday, November 26, 2007

Cyber Monday!

Hi!!! Did everyone make it over to the HUGE sale at Paperthreads this weekend? And if so did you buy any of my files??? Now that question probably seems a little conceded I know - BUT the reason why I am asking is.. did you know that if you share your projects with me that you created using one of my cutter files you could be featured at Paperthreads in my section of the store with that file?!?!?! Yep!!! You photo could be "published" as an example of how to use that file!!! How cool is that!!! So I would love love love to see any creations you have using my files!!!

So did everyone have a very Happy FULL TUMMY Thanksgiving? I know I did... but better yet - how many of you went out there to face the "Black Friday" crowds??? I have to tell you I have NEVER done the Black Friday thing before. When I was younger, I was always working in retail so I worked on the Friday after Thanksgiving... then as I got older - well... I have to admit I am normally one of those people who are done with all their Christmas shopping BY Thanksgiving... so there was nooooo need to go out there and face the masses!!!

But this year... well my best friend in FL was looking for some large items for her two sons for Christmas (I can't say what in case they are reading!!! LOL) So we scoured the sales papers and planned our attack!! I have to tell you honestly I did not believe her when she said people actually wait in line for stores to open - wait in line for HOURS at that!!!

So I went to bed at 1 AM and I got up at 3:15 AM - yep - HOLLY COW - 3:15 AM!!!!! And off we went..... Now we had already decided that Best Buys and Circuit City were going to probably be a nut house - so we head to Staples!! You know - the "That was Easy" place!!! Staples had the items we were looking for at $150 off - but it was one per customer and we needed 2 of them - hence that was where I came in!! LOL

So I am thinking how insane is this - I am up at 3:15 AM heading to Staples - which doesn't even open til 6 AM!!!!!! Imagine my surprise when we got there a 4 AM and there was already at least a 100 people in line!!!! I was flabbergasted!!!!!!

To make a long store short - no we didn't get the items we were hoping to get - they only had 20 of them that morning!!! But we did go shopping else where and got some really good deals!!! I have to say with the exception of the cold wait at Staples and then a pretty long line at Kohl's.... the rest of the day was amazingly easy....

At Target and Wally world both - there was NO, yes let me repeat - NO lines!! There was actually cashiers at the end of there lines asking if you were ready to check out!!! That was sweet!!!!

I have to tell you my BEST deal of the day was an OTT light..... I have been wanting an OTT light for a while - but they are soooo freaking expensive!!!! Now for those that don't know what an OTT light is - here is the blurb from their website.....

"The right elements on a scrapbook page embody the moment and make it live on. That’s the magic of scrap booking. Now you can enhance your scrap booking experience with the magic of OTT-LITE® TrueColor™ lighting. It’s color-balanced illumination provides you with the best light to coordinate paper and trim colors accurately and see tiny details clearly. No more eyestrain or harsh shadows. You’ll enjoy life’s special moments more with this low heat, low glare illumination."

So bottom line is that it is a "True Color" light..... Now this light.....

"The Perfect for Any Craft - Anywhere" Ott light. Retails for $59.99 (and it is one of the bottom of the line ones... you can get much bigger, much higher prices ones believe it or not!!!)

Anyway - I digress... (Imagine that)!! LOL This light is normally $60 - well I just happened to walk into Michael's while my friend was checking out at Kohl's - and since I was there on Black Friday - they had it on sale for four hours only for $19.99 - but wait - it gets better! I actually had a coupon for any item - on sale or not - for 25% off if I was there the first two hours that they were open - and I WAS!!!! Yep - read it and weep! I got the OTT LIGHT for $15!!!!!!!! WHOOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!

So I grabbed it and ran! Then I promptly handed it to my dear hubby and said - here you bought me a Christmas present! You need to wrap it and put it under the tree!!!! Bahahahahaha!!!!

There you have it - "Black Friday".... Now did you know that today was "Cyber Monday"??? Supposedly this is the online shopping day of the year!!! I know that http://www.buy.com/ is having some great deals - so having said that - I think I am off to shop!!!!

Until Next Time!



Sunday, November 25, 2007

Only a few more hours left....

Yep that's right - there are only a few more hours left in the Big Thanksgiving Sale at Paperthreads!!! (Sale ends at 11:59 PM EASTERN TIME tonight!!!)

I can assure you this will be my last sale of this year - so if you have any files that you need, want, like or love.... get on over there and get them at 30% off!!!!!!

Hope you are all having a GREAT holiday - and prepping for normal life to return tomorrow!!! LOL

Until Next Time!



Thursday, November 22, 2007

New files on Turkey Day!

Ok - in addition to the fivenew files I posted day before yesterday - I also have these two new files up in the store!!! Just in time for the sale. You do remember that the sale starts today right?!?!?!

I also have several more that will be coming in the next few weeks as my health will allow.....

So this first one.... Well Bec - this one is for you (please email me so I can give you a copy of it for free!!)!!! You said that you are "seldom in the pictures", you are usually "behind the camera". So that got me to thinking.... and I did this file "Hiding behind the Camera" - I also included the titles "Watch the Birdie" and Say Cheese"......

Then this file has to be one of my all time favorites..... you see while my in-laws were here for "Mock Thanksgiving" last month - I just happened to catch them BOTH ASLEEP on my sofa after dinner...... so I thought this file would be perfect to document that occasion!!!! (I would post a copy of that photo - but it is way way way toooooo close to Christmas and my Birthday for that!!! LOL)
Also - a few weeks ago I had some one say that were having a hard time getting a soccer ball to look right.... can you email me..... who ever you were! I have new file coming out soon and I would like for your input on it!!! (Thanks in advance!!!)

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!

Until Next Time!



Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving.....

Wow - here it is - the "REAL" Thanksgiving....

And I have to tell you there are sooo many things in my life to be thankful for....... So here are just a few that I wanted to recognize.

1) I am sooo thankful that we live in America where we can announce our faith, live in a land that prospers, and where we have human and even plush living conditions.

2) I am thankful that we have men and women that are willing to die to protect those freedoms for us. Both here at home and far away on other soils.

3) I am sooo thankful that hubby is here at home safe and sound. That he will actually get to spend the holidays at home surrounded by those who love and care for us.

4) I am sooooo very thankful for great family - both his and mine. I am also thankful for the wonderful friends I have. The people that support me day in and day out. (I couldn't even begin to make this list so I am not even going to try!!! But these people KNOW who they are!!)

5) I am very thankful that I have a job that allows me to do what I love to do. I am thankful that those I work with are honest, caring, wonderful people. And I am grateful for a husband who supports my dream, supports my business even when it isn't making the car payment (which was the deal!!!)

6) I am thankful for my health... even though it isn't the best right now and I'll be having at least one of not two surgeries soon. I am thankful as it could always be worse and I know that God will protect me and help me recovery.

7) I am thankful for you - my blog readers!! I know that sounds silly - but I am. Some of you are customers, some of you are friends, some of you are family - and some of you.... well I don't know you from Adam. But it nice to know that people care about what I have to say. It is nice to know that people think I am funny or witty (and I am neither of those things!)

Ok - this is starting to get tooooo mushy.... LOL So I will leave it at that.... but there are a ton more things I could add to this list!!!! How about you? What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving???

Ok - now as you know... Myself, Chris and Shirley along with some of the other designers are having a SALE!!! Yep - -that's right a THANKSGIVING WEEKEND SALE...... make sure you stop by Paperthreads and pick up all the new, latest and greatest files!!!

I hope this Thanksgiving allows you time to be with family and loved ones..... I encourage you to take a moment and think about what you are thankful for this season.

As for me - I am out of here..... off to my best friend's house in FL for Thanksgiving feast and then on Friday it is a day of SHOPPING with my very best gal pal!!! Whoooo Hooooo!!! And the hubbies are keeping the kids!!!! (Oh yeah, oh yeah - doing the happy dance here - oh yeah oh yeah!!) Bahahahaha....

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody.... and Remember my motto......

Oh and if you didn't know - this file is available at Paperthreads!!!
Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!
Until Next Time!



Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Awwww... Thanks!

First of all - I want to say thank you sooo very much for all the well wishes and prayers. This medical thing is a little overwhelming - as I said yesterday - when did I get soooo OLD!!! LOL So I greatly appreciate your prayers and kind words!!!

Also thank you to all those who dropped off at my friend Susan's blog to wish her a Happy Birthday yesterday!!! She got a ton of well wishes and was quite suprised!!! So THANKS!!!

I am off to a Dr's appointment and then to have a CT scan done.... but before I go - I wanted to share with you five new files that are up in the store..... I hope to have some more up tomorrow - but we will have to wait and see!!!

Thanks for looking! I hope you have a great day!

Until Next Time!



Monday, November 19, 2007

I hate to be a DD/Birthday Wishes

Don't you just hate to go to people's blogs and all they do is complain, complain and complain. Or do you work with someone who is like that? There is ALWAYS something going on with them... there mother is sick, their dog ran away, their cat died, their house got broke into - gosh who knows what might happen tomorrow because all that happened just today! Oh don't you just hate knowing or even being a "Debbie Downer" (aka DD)????

I know that I hate reading stuff like that - so when writing this blog I feel like I am walking a fine line. What do you tell the readers? Do you tell them everything? Do you leave out the bad parts? Only tell them the good???

But on the other hand - if there is something that is going on that will effect your blog or how often you write, or it is going to effect your work - and how many new files you have... should you share that information?!?!?

Then there is the family aspect... I mean my family does read this blog - as they are trying to keep up with us youngin's here in the real word...

So as you can see it is quite hard to decided what to write and what not to!!! LOL

Having said alllll of that - I guess what I will say (and I hope I don't come off as a Debbie Downer) is that I went to the hospital on Friday for this kidney stone which I was sure I had, (and if you will recall, I just passed a small one two weeks ago).

Well - sure enough, I have a 5mm kidney stone in my right kidney - BUT oh by the way Mrs. McDonald - You also have two gallstones (one that is blocking the duct) and we are a little worried about something we see on your liver.... HOLLY COW!!!! When did I get old!!!! When did I start having medical problems!!!!!

So - as you can see the next few weeks are filled with Dr's appointments, Cat Scans, test, lab work, etc.... so if I am not as chatty as I normally am - well.... I just felt I owed it to you, my readers, to tell you the REAL REASON why!!

Now you know the real deal - IF you are still reading this of course.... lol - Don't forget I will be having an "AFTER THANKSGIVING SALE" at Paperthreads!!! ALL my file will be 30% off - and I am doing my best to get all my new files in the store BEFORE the sale!!!!!

I'll keep you posted as I add them!!!

Once again - so, so, so sorry to drag you into my crappy life right now - but I would rather tell you the truth now - than you wonder were in the heck am I later!!!!

Until Next Time (which will be more upbeat I PROMISE)!!!


PS - If you are still reading this post - please visit my friend and prayer warrior Susan's blog and leave a comment telling her HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Doesn't matter if you know her or not. Doesn't matter if you have ever visited her blog before or not - I would just love for her to get a ton of comments on her blog today wishing her a "Happy Birthday"! She has been there for me in some really tough and hard times..... and I would like to send a few well wishes to her on her special day!!!! So wa'cha waiting for!!! Go on do it!!! Bahahaha... and thank you!

I'll leave you today with a layout my friend Susan did... she designed the concept in her head and then I had the pleasure of trying to actually put it on paper and then to design it and cut it out on my cutter!!! I have to say it was an AWESOME layout in the end!!!! Hope you enjoy seeing it!!!


Friday, November 16, 2007

Where did you get that talent ?!?!

One of the most common questions I get asked as a designer is, "Where did you get all that talent?" First thing I always say is "I don't think I am very talented at all!" I mean what I do isn't rock science - anyone could do it.... or at least that's what I think. But yet, people tell me all the time there is no way they could create files, there is just no way they could come up with yet another title idea......

I guess if I had to trace my talent back down the DNA line... I got it from my mother. Now don't get my wrong - my Dad is talented in his own ways. Like fishing, and hunting, and being able to fix just about anything there is that needs to be fixing. But my Mom - she is the "crafty" one in the family. (Here is a photo of me and my parents taken on "Mock Thanksgiving" last month. And yes before you even ask - I am an only child!!! LOL)

All my life, my Mom had some kind of arts and craft home based business. From painting t-shirts to making clay jewelry, crafting Christmas wreaths, to decorating ornaments, I can't think of one time in my life where my Mom wasn't making something!!! I would have to say I spent more time at craft shows, church bazaar's, and festivals than I did at ballparks or playgrounds! Honest!!! And I have to say that was A-OK in my book. :)

My Mom's latest creations is "Heirloom Santa's". This is where she takes old heirloom quilts and antique crocheted pieces and turns them into the most wonderful creations you have ever laid eyes on! Some of these quilts go back in age 50 to 80 +++ years. She likes to say that she is taking heirlooms of the past and turning them into heirlooms of the future.

Here is a photo of one of her latest creations. This is Mr. and Mrs. Clause. (This photo was taken at the Coastal GA Fair this past week where my Mom won FIRST PLACE in the original doll category - GOOOOOO MOM!!!)

Another comment I get a lot from my customers is how detailed I am. Let me tell you - I got that honestly. My Mom is a detail freak!! For example this is a close up photo of "Mrs. Clause" that my Mom designed and created from an antique quilt. Notice her glasses in particular. My Mom didn't think that the glasses where up to par - so she went in and hand painted the frames and then she glazed the lenses to give them more of a "glass like" look!!!

When creating her Heirloom/Antique pieces, she goes to extraordinary measures to create a work of art. For example - Mrs. Clause is holding a plate of miniature gingerbread cookies and a cup of hot chocolate while she awaits Santa's return.

Now check out Santa himself - he is holding a very elaborate staff in his one hand and a brass lantern in his other hand. Also notice his hair and beard. Each little curl is hand glued into place!!!!

My Mom creates and then sells these Antique Heirloom Santa's and Mrs. Clause's. She is also getting ready to create and add an Angel line to the collection. These are truly works of art and are meant to be cherished for years and years. Prices start at $275 and go up depending on the age of the quilt, the amount of decorations, and the amount of time spent on each piece. (If you are interested in learning more about a Heirloom Santa or Mrs. Clause please email me and I will get you in touch with my Mom!)

So - there you have it.... now you know where I got the artist talent from.... and now you know a little more about my Mom!

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and for allowing me to share a little about myself and my Mom! I hope you all have a GREAT weekend!!

Until Next Time!


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