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Friday, September 19, 2008

And the Winner is.....

Well.... I have to say EVERYONE!!! Now before you get toooo excited - I don't mean everyone who entered my "We Honor our Hero" contest.... (Even though there are FIVE of those Winners!!!)

What I mean is that I have decided to give each and everyone of you a 50% off coupon for my "BK's Ultimate Sports Collection" cutter file!!! This collection normally retails for $16.99 and if you purchase this file from Paperthreads on Saturday or Sunday ONLY - and use the coupon code: LM_0908_65990 you will get this file for 50% off!!!!

This collection includes all EIGHT of my sports files and includes: Golf, Tennis, Volleyball, Football, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer and Hockey files!

So that is a steal of a deal!!!! (Heck it was a steal of a deal at $16.99 if purchased each file separately – this collection would cost you $24!!!)


Now for the "We honor our Hero" Photo Star contest.... remember the terms for entering this contest was that I would choose a winner and that winner would provide me with TEN photos of their "Hero" along with the branch of the military that they server(ed) in. And if the person entering wins - they have agreed to sign a waiver allowing me to post photos of their winning prize on my website as the product examples - or however I see fit to use the photo for marketing purposes.....

Now to let you in on how this went down - and how I tried to be just as fair as I possible could ~ Last night hubby was watching TV and being super lazy - and I asked him if he would help me draw the winner! Of course he replied. So I said - well sit up - to which he replied - "uh, no!"....

So... here we are getting ready to draw the names.... Oh before I forget - I decided to draw ONE name for EACH branch of the military!!! So we have FIVE Winners!!! Whooo Hoooo!!! I put all the names for each branch into the bowl and hubby drew names... (notice how he said he wasn't going to get up and do this - and uh.. he didn't!!! Bahahaha)

And the first Winner - representing the Air Force is:

And our next winner representing the branch true and dear to my heart - the ARMY (HOOAH)is:

The winner representing the Marines:

Our winner representing the Navy:

And our last winner - well - she was the only one who entered representing the Coast Guard:

So there you have it the winners are as follows:

Air Force - Jill

Army - Elizabeth

Marines - Jennifer

Navy - Sue F.

Coast Guard - Maria

Congratulations ladies!!! If you would please send me an email with your ten photos to lori@belovedkeepsakes.com and in return I will send you a wavier to sign - along with a few other things!!!!

And for all those who entered and didn't win! I am so sorry - but I will be sharing the completed photo stars here on my blog - and I will be offering them for sale at the Beloved Keepsakes Shop!
Hope you all have a GREAT weekend! Congratulations to our winners again - and don't forget the 50% off coupon! It is only good TOMORROW and SUNDAY!

Until Next Time!



Thursday, September 18, 2008

I'm sooo excited.....

First of all - hubby and I just drew the winner for the custom made "We Honor our Hero" photo star!! But.... you will have to wait til tomorrow to find out the WINNERS - YEP I said WINNERS!!!! (Are you excited yet??)

And if that wasn't exciting enough - did you hear that KNK is coming out with a NEW machine!!!! Whoooo Hooo!!! So this is what they are saying......

Accugraphic Sales is proud to announce the introduction of the new 2009 models of KNK MAXX series of cutters! As with our previous releases, we listened to what customers wanted and built a machine that would meet these needs. Here are a few things to look forward to:

Newly-Designed Body
More Force
Laser Alignment
Smoother, Faster, Quieter Operation
Aggressive Grit Rollers for Reduced Skewing
Ability to Hold Larger Pens and Markers
New Bolt-On Table Extensions
New Extra-Thick Mat
Repeat Function

Pricing and more details will be released at Paperthreads in the next couple weeks!

So you know what this means right??? Now I have to decide if I want to sell my 13" KNK to upgrade to the new Maxx machine!!! Oh what to do what to do!!!

Ok thats it until tomorrow when I announce the winners of the photo star!! Oh I am sooo excited about that - so make sure you check in then!!!

Until Next Time!



Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I'm here.....

Just swamped beyond swamped!!! I had to take my car to the dealership (that cost me almost $800) then I had to go Wally Word (that cost me even more $$$) and then I had to go the grocery store!! Sheesh!!! I need to stay my butt at home!!!

I am still looking for Military Wives/Mothers/Sister/Girlfriends to sign up for my free give away (See below).... I think we have has someone from every branch of the service sign up - except Coast Guard!!!!

So if you have any friends in the Coast Guard - have them run over and sign up!!! Tomorrow is the last day!!!

Meanwhile - I will have to catch up with you all tomorrow!!!

Until Next Time!



Monday, September 15, 2008

Calling all Military Wives, Mother, Girlfriends....

I need a favor - and that could possible lead to you getting a free gift!!!!

I am in the process of adding new items to my Beloved Keepsakes Shop and one of the items I will be adding in the next few days/weeks will be custom photo stars. (You may remember these from my redo of my living room back last year!) They make wonderful wall hanging for your home and awesome gifts for family and friends!!!

Well - one of the things I am looking to offer is a 15" custom "We honor our Hero" photo star. This is where I plan to take ten photos of a service member and custom make a 15" photo star with branch specific scrapbooking paper to honor a "her" in your life!

I made one of these for my mother in law for Christmas this past year with my hubby and my BIL photos and of course all our paper was "Army" themed. She loved it - and I have had several people inquire about getting one of their own.....

So this is where all you military related people come in..... I have decided to host a drawing to offer a FREE a 15" Custom "We honor our Hero" photo star to one (or maybe more) of you - my readers!!!! That's right... I said FREE!!!!!

But there is a catch! (Isn't there ALWAYS a catch???).... If you win the 15" Custom "We honor our Hero" photo star -you have to send me ten photos of your military person AND you have to agree to sign a waver letting me use the photos of YOUR finished star on my Beloved Keepsakes website as my example!!! (Or for any marketing that I see fit).

Now - I personally think that is a GREAT deal!!! What about you????

If you are interested - and want to enter the drawing - please leave a comment in my comment section with:

1) Your Name

2) The Military Branch that you would be needing (Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines or Coast Guard)

That's it!!! And I announce the WINNER(s) on Friday!!!!

So if you know someone else that might also be interested in winning a photo star - please send them on over as well.



Sunday, September 14, 2008

For my Military Scrapping Friends...

Normally I don't post on the weekends..... but.... I spent most of the day working on some new products for my Beloved Keepsakes website..... and in the process I needed to locate some new military scrapbooking papers....... (got to love online shopping!)

Well -- let me tell you I hit the mother load!!!!

If you are a military wife/mother/girlfriend and you love to scrap - You have to check out Creating Military Memories .

They have the CUTEST freaking military papers! I mean cute, cute, cute!!!!! So cute - well lets just say I spend way way way more than I should have! (Shssss - don't tell the hubby!!! Wait on second though - it is all for his scrapbook - so what does it matter!!!! LOL)

They have all kinds of military paper - some I have seen before - and some I have never seen!!!!! (I know - shocking!!! I thought I had seen every military paper known to man!!!) There is a section for each branch - and a HUGE section of general patriotic stuff!!!

And the best part?!?!?! It is ran by a military wife!!! Got to love those!!!

So - if you are scrapping military stuff - make sure you check them out! And if you order - hey tell them you heard from them from Beloved Keepsakes!!!!


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