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Friday, September 19, 2008

And the Winner is.....

Well.... I have to say EVERYONE!!! Now before you get toooo excited - I don't mean everyone who entered my "We Honor our Hero" contest.... (Even though there are FIVE of those Winners!!!)

What I mean is that I have decided to give each and everyone of you a 50% off coupon for my "BK's Ultimate Sports Collection" cutter file!!! This collection normally retails for $16.99 and if you purchase this file from Paperthreads on Saturday or Sunday ONLY - and use the coupon code: LM_0908_65990 you will get this file for 50% off!!!!

This collection includes all EIGHT of my sports files and includes: Golf, Tennis, Volleyball, Football, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer and Hockey files!

So that is a steal of a deal!!!! (Heck it was a steal of a deal at $16.99 if purchased each file separately – this collection would cost you $24!!!)


Now for the "We honor our Hero" Photo Star contest.... remember the terms for entering this contest was that I would choose a winner and that winner would provide me with TEN photos of their "Hero" along with the branch of the military that they server(ed) in. And if the person entering wins - they have agreed to sign a waiver allowing me to post photos of their winning prize on my website as the product examples - or however I see fit to use the photo for marketing purposes.....

Now to let you in on how this went down - and how I tried to be just as fair as I possible could ~ Last night hubby was watching TV and being super lazy - and I asked him if he would help me draw the winner! Of course he replied. So I said - well sit up - to which he replied - "uh, no!"....

So... here we are getting ready to draw the names.... Oh before I forget - I decided to draw ONE name for EACH branch of the military!!! So we have FIVE Winners!!! Whooo Hoooo!!! I put all the names for each branch into the bowl and hubby drew names... (notice how he said he wasn't going to get up and do this - and uh.. he didn't!!! Bahahaha)

And the first Winner - representing the Air Force is:

And our next winner representing the branch true and dear to my heart - the ARMY (HOOAH)is:

The winner representing the Marines:

Our winner representing the Navy:

And our last winner - well - she was the only one who entered representing the Coast Guard:

So there you have it the winners are as follows:

Air Force - Jill

Army - Elizabeth

Marines - Jennifer

Navy - Sue F.

Coast Guard - Maria

Congratulations ladies!!! If you would please send me an email with your ten photos to lori@belovedkeepsakes.com and in return I will send you a wavier to sign - along with a few other things!!!!

And for all those who entered and didn't win! I am so sorry - but I will be sharing the completed photo stars here on my blog - and I will be offering them for sale at the Beloved Keepsakes Shop!
Hope you all have a GREAT weekend! Congratulations to our winners again - and don't forget the 50% off coupon! It is only good TOMORROW and SUNDAY!

Until Next Time!



KatyJo September 21, 2008 at 11:41 PM  

Tell my brother to go scrub his fingernails! Eeewwww!
Love you guys ~ talk at ya soon.

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