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Thursday, September 18, 2008

I'm sooo excited.....

First of all - hubby and I just drew the winner for the custom made "We Honor our Hero" photo star!! But.... you will have to wait til tomorrow to find out the WINNERS - YEP I said WINNERS!!!! (Are you excited yet??)

And if that wasn't exciting enough - did you hear that KNK is coming out with a NEW machine!!!! Whoooo Hooo!!! So this is what they are saying......

Accugraphic Sales is proud to announce the introduction of the new 2009 models of KNK MAXX series of cutters! As with our previous releases, we listened to what customers wanted and built a machine that would meet these needs. Here are a few things to look forward to:

Newly-Designed Body
More Force
Laser Alignment
Smoother, Faster, Quieter Operation
Aggressive Grit Rollers for Reduced Skewing
Ability to Hold Larger Pens and Markers
New Bolt-On Table Extensions
New Extra-Thick Mat
Repeat Function

Pricing and more details will be released at Paperthreads in the next couple weeks!

So you know what this means right??? Now I have to decide if I want to sell my 13" KNK to upgrade to the new Maxx machine!!! Oh what to do what to do!!!

Ok thats it until tomorrow when I announce the winners of the photo star!! Oh I am sooo excited about that - so make sure you check in then!!!

Until Next Time!



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