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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

My Space...

So based on a comment left on one of my post, I thought today I would give you a sneak peek of craft/office/scrapbooking room.

It is so amazing to me how a space can make you feel. I just love coming into this room and spending time. Be it filling orders or designing new cutting files!!!

My dad was a complete Godsend - as he is the one who came over and helped me hang all the cabinets and install the counter top on the back wall.

Some of my favorite things about this room:

~ You can have three to four people working at one time comfortably.

~ I love my curtain rods on the wall where I am able to display some of my favorite layouts - and whenever I feel a need to change them out I can!

~ I love all my ribbon stored in the mason jars (I stole this idea from my friend Susan!). It makes it easy to see what you have!

~ I love having the water fountain in my room! It is very calming and relaxing to hear the soft trickling sounds of the water!

~ I really enjoy my ten foot ceiling with floor to ceiling windows!! It is always nice and bright in here!!!!

~ But mostly - I love having my own space to decorate as I please, organize as I please, and spend as much time as I want to in it!!!

Hope you enjoyed your sneak peek - I would love to hear about your space!

Till next time~
Cya ~
(And yes before anyone even asks - I AM A NEAT FREAK!!)


Chris Durnan July 24, 2007 at 7:21 PM  

I knew those curtain rods were somewhere. I am thinking about revamping some of my craft room.
thanks for sharing yours! Enjoy!

Anonymous,  July 25, 2007 at 9:10 AM  

Oh goodie, thanks for honoring my request and posting pics of your scrapbook room, its gorgeous!!! The color looks lavender, and I love how that table comes off of the counter space. Did you arrange it like that or was it a purchased piece that fits together like that?

How wonderful that you have room for several friends to scrapbook with you in there. I’m in a private swap group of about 25 ladies from several different states all across the U.S. and some of them have a similar set up. We have a yearly weekend “retreat” at different homes when several from the group can attend and it’s so much fun to have room to get together to scrap, eat or chat the entire weekend away.

The windows are magnificent and my favorite is the curtain instead of closet doors. No, wait a minute I think my favorite is the curtain rod with some of your layouts attached. *Ü* What is the quote above those? It’s difficult to chose a favorite ‘cause your entire space looks great.

I too have a scrapbook room. I’m like you, it just feels good to have a space that you enjoy spending time in. Thanks for sharing your space with us, its lovely!!!


Lori McDonald July 25, 2007 at 12:27 PM  

Hey Deb!!!
Thanks for the comments!!! The color is a lavender of sorts!! I picked the color because I got all these great Karen Foster paper keepers and such on clearnace - but the only color they had was the deep purple - so I planned my room around that!!!

The table that comes out from the counter is actually our old dinning room table. We installed the counter on the back wall just high enough that the table can fit underneath it. So you can remove the table and take it out of the room completely if you need to (for example when I need to use the blow up bed in there!!)

The quote above the curtain rod hangers says "We do not remember days... we remember moments."

I purchased all the fabrics and made all the curtains (under the counter and such) myself! My mother in law - god bless her! Covered my seat cushions to match as well!!!

Thanks again for your comments so glad I could share!!!


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