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Friday, July 20, 2007

What 'cha watching?

So what do you watch on TV? Personally, I am not a huge TV watcher. BUT when I do.. I love Reality TV! Yep - if you checked my TIVO history pretty much everything I record and watch is reality TV. I would even go so far to say I am a reality TV junkie!!(Hmmm I wonder if there is a support group for that???!!!)

So what programs are my favorites? Well first I would say "Survivor"! I love that show. I didn't watch the first season until the final episode. Yep - you guessed it - there was a "Survivor" party and I attended - and had never, not once watched a single show up until that point - but hey, I was single and a party was a party!!! LOL

After that - I was hooked!!! Have not missed a single season yet! (That is 13 seasons I have actually watched now!) I liked "Survivor" so much I named my two fish (that survived ten days of h-e-double hockey sticks) Rob and Amber from Season 8 - the "All Star Survivor".

I also like: "The Deadliest Catch", "American's Next Top Model", "Beauty and the Geek", "America's Got Talent", "For Love or Money", "The Swan".... and to be honest the list could go on and on!!!

One program that I never got into was "American Idol" - until.... Hubby was deployed and one of the other wives and I became really good friends (now she is my bestest friend ever!). Well she loved that program! Just loved it... so being the friend I am, I started watching it too. That way we could talk about it - and yep - I got HOOKED!!! SO HOOKED in fact this last season, when hubby was home on R&R I actually made him suffer through it and watch it with me a few times!!! (I believe his comment was, "I would rather poke my eye out with a sharp stick than to watch this!")

I actually like Simon. He cracks me up! Randy and his "dawg" comments are funny as well! And who doesn't like Paula - she tries so hard to be nice!!! I love to see how America will vote!! Do you know that more people actually vote for "American Idol" than they do for the President of the United States!!!! (Crazy huh!!! Now you do have to factor in that anyone can vote for Idol no matter their age, and you can vote as many times as you like during the call in hours - but still!!!! That is CRAZY TALK!!!)

So in honor of "Reality TV"... Here is today's freebie!!!

Sorry this file is no longer available!

Now I know that you all have some photos lying around where you can use this file!!! Me included!! As a matter of fact - when hubby was home this last time, two of his children came to visit. One of their favorite things to do in the evening time before bed was to play Xbox. In particular - they loved the game: Karaoke Revolution.... So here are a few photo's of hubby in his "singing glory!!!" (Not sure if you can tell in the photo - but his character on the game looked a heck of a lot like him! Older, redheaded, very pale skinned!! It was quite funny!!!)

(And how about that air guitar? Can't you just hear it screaming!)

Just for the record - I can SING!! No matter what my hubby says!! Actually, I out scored all of them and got a platinum album the very first time I ever played!!! :)

Hope you enjoy the file - and even more - Hope you have GREAT weekend! Keep on Singing!!!!


PS - I would love to see your projects with this file (and to make it more enticing... if you email me a photo of your project - with permission to post it - I will not only post it here on the blog - but I will give you a thank you gift as well!! Heck I will do that with any of my files!!)


Chris Durnan July 20, 2007 at 12:35 PM  

okay sooo.... I love Karaoke Revolution I have the party version and the country version and two mics and my son and hubby and I like to play. it is fun! .. A little tidbit about me. I sang in the electric parade in disney and at sea world when I was in junior high school. woohoo.. now there's some trivia! Enjoy! Chris

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