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Monday, September 17, 2007

Curve Balls and People you meet!

Sorry I haven't had time to post since Friday!! Life sure can throw you a few curve balls from time to time....

So I went to my mom and dads on Friday! My mom and I went shopping!! Fun, Fun, Fun!!! I mean hey - who doesn't like to shop? And it had been quite a while since I went shopping with my mom! I really need to do that more often! Throw in the fact that the end of the summer sales are going on!!! Oh boy!!!

Speaking of shopping - the other day I was in AC Moore getting.... hmmm, something!!! LOL

Anywho... there was these two lady's checking out in front of me... well they were talking about Mod Podge and altering items!! Have I ever told you how much I love love love Mod Podge? I have never heard of Mod Podge until my dear friend Susan told me about it!!! (Speaking of Susan - she has become Pampered Chef Consultant - oh there is nothing better than Pampered Chef - so email her if you need or want to order something!!!)

Anyway - back to Mod Podge.... so I got to talking to this lady checking out in front of me and asked what was she making... well she replied she wanted to do recipe tins - but that AC Moore didn't have any - so she was going to alter some other things!!

Well I ended up giving her my business card and told her I love to alter tins and such and that I knew of some websites that sold really cheap tins.... I also told her about my blog here and how I like to share my shopping deals with my readers!! And to prove to her I wasn't some lunatic talking to strangers - I told her she could check me out at Savannah Scrapbooking to see that I was on there design team!!!

I must not have freaked her out too bad as she emailed me for the information on the cheap tins.... so I sent that off to her and asked her if she would mind sending me some photos of things she had altered!!! She said not problem!

Oh - my new friend is named Dana! She is a photographer!!! You have to check out her website she is an AWESOME, and let me tell you I know awesome as my mother is also an awesome photographer!!!

Have you ever altered a tin? Wanted too??? Well here is a list of some great deals on tins:

If you are trying to make recipes tins - this is probably the best and cheapest place to get them... and they come with the inserts. (You can get them without the inserts too!!)

If you are looking for the Basic Grey ones.. Depending on how many you need - this lady on ebay has them the cheapest I have ever seen:

Then if you are looking for some different ones - check here: http://www.bargainpack.com/ click on the left hand side for tin totes… and shipping from here is awesomely priced!!!

Then of you want a true lunch box shaped - there are here for $8 -http://www.lunchboxes.com/metal.html

Now to help you get inspired - here are some photos that Dana sent me of some of the things she has altered!! CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!!

First is the doggie treat can! I love this!!! What a great idea!!

Then these are boxes of 25 assorted cards that shebought from AC Moore on sale for $5 (cards included). Dana plans to give them to my sons kindergarten teacher for presents!!! (Oh, I hope they don't read my blog!!! LOL)

And then this cute paint can to store crayons!

And then check out this index card box!!!

I hope the websites and the awesome photos get you inspired to alter something soon!!!! Do you realize there are only 99 days til CHRISTMAS!!!!! OM MY!!!!!

Until Next Time!



Anonymous,  September 17, 2007 at 4:38 PM  

These are really cute, but forgive me for asking...what do you use the modpodge for? Is it to put as a clearcoat over things you decorate the tins with?

Lori McDonald September 17, 2007 at 4:56 PM  

Hey Bec -

Mod Podge is both a glue and a sealer!!! you use it to glue your stuff to whatever (Think umm watered down elemers glue)... then afterwards you can use it to make a protected sealer on top. You can make it smooth or add texture....

Use a sponge brush to apply and soap and water to clean up!!!


Anonymous,  September 18, 2007 at 10:53 AM  

What a wealth of information. Thanks Lori . . .and Dana!


Anonymous,  September 18, 2007 at 12:37 PM  

Sounds like a fun project I will have to put on my list of 'to do's. Thank you for the information.

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