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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Doing the happy dance....

Has anyone ever seen the commercial for Six Flags over GA? With the bald headed guy?? Well that is me right now!!! I am doing the old man happy dance!!!

(What?!?! You've NEVER SEEN the commercial?? Well you have to watch it RIGHT NOW!!! I swear every time I just hear the music I giggle and watching it makes me about pee in my pants laughing!!! HONEST!!!)

With the help of one of me dearly devoted blog readers - Beth in TX - she hooked me up with her friend Suzanne, also in TX and I shipped my Element out to her today with all the extras!!!!

Whooo Hoooo!!!! It was a bitter fond farewell - as I loved that machine but I'm REALLY looking forward to getting the 13"!! Its really going to benefit me in the long run for my business!!!

I am sooo relieved and excited to have sold my Element - as a matter of fact! I am even giving Beth a "finders fee" for helping me sell it!! Yep - I will be sending Beth a disk with all my files that I have designed!!!! Yep - every last one of them - including my new files that are not even in the store yet!!!!
Speaking of new files - I need to run so I can get the text documents written up and get those new files in the store!!! I'll try to give you a sneak peak later on and let you in on what I have been working on!!!

Thanks again Beth and Suzanne!!!! Now if November will just hurry up and get here!!!!
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BethGinTx September 26, 2007 at 5:29 PM  


You are very welcome! It was an easy sale as I knew Suzanne wanted one and it was a good deal. I knew you barely used it. I am glad it worked out for you both. Of course I am excited to get all your files! I have some that I bought, and was planning to buy more but now I can wait for other new files. Enjoy the 13" WHITE machine. You deserve it!

Anonymous,  September 26, 2007 at 9:45 PM  

Congrats to you and Suzanne! I am jealous. Happy cutting to you both :)

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