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Friday, November 9, 2007

Joy oh Joy....

So have you heard about the "Online Scrapbooking Show", Scrap-a-faire??? I received a coupon to enter for free so I though - what the hey (you know how I love a deal!!).... and off I went!!!

HOLY COW!!!!! Can you say Scrapbookers Shopping Paradise?!?!? Needless to say I have found some new products that I just HAD to add to my wish list..... So I thought I would share a few of them with you today!!! (You are sooooo going to love reading my blog today- let me tell you!!!)

First up - have you seen the new "GLUE GLIDER MAX"? This is awesome!!!! It received the prestigious “Most Innovative New Product Award” during the annual 2007 International Craft and Hobby Association (CHA) Convention and Trade Show held in Chicago. This product is your glue runner on steroids - and the great thing is you don't have to thread the tape!!! Thus no gumming up! Yep, you heard right - if you want to switch tapes - you just pull the cartridge out, push a new one in.... and they have OVER a 100 feet per cartridge!!! (It is so new, it isn't going to start shipping till Dec 14th, but if you go to the Scrap-a-Faire, you get a special link to get a great deal and pre-order!!!!) You HAVE to check it out!!!! They are also the ones that have came out with the new Vellum tape that I have been hearing RAVE reviews on!! You can see that here!

The next REALLY cool thing I found (and purchased already) was this Military Music Box with digital download!! I am very excited as I plan to give this as a Christmas present to someone that is import to our family!!!

Oh - and then you have to check out this line of paper!!! Can you say YUMMY!!!!! I especially like the Middle East papers (duh!) and the "On the road again" line!!!

Now I am not a stamper - not at all but I thought this was way cool - it is a make it yourself stamp kit!!! The "Stamping Making Kit" by Imagepac - New Stamping Making Kit by Imagepac! Make your own stamps at home with this kit in about 20 minutes! All you need is included and you can make at least 40 stamps with the started kit. Pretty cool!!!

Oh and the next thing that I thought was really way cool... was these memory boxes... I have seen something close to this called explosion box before and thought that they were cool. But I have to admit - I am not sure why you would want to make one of these or how or where you would store it once you did complete it - but it is WAY cool!!!

Then Dude.... this website cracked me up.... they have some cool paper - but more than anything I loved their titles - and of course you have to check out their "about" page where you can get schooled on "dudeology".

So there you have it.... 56 vendors visited - a bunch of cool things found - a few things that I just HAD to add to my Christmas/Birthday gift list - and a totally informative blog read for you!!!

I have to say all in all the Scrap-a-faire was pretty cool!! You can chat with designer and all the "Who's Who's" in the Scrapbooking world. You can take classes (for a small fee) and you can shop! A pretty productive evening spent if you ask me!! (The online scrapbooking/trade show will be up until Sunday - so if you have time check it out!!!)

So - Until Next Time!

Cya ~


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