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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Did you know???

As most of you know my blog is hit and miss on the weekends - but today is a yucky rainy day!! Dang it!!! I was hoping I was going to get to go to the range and practice shooting with my bow!!!! Hubby says we can still go - I think not!!!! LOL

The good thing about a rainy day is I can stay home and spend time with my "Kindle"!!! Yep FINALLY my Birthday present came in!!! If you are an avid reader - and I do mean avid - you might want to check out the Amazon Kindle. Now let me tell you is is EXPENSIVE!!! I am sooo not going to lie to you - and had I've know Hubby was going to buy it - I would have NEVER agreed to it - as it is crazy expensive! But I didn't know (and I am kind of glad I didn't!!!) cause this thing is AWESOME!!!!!

On average - if hubby is home I read about two books a week - if hubby isn't home I read about four books a week - so this thing TOTALLY rocks!! You can download sample chapters, you can buy books, you can even surf the basic web!!! All from your home!!! It is like spending an afternoon at Barnes and Nobles without EVER leaving your house!!!!

So on that note - I think I will go read!!! Bahahaha..... but before I do - if you haven't already seen - One of my Co Designers, Jennette (with Butterfly Designs) is hosting a Scrapping Challenge on her Blog.... make sure you check it out! Oh and did I mention that the first place prize is a Purple Crop A Dile!!!! Yum Yum!!!

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Joyce January 19, 2008 at 3:59 PM  

I haven't heard about your new "book" but my husband and I read books on our Palm Pilot devices all the time. There are thousands of free books available on the Internet... most of it is older literature that the copyright has expired on. But more and more current literature is becoming available. I've also found a public library that let you checkout electronic books like you do real ones! Unfortunately I would have to move to Cleveland to take advantage of their library!!! LOL, maybe my local library will move into the digital age soon. Joyce H

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