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Monday, January 7, 2008

I got....

SOOOO many great gifts for the holiday's!!! Between Christmas, my birthday and now our anniversary coming up... but I thought I would share one of my gifts with you today!!!!

One of the things I asked for for Christmas was a small "pink" digital camera that I could carry in my purse!!! Now you need to understand that I have an AWESOME bomb-diggity Canon Xti Rebel with an even more AWESOME Tamron lens... but if I am not going somewhere where I know for a fact I will be needing a camera - I hate to carry that thing around with me. First of all it was way freaking expensive!!! Second of all it is kind of bulky. And thirdly - I hate to have it being stored in my car where someone could steal it, the temperature changes could effect it - or heaven forbid it be bouncing around in the trunk and get broke!!!

Hubby couldn't understand WHY I wanted - much less needed a small camera to carry around with me... but thank goodness for parents!!!! Whoooo Hoooo!!! My parents heard my plea, they listened to reason and lucky for me my mom is a EXCELLENT photographer and is able to relate! Hence I got the Pink Nikon Coolpix as a gift from them!! (Thanks again Mom and Dad!!!)

This thing is small!!! About the size of a credit card - but just a little bit thicker. Takes your regular AA batteries!!! It is 5 M with a 3x optical zoom!!! Can you say sweeetttttt!!!! Now as most of you know, I took a little mini vacation with hubby this past week. Well - Hubby had to work but I was vacationing!!! LOL And while we were gone I was able to capture some cool photos thanks to the fact I had that little camera in my purse!!!

I thought I would share a few with you today....

See if I didn't have a way cool camera in my purse - I would have never been able to catch this photo of the frozen fountain!! Can you say brrrrr????

Now this photo you will be seeing again... I think I am going to use it for my upcoming challenge!!!

Got to Love Love Love an Army base... they always have way cool stuff sitting around!!!

Can you say "HELLO!! Where are your manners!!!!" Bahahaha... this is hubby caught in the act of enjoying a bowl of yummy Koren soup!!! (Can you believe the owners actually know him on a first name basis!!! Sheeessshhhh!!!!)

So the moral to the story: If you don't already have a small digital camera tucked away in your purse - it is TOTALLY worth the investment!!!! (Hey the camera was less than a $100 bucks - but the photos are worth a lifetime!!)

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Anonymous,  January 7, 2008 at 2:30 PM  

I'm with ya here Lori. When we shopped for cameras this past summer, my husband kept looking at the big chunky ones as I continued to stress wanting a purse size one. Great decision because like you said it will get a lot more use when you actually have it with you all the time. I also wanted a pink one, but they didn't have that color and I wasn't about to wait once I got the 'go ahead and get it'...wasn't passing it up. Enjoy, leave it to parents to know just which gift to pick from the wish list :).

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