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Saturday, January 26, 2008

It just dawned on me....

Due to getting so sick last Sunday - I didn't tell you about my movie date with my hubby!!! I have such a WONDERFUL hubby!! He will actually go to the "Chick Flicks" with me if I ask nice enough!! Bahahaha.....

So last Sunday we went and saw "Atonement"! Oh my GOODNESS!

Now let me warn you this is not a feel good movie - it has no happy ending - but it is riveting. The cinematography is superb! The scenery is amazing. And the lesson is that we as humans have the power to change people's lives with the choices that we make - either good or bad!!!

I have to admit even though I am an avid reader I didn't not read the book so I can not compare the two - but I can tell you that the sound track was sooooo powerful I purchased it on download and have it on my Kindle to read by!!!

I give this one two thumbs up!!!

Until Next Time!



KatyJo January 27, 2008 at 7:59 PM  

Ok, Sis,
It's a good thing I'm actually checking up on you through here now...since you haven't called me back! Yeah, yeah, I know you're deathly sick...blah, blah, give a girl a call! Seriously though, I hope you're feeling a little better. Let me know when the next surgery is, 'K?
Love you ~ Kathryn

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