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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Stuck??? Stuck?!?!? STUCK!!!!!

So there I was knee deep in mud, in the pitch black dark and all I could think of was the movie "The Christmas Story".....

Let me back up a little bit and give you the whole story!!!! (Beware it is long so you might want to grab a diet coke and some chocolate!!) LOL

Yesterday afternoon hubby decided that we should take a ride up to the county DNR office. It seems that there is a ton of public land that we can hunt right around our home. Some of it is even archery only land. So off we went.

We gathered all the information - found out everything that we needed to find out and headed off for a "Tue afternoon" drive (you know verse a "Sunday afternoon" drive!!!). Well... we decided to head down this dirt road that we had been down a few weeks ago. See, the problem a few weeks ago was the road was muddy and wet since we had had a ton of rain. As a matter of fact - we had decided a few weeks ago that the road was just WAY toooo bad for our little 2WD Jeep Liberty and that we would come back when the ground had dried out some.

It hadn't rained in about a week so we head back down the road... Now here is the funny part - we had just this week been talking about how we needed to get together a "road kit" to include a wench, a shovel, a flashlight etc... and we had even gone as far to call my Dad and ask him about a come-a-longs and he had offered to give us his the next time we see him....

So off we go.... down this long road into the deep GA woods..... we went through the first mud puddle, then the next and even the next.... this was farther than we had gotten two weeks ago.... and then it started looking a little nasty..... So hubby stopped the Jeep - got out and decided to walk up the road a little ways and see if it got better or if it got worse.......

Lucky for me I had my "Kindle" with me and had just purchased a new book... so I sat in the Jeep happy as a clam reading my book.... well a little latter hubby come back. He was carrying this big ole stick with him and he placed it in the back of the Jeep. He said "I think we will just turn around here!!!" Bahahaha....

So we turned around... and started heading back the way we came.... Now understand - we have been through these mud puddles three times already - "in and out" two weeks ago - and then "in" again on this trip.....

As we are driving out we are laughing about hubby's new "Puddle Checking Stick" he had placed in the Jeep and how we really need to get that kit together for these off road trips.... and we come up to the next to the next to the last puddle and I notice Hubby is going pretty slow, and not only that he is heading towards the right of the puddle but when we came though it we were on the left side.... I decided "Hey - what do I know" and didn't say anything......

And then........

Yep - we got stuck!!! I MEAN STUCK!!!!

Hubby gets out to "check out the situation".... He is knee deep in muddy water... so he tries to push while I try to drive - forwards, then backwards, then forwards again... and at this point we are REALLY STUCK!!! The right rear wheel is doing nothing but spinning.... oh and did I happen to mention that it is now 5:15 PM and it gets dark in the deep GA woods about 5:40 PM???? LOL

(I need to add in here that I actually am not to stressed about the situation.... I mean hey - it is what it is.... but let me advise you - if you ever find yourself in the same situation - DON'T ask your hubby if you can get out and take a photo for your scrapbook!!!! He WILL NOT see the the humor in it!!! Bahahahaha!!)

At this point we both whip out our cell phones (thank heavens for cell phones!!!!) and start going down the list calling anyone and everyone!!!! LOL Finally we get a hold of one our neighbors who comes once again to our rescue (this was the same neighbor that helped me with our leek roof several months back!!!).

Hubby starts hiking to the highway to meet our neighbor while I sit in the Jeep - in the dark and wait..... all of a sudden I remembered I have a book light in the door pocket of the Jeep!! Whooo Hoooo!!! I can read while I wait.... uh - NOT!!! I turned on that light and there must have been a 1000 sand gnats, mosquitoes and no see ums!!! Holly Cow... I turned that sucker off fast!!! LOL (This is about the time I started having the flashbacks of the movie "The Christmas Story"!!)

A little while later what should appear but two bright shinny headlights!!! Whoo Hooooo!!!!

Hubby and the neighbor get the Jeep all hooked up and they gave it a tug! NOTHING.... nada.... zip!!! So then they tried again.... by now it is pitch black dark and we decide to just wait til tomorrow to deal with trying to get the Jeep out!! I mean the LAST thing we want to do is for our neighbor to get stuck too!!!!

Lucky for me - hubby's hunting boots are in the back of the Jeep and he puts them on my feet for me and I am able to wade out of the puddle without getting muddy!!! What a husband!!!!

Well - we get home and another one of our neighbors is waiting for us - he wants to know if we got the Jeep out - and when he sees that we haven't he is all EXCITED as he wants to go pull it out with his Hummer!!! (Yep we live in the land of the "Good Ole GA Boys"!!! Bahahaha)....

Hubby was like - we can wait - really we hate to get you out in the dark, in the mud, etc..... our neighbor was like - are you kidding me?!?! This beats sitting on the sofa drinking sweet tea any night!!!! Bahahahaha!!!!

So off they went... long story short they pulled the Jeep right out like it was child's play!!!!


Hope your week is as adventurous as mine has been!!! I will probably not be around the next few days due to my surgery schedule... but I WILL be back before you know it!!!

Until Next Time!



Heather Huggins January 30, 2008 at 3:52 PM  

Oh my gosh I can't believe you didn't take a picture!! I'll have to post the layout of the day my husband thought our little kia car could be a snow mobile when I get home. You'll love that one!! I took a picture...Us in the middle of no where and no phone service. He wasn't happy about the picture at all... :)

Robin January 30, 2008 at 5:33 PM  

OMGosh Lori, I abt spewed my coffee all over the screen when I read that part your wrote abt not asking dh to take a picture. Thank heavens you have such great neighbors. I just love to read your blog everyday. HAGD.

Anonymous,  January 30, 2008 at 7:10 PM  

I just love reading your stories Lori. I wish you a safe surgery and speedy recovery. My husband had surgery last week and he does not like his picture taken. I thought I would sneak out the cell phone and snap a picture as he was waiting to go into the OR. Just as I captured the pic the nurse heard the click and turned around and just HAD TO tell all that I was taking pictures. UH

Anonymous,  January 30, 2008 at 7:51 PM  

In your words . . . Bahahahahaha!

Thinking of you and praying you have a speedy recovery!


Anonymous,  February 1, 2008 at 9:25 AM  

Oh girl...they just don't make Jeeps like they used to huh? Big Dave used to have a 'huntin truck' that could get in and out of ANYWHERE, but he sold it for a more economical model...just not the same. sigh... I'm glad you made it out alive...I've been back in some of those DNR WMA's and it's kinda scary when you realize how far in you are and nobody knows it. eek! :)

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