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Monday, April 7, 2008


Happy Monday!!! Hope this little blog post finds you all dry and well after a great weekend!! As for me - well I have been trying to bust a move as they say and I have been cranking out the files!!!!

I just finished prepping and uploading 15 more files to the store!!! WOW!! That now brings my total files available to 131!!! And did you know that 40 of those 131 went up just in the past week!!! Now that is what I call busting a move!!! LOL

This week is pretty much planned out - I have a one on one class with someone in the next town to help her learn how to use her cutter to the fullest on Wed, then on Thurs I have a hair appointment and need to get a pedicure, and then Saturday is the day of the Military ball.

Meanwhile I am still plugging away on the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT that is coming soon... and I mean it is coming up sooner than I thought - and I STILL have a TON of work to finish before the big revile! Man - what I am I doing on here?!?! I have get going and get it done!!!

Before I scram - here is a sneak peek of some of the files that will be hitting Paperthreads in the next few days!!!

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Anonymous,  April 7, 2008 at 10:00 PM  

All of the files are great. I especially love your 'One Nation' file. More files of that type would be wonderful. I have always loved the saying 'these colors never run'. I am not sure how you check for copyright on things like that though. You are definitely deserving of that bubble bath. :)

debenj April 8, 2008 at 9:49 AM  

I really like these files, especially the seafood ones as our son-in-law has a seafood restaurant/take-out business. Am going to have to size up their windows as I think some of these items would look great done in vinyl.

Military Ball... Sure hope you have a wonderful time there. we just received an invitation to one but now that he is retired!! YES!!! He doesn't have to attend (We HAD to attend every event that came up...ugh!) and his schedule is packed full of things he hasn't been able to do such as hunt and field our dogs, gun club stuff, etc... (boys priorities come first now..lol). We had some really good times at those events (even though I couldn't wear my jeans & t-shirts LOL)

Good Luck with getting everything done in time :)... deb

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