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Thursday, May 1, 2008

More puppy news....

So sorry I didn't get around to posting yesterday! Man - I know you are probably sick and tired of hearing all about the puppy - but I swear - this is what is controlling my life right now. I truly don't know how all you "REAL" mothers out there do it!!!

I am once again very sleep deprived - but each night is getting a little bit better - and today - well today I am anxiously awaiting the UPS man!!! Yep - today is the day that life is going to get better (at least I am hoping and praying)!!!! Why? Why you ask? Well I ordered this -

Whooo Hooo - supposedly there is enough room for the crate for the puppy to sleep in, a puppy pad, and his food, water and toys!!! So - I am HOPING that this means I no longer have to get up every two hours to let the little one out to potty!!! Whooo hoooo!!!

Now I do think that tonight will be the night to test our will with the crying - hmmmm which reminds me I need to go find my ear plugs!!! But I have to say - hubby has so totally lucked out that the puppy pen is suppose to arrive today - you know the day before I leave for Disney and he has to deal with the puppy 24/7!!!! (How did that happen!?!?!)

But honestly - how can you complain too much - when it is this you are complaining about???

Other than that - I have to say I really have nothing to report - I haven't had time to design, I haven't had time to upload new products or finish tweaking the new store... I just haven't had time period!!! LOL

Off to Disney tomorrow. Talked to my friend who I am going with and it sounds like a WORLD WIND Tour! Lucky for me - the three women I am going with all visit Disney often (unlike me - who hasn't been in 32 years!!!) and they have a game plan! Sounds like we are heading out tomorrow about 4 PM - getting up early Sat Morning and hitting the Magic Kingdom, Lunch and the afternoon at Epcot, then back to the Magic Kingdom for the parade and light show and we plan to close the place down (which I think is midnight!!!). Then on Sunday Morning we are heading to MGM Studios and then heading home that afternoon!!!

Whew - sounds like a blast! For once I am glad I am a tag along and I just get to go where I am told to go!!! Especially since all these ladies know where the places to go are!!! Whoo hooo!!!

Well that's it... oppsss hear the puppy crying! I'll try to stop in before I leave tomorrow!

Until Next Time!



debenj May 1, 2008 at 8:53 PM  

Have a WONDERFUL time on your trip & make sure you say HELLO to Mickey!!! (for me!)

Vicki May 4, 2008 at 4:09 PM  

This is my first visit to your blog - one of my blog readers sent me when I asked for interesting blogs for me to look at! I know what you're going through with a puppy - I've had two now and you forget how tiring it can be!! Luckily, they are well worth it! Yours is just adorable. I hope you had a wonderful time at Disney!

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