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Monday, July 7, 2008

Wii Kind of like Weekend!

Ah so here it is another Monday after a long four day weekend!!! And man was it a weekend!!!

On Thursday Hubby and I just kind of hung out! Not doing a lot of anything. I mean we did have a few errands to run - but other than that - not much happened. On Thur evening we did head down to the dock and and throw the cast net - caught a few shrimp not a lot - but the ones that we did catch where quite big! Especially since it is so early in the season!

On Friday - we got up and headed back down to the dock and threw the cast net a few more times! While we were there we ran into some of our neighbors and low and behold they had purchased a jet ski as well! So we made some plans to met up with them on Sat and head out to St Catherine's Island.

Friday afternoon we headed over to our old neighbor's new home. They moved a few months ago so we went to have lunch with them - and low and behold they had a Wii! Have you played Wii yet??? Oh man oh man! We totally had a BLAST!!! So much in fact that we have decided to sell our Xbox and we have purchased a Wii!! (I actually broke out in a sweat playing the Wii Boxing game!!!) Bahahaha...

Now - before you ask - I haven't actually gotten my Wii yet! Tomorrow is Wii day! I had no idea that Wii's are so hard to find! Who knew!! So I went online and searched and search and low and behold they had some in Orange Park, FL which is really close to where my best friend lives! So she went and sure enough they had three left - well needless to say I got a Wii and now so do they!! LOL Long story short - instead of having to drive two hours to get my Wii - her hubby is heading to NC - so we are going to meet him tomorrow on the interstate for the pass off!!! I am sooo excited!!!!

But - what that means is I now have to get rid of our original Xbox... What does that mean to you?? Well - that means that my gain of a Wii - could be your gain of an Xbox!!! Yep - I am going to sell it and ALL the stuff that I have to go with it!!!

Sold - Sold - Sold - Sold - Sold - Sold - Sold - Sold - Sold - Sold

1 - Original Xbox game console in EXCELLENT condition, 4 controllers, 2 dance pads, mic and tons of games….

Xbox was purchased on 3/27/04 and was bought for $219.95 (I have the original receipt and paperwork, and all connections and cords– but I do not have the original cardboard box that the unit came in.)

In addition to the Xbox unit you will also get the following hardware:

1 - Original Xbox Controller S in “Black” (with wire connection)
1 - Original Xbox Controller S in “See through Green” (with wire connection)
1 – Pelican “Street” Wireless Controller
1 – Pelican “Blade” Wireless Controller
2 – Stay Cool Dance Pads (only used once!!!)
1 – Microphone

In addition to the Xbox unit and the additional hardware you will get the following games:
· Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix (Rated E)
· Karaoke Revolution Party (Rated E)
· Nascar Thunder 2004 (Rated E)
· Sonic Plus Mega Collection (Rated E)
· DreamWorks Over the Hedge (Rated E)
· Shrek 2 (Rated E)
· Tetris (Rated E) (This is bundled with Star Wars)
· Star Wars (Rated T) (This is bundled with Tetris)
· PGR Project Gotham Racing 2 (Rated E)
· Lord of the Rings – Return of the King (Rated T)
· Lord of the Rings – The Fellowship of the Ring (Rated T)
· Toe Jam and Earl III – Mission to Earth (Rated T)
· Prince of Persia – The Sands of Time (Rated T)
· Ghost Recon 2 – Summit Strike (Rated T)
· Medal of Honor – Frontline (Rated T)
· Delta Force Black Hawk Down (Rated T)
· Battlefield 2 – Modern Combat (Rated T)
· America’s Army – Rise of the Soldier (Rated T) this is the official US Army game.
· Bass Pro Shops Trophy Hunter 2007 (Rated T)
· Ghost Recon (Rated M)
· Full Spectrum Warrior – Ten Hammers (Rated M)
· Full Spectrum Warrior (Rated M)
· Brothers in Arms – Road to Hill 30 (Rated M)
· Ghost Recon – Island Thunder (Rated M)
· Reservoir Dogs (Rated M)
· CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (Rated M)
· Fable (Rated M)
· Leisure Suit Larry – Magna Cum Laude (Rated M)
· Grand Theft Auto III (part of the double pack) (Rated M)
· Grand Theft Auto Vice City (part of the double pack (Rated M) – NEVER BEEN OPENED
· Men of Valor (Rated M) – NEVER BEEN OPENED
· Halo 2 Multiplayer Map Pack (Rated M) - NEVER BEEN OPENED
· Close Combat First to Fight (Rated T) – NEVER BEEN OPENED
· NHL 2004 (Rated E) – NEVER BEEN OPENED


So in total you would be getting the Original Xbox console system, 2 wired controllers, 2 wireless controllers, 2 dance pads, one microphone and 34 games!!! (FIVE of them have NEVER been opened!)

Everything is in working order! As a matter of fact I had one last go with my favorite game (Toe Jam and Earl III) before unhooking it from my TV and laying it all out to take these photos!

Sold - Sold - Sold - Sold - Sold - Sold - Sold - Sold - Sold - Sold

So let me know!! You can reach me via email at lori@belovedkeepsakes.com

I have more to report on my weekend - but I will do that tomorrow!


Until Next Time!


Update - thanks for looking at the Xbox but it has found an amazing home!


Anonymous,  July 7, 2008 at 10:12 PM  

My, that was fast !

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