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Saturday, December 20, 2008

I need YOUR help....

If you live near a Michael's craft store and think you will be getting in there anytime in the next few days..... would you be willing to do me a HUGE favor??? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE?!?!?!

I am looking for a metal 3-D snowflake ornament that they have there... they are on clearance for 60% off (hence they are only 99 cents each!).

If you are willing to go to your Michael's and see if they have these for me - I would be more than willing to pay you for them, plus shipping and for the gas money to get there!!!!

They have two different ones - and I am only looking for one of them. The ones I am looking for are the ones with the squares near the end.....

Here is a photo (you can click on it to get a better view):

I need as many of these as I can get my hands on... and since Christmas is here - they probably don't have very many of them....

If you get a chance to go to your local Michael's and check for me - I would GREATLY appreciate it!!!!!

If you have any questions - please contact me at lori_mcdnld@yahoo.com .

Like I said - I would GREATLY GREATLY appreciate any helping in finding as many of these as I can!!!!

Hope you have a GREAT weekend (the last one before Christmas!!!) Whoo Hooo!!!

Until Next Time~


Lori McDonald, Designer

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Anonymous,  December 22, 2008 at 10:54 AM  

Well I can't help you with the Michael's thing of course but I did want to stop in and wish you and the hubster a Merry Christmas. I hope Santa treats you right! ;)

Anonymous,  December 22, 2008 at 5:05 PM  

I checked at my local Michaels (Littleton CO) and they didn't have them. They had like NO ornaments. Sorry! Have a Merry Christmas! Hope you get the paper cutter you want!

Renae (rpcrafter)

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