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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tired, tired, tired!

Well I am back home after what seems to be my daily visit to the hospital! Sheesh!!! And I have to tell you I am some kind of tired! Last night, well technically this morning at about 3 AM my alarm on my house went off!!! I have to say in the almost five years we have owned this home my alarm as never gone off unless of course it was something stupid on my behalf (or my hubby's!! LOL).

I have to give huge KUDOS's to my alarm company though - they called me right away, they called the police right away and even bigger KUDOS's to the local police department who showed up in no time flat!!!

They didn't see or find anything overly suspicious - but man want to talk about a heart racing event?!?!?!? And you can forget about trying to go back to sleep after that!

So I think I am heading off to take a nap! Too much excitement and not enough sleep for me it seems!

Before I go - when I got home from the hospital yesterday there was a ton of emails from my hubby and low and behold - he sent PHOTOS!!!! Whooo Hoooo!!! (Hmmmm, if I knew all I had to do was to get sick in order for him to send me photos...... bahahaha!!! JUST JOKING!!!)

Here is couple of my favorites -

Oh how I sooo sooo sooo love this man!!! You got to admit he is looking pretty studly! And hey when he is home there is NO doubt that I sleep safe at night! (I mean hey - did you see those GUNS! Bahahaha!)

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Ileana August 4, 2009 at 9:14 PM  

Stay safe and get better pronto!

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