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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I'm still here....

Just really busy!!! And my brain doesn't seem to be functioning correctly either! See today I had a ton of errands to run. From new ID cards, and decals that had to be obtained on base, to changing the oil in the Jeep and dropping off jewelry repairs - there as a ton to get done.

Well while I was a the local "Jiffy Lube" getting the oil changed and the Jeep washed, I decided to call my mom while I was waiting. I was on the phone pretty much the whole time I was waiting for them to get the Jeep done. Time flew by and before I knew it - they were honking the horn for me to come drive away. And drive away I did....

It wasn't until about 5 PM this afternoon that it dawned on me - I DIDN'T PAY!!!! I kid you not!! So I called them up and explained and they were like "No problem! Thanks for calling and telling us!" (I don't think they even realized that I hadn't paid yet!!!) So I will go in and pay tomorrow! But man - I am not sure if it is old age or what!!! Sheesh!!!

Really quick I want to share with you the ACU "My Daddy is my Hero" dress I made for my God Daughter! I think it turned out super cute (even if it did take me almost four hours to put the stupid zipper in!!!! YES - I think I will be taking a sewing class soon!!!)

Here is also a photo of the other dress I completed as well (the photo so blurry! Sorry!!!) This one has "Army Princess" embroidered on it!!

(Here is a close up of the embroidery work - and yes I did that too!!!)

I got them done just in time for her to wear it one of them to the airport when her daddy comes home on leave! How exciting!!!! And speaking of leave... well I am still waiting to hear when my hubby with arrive!

I think that is it - I will see ya soon!

Until Next Time!


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Sue Shaff,  September 16, 2009 at 9:43 AM  

Those dresses are absolutey precious, Lori! You did a super job on the embroidery, too! Fabulous creating!

I don't think ANY of us expect to hear from you when your DH gets home so don't fret about the blog. Just let us know when you make your HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT! Anxiously waiting but not near as anxious as YOU are for that day when your DH and you get to see each other! I'm SOOOO happy for you!


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