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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Calling all Military Wives....

I had the honor of receiving “Faith Deployed – Daily Encouragements for Military Wives” and I have to be honest with you as crazy and stressful as my life has been of late with health issues, business issues and then with hubby return for his R&R and then him leaving again – I kind of put the book on a shelf and that is where it sat!!! WHAT WAS I thinking?!?!

As much as my family and friends want to understand and sympathize with me they really do not understand the daily challenges and struggles of being a military wife. Much less being a military wife with a deployed husband.

I have to tell you I was so struck by the honesty and the willingness to talk about REAL issues and real concerns that I struggle with daily as a military wife. And to discuss them from a Christian point of view and then to back them up with scripture! WOW!

If you are a military wife, girlfriend or fiancée I HIGHLY encourage you to get this book and get it NOW! Besides the fact that it is a very quick daily devotional that deals with a huge gamete of military life issues each section has an “ask” and “pray” section which I found had me thinking about the devotional all though out my day! I feel encourage that I am not alone. That there is someone else out there that understands my fears and struggles and who is willing to encourage me and remind me that though God’s word and with God’s help I CAN face and overcome anything – including deployment!

In addition to the book, there is a website that you can follow with devotions, contest, book reviews and a ton of great resources!! Make sure you check it out HERE!

Thanks Jocelyn for understanding my struggles, concerns and issues and for “Getting” what I am going through! I now feel like I can face each and every day of this deployment with those who understand me and with the word of God as I make my way through this devotional.

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Bec,  October 10, 2009 at 7:26 PM  

Thank you for sharing this Lori. I ordered a copy for each of my daughter-in-laws. Have a wonderful evening.

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