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Sunday, November 22, 2009

I am ALIVE....

I promise!!!!! Thank you so much for the comments and the emails checking on me!!! MAN!! This week was INSANE!!!! INSANE I tell you!!!!!

My friend and a fellow designer Jen Adkins came to visit on Monday and was here until Wed AM. Man did I have a great time with her!! We went and did the normal "Savannah Touristy" things... Like a carriage tour though Savannah and shopping on River Street!!!

We also had lunch at Paula Deens (YES I had the Banana Pudding Jan!!!)

While Jen was here - she got me hooked on Vinyl!!!! I MEAN hooked!!! We actually took a trip to the Oracal Factory that is actually RIGHT HERE in my county!!!! CRAZY!! Who knew!!!! But I sad to report they were not very friendly or helpful! (Don't think I am not writing a letter the President of the Company either!!!)

So I have some plans in the work - and who knows you might just be surprised what you see popping up at Beloved Keepsakes in the next few months!!!

Then on Wed I had to finish my Toga outfit that I made for my dear friend Julie. She had a fund raiser that the PALS group holds every year to attend on Sat night - and the theme was "Toga". Additionally I had 24 page booklet to finish laying out for press for them.

On Thursday I spent the day running errands, getting my nails done and my eyebrows waxed! Yes I have to admit, even though I am almost 40 years old - I have never ever had my eyebrows waxed or pluck!!!!! (And that crap hurts!!!!!) Bahahhahaha!!!

On Friday my BFF Tracy came up from Florida. We went out to lunch and then we had hair and make up done and then we went to work on a "secret" project that we did for Christmas!!!!!! VERY VERY VERY exciting!!!!

Yesterday I spent the whole day trying to plan and book our Bahama vacation that we will be taking with Andrew's parents after he returns from Afghanistan!!!

Wheew - as you can see I was BUSY!!!!! (You should be tired from just reading this!!! LOL).... Oh and I need to say I also completed over 90% of my Christmas shopping as well!!!!

So I do apologize for not being around!! I promise I will TRY to do better this week!!!!

Hope you all had a GREAT weekend - and thanks again for all the comments and emails..... It is such a blessed feeling to know I was missed and loved!!!!

Until Next Time! (Hopefully sooner than later!!! Bahaha)


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Caroline November 23, 2009 at 3:39 PM  

good grief! I am exhausted just reading it all LOL so happy to read you had such a great time!

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