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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What a day...

Man! Today is just the first of many crazy days here at Beloved Keepsakes!!! Thank goodness I had a pretty relaxing weekend!!

Speaking of the weekend, hubby took me out to eat dinner on Sunday night and then since we couldn't decide which was fairer - for him to see the movie he wanted to see, or for me to see the movie I wanted to see - we ended up going to see them both!!!

So - he wanted to go see "The American". (You can click on the poster to go to the trailer if you would like to see it!)

Let me tell you this movie was slow, slow slow for me!!! Seriously - I was yawning though most of it!! But hubby on the other hand LOVED it!!! (Of course the plot is about an assassin who builds guns so you should have know he would!! LOL)... He loved it sooo much that he came home and ordered the audio book!

Now I have to tell you there is a scene in the very beginning that I just couldn't get over... add to the fact that it seems that call girls make great life companions (think "pretty girl" without the love story or Richard Geer!!!) And finally just add to all that George Clooney is getting up there in years.... well needless to say I didn't like it very much! But the men in your life they probably will! I will say that the scenery in this movie is beautiful!! So much so it just confirmed that I really would love to visit Italy one day!! (See I can say one good thing about it!! Bahahaa)

And then... we went to go see "Get Low". (Make SURE you click on this poster to see the trailer - it is awesome!!)

Now this is an IFC film so it isn't showing in many places - and if it is showing near you it probably will not be around for long... but I have to tell you I LOVED this movie!! There are some big names in it - especially to be a IFC film. Now I will have to tell you - I love Robert Duvall and he did NOT disappoint in this movie!! Sissy was pretty good and while I am not a Bill Murray fan, he actually played a pretty good sleazy funeral home director!

So I am not sure if you are able to get to a place that is showing "Get Low" but if you are - I would HIGHLY recommend it!!!

Ok- I am out of here... I am working on my yearly charity event. For those of you that live in the Savannah area - don't forget that the Friends of Animals 12th Annual Auction is coming up THIS weekend!! (And since I am designing the program booklet I have seen the auction items and there is some MEGA good stuff to be had for an awesome price - all for charity!)

So Check it out! (Click on the poster to go to the website!!)

Until Next Time!


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