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Thursday, September 2, 2010

You know that saying...

When it rains it pours?!?! Well it has been pouring like crazy here in south GA!! And I actually am not talking about rain!!!! Man!!! If it isn't one thing it is another or at least that is the way it seems!!!

First up - I think the last time I talked to ya'll the refrigerator was broken! Well got that fixed! Then I had some issues with my embroidery machine which now that is supposedly fixed (I haven't even had time to check to be honest!!!) Then the burners on our grill were not working correctly - so now we have those replaced! Sheesh!!!

In addition to that stuff breaking I have been working on a new "Honoring my Hero" line of products for the Beloved Keepsakes site! And that has been going really well! (Here is a sneak peek... more to come soon!!)

So well in fact I had a BN here in Savannah approach me about doing a fund raiser for their Family Readiness Group (FRG) and I agreed to participate in that. So next thing you know - I have all these orders to fill!!!

We went to a mandatory marriage conference this past weekend, it started on Friday and went through Sunday afternoon! And then on Monday I found out that hubby had invited our new BN Commander, and SGT Major to dinner along with the outgoing XO!!! What?!?! Thus I ended up cleaning all day on Monday - I even power washed the front and back of the house!!!!

On Tues I went and fought with Tricare (the medical insurance people) on base. I was unsuccessful in getting them to see things my way - so on Wed I went back with hubby in tow. You know it is pretty amazing what you can get accomplished with a mean looking man in a uniform standing behind you. He didn't even have to say anything - and it got all fixed!! Man!!!

So..... as you can see - it has been a BUSY few days!!!! (Are you tired just from reading about it yet?!?!?!?)

Ok - got to run - but please make sure you check back in tomorrow and I have something REALLY REALLY way cool to share!!! All of you with kids are REALLY going to love it!! I promise!!!

Until Next Time!


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jzayler September 2, 2010 at 3:45 PM  

That would have been fun to watch - hubby standing behind you giving the clerk "the eye" Glad you got it all straightend out (you got it in writing I hope)! Can't wait for tomorrow!

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