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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Card Challenge and BINGO

Hubby is home so I have come out of hiding just long enough to tell you about the card challenge that I am co-hosting with Chris Durnan!!! (What that means in all honestly is that she is doing ALL the work!!!! Bahahaha!!!)

National Card Making Day is October 6th, therefore we thought it would be fun to host a card challenge to allow you to show off your and win some great prizes!!! So the basics are you have to make a card and you can use any of my files or of Chris's files for your cards. These do not have to be pre-existing card files. You can use any of our files. It needs to be obvious that one of the files were either mine or Chris's or both. (That could be interesting)! LOL

To help those out who want a particular file for this Chris will be sending out a coupon code for 20% off on National Card Making Day for either mine or Chris's files. You can use it towards your entire shopping cart purchase ONLY if it is filled with mine and/or Chris's files.

(If you have not joined Chris email list please do so HERE - or you can email me at lori_mcdnld@yahoo.com and I will send you the coupon!)

Timeline - Pictures of your cards need to be posted the 19th -21st at Paperthreads (make sure you link the thread in the gallery to the forum) and voting will be the 22nd-24th

Chris and I are working out the prizes. So more information to come!!

Hopefully this will allow everyone the chance to look through our files or look through the ones you already have and come up with some creative projects to do.

So why are you still reading this?? Get busy - start planning those cards!!!! I promise the prizes will BE SOOOOOOOO worth it!!!!

Also - Pirate Bingo was won!!! So Shirley has returned to the helm of the ship and she will be hosting a NEW Bingo GAME!!! DEADLINE IS TOMORROW - so if you haven't signed up yet - run over and do so ASAP!!!!

Until Next Time!

Cya ~


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