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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Checking in and Checking out....

Ok just a quick check in....

I have had several people comment on the stars! Thank you sooooo very much for the compliments - I have to say I TOTALLY love them!!! This is probably the ONE crafty projects I have made for myself or for my home that I just LOVE!!!

I have had several people ask how hard was it - and I have to tell you it really wasn't hard at all (HONEST!!!)!!! All you have to do is purchase a tin star (my big one was 24" and the small one was 18" in size. If you can't locate a star email me and I will send you the web site I purchased mine from!)

The star I purchased was already black - but you can spray paint it any color you want. Then I used some copy paper and traced out one of the points. So I ended up with two patterns - the left side of the point and the right side of the point. I then held them together and I cut about 1/4" out of the middle - so that when I placed my pattern on the point, I had four pieces and there is a gap of the black from the star showing around the edges (kind of like a mat).

I then picked out my photos and use two opposite pieces of my point to cut the photos out.... (This was the hardest part!!!) I cut all the photo's using these two pattern pieces.

Then I took the other two pieces of my pattern and used it to cut out all my paper pieces.... Once all my pieces were cut out - I laid it out on the star using masking tape to hold it in place until I was happy with the layout and placement of the paper and photos (I used the photo in the magazine as a guide).

I then removed the tape and just used mod podge to glue it down. I used a sponge brush to spread the mod podge on just one point of the star, laid my pieces down on the glue and then used my Lil Chizzler to press the paper/photo's down smooth and make sure there was no bubbles. Then I repeated on the next point, etc....

I let it dry for about an hour, then I came back and added a layer of mod podge over the paper and the photos. Let that dry and then I did a second coat - that way it is all sealed down and I can use a damp cloth to clean the dust off of them down the road!! That was it.. EASY PEASY!!!!

Well hubby JUST called he is in Chicago!!! WHOOOOO HOOOOO!!!!! So I am off to shower, put on my makeup and iron my clothes and then I am off to the airport!!!

I will be hit and miss for a few days.. but I am not giving up my blog.. make sure you pop in regularly and see if I have blogged as I have some TOU files to share with all you cutter fans out there and you will not want to miss them!!!!

Until Next Time - the is Cpt. Mac's Wife Checking out!!!!


scrappinmama October 3, 2007 at 3:29 PM  

Enjoy your hubby and don't worry about us. We can wait. You've waited long enough to be with him! :)

Anonymous,  October 3, 2007 at 10:35 PM  

Enjoy your time and thanks for an update. Tell your husband WELCOME BACK to the good 'ole USA!

Christy October 4, 2007 at 7:05 AM  

I've been lurking, but I'm out of lurkdom to say thank you. Thanks to you for the fabulous files. Thanks to your husband for serving our country.

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